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Gaisberg - EHC/A

Atandance: 12000
Lenght: 8.652 km
Last update: 2017-03-02


1. 77Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche Prototyp[910-002]07:52,42003:47,9901. gr. Gr.6photo
2. 76Hans Herrmann/DPorsche Prototyp[910-001]07:53,25003:47,2402. gr. Gr.6photo
3. 73Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[906-127]08:10,8501. gr. Gr.4photo
4. 78Michel Weber/DPorsche 906[-]08:15,3403. gr. Gr.6photo
5. 83Anton Fischhaber/DBMW RS[-]08:24,1404. gr. Gr.6photo
6. 59Peter Schetty/CHFord Mustang Shelby GT350[SFM5R209]09:12,8901. gr. Gr.3photo
7. 60Malte Huth/DFord Mustang Shelby GT350[-]09:24,4102. gr. Gr.3photo
8. 45Karl Foitek/CHLotus Elan[-]09:25,5703. gr. Gr.3photo
9. 67Karl Federhofer/DAbarth Simca 1300[-]09:39,7902. gr. Gr.4photo
10. 49Sebastian Helliel/DLotus Elan[-]09:54,4404. gr. Gr.3photo

Others (Classified)

KL52Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 911[-]0----- Gr.3photo
KL66Joe Kretschi/CHAbarth Bialbero 1000[-]0----- Gr.4photo
KL44Walter Flückiger/CHLotus Elan[-]0----- Gr.3photo


ST92Franz Albert/AAlbert RS[-]0----- Gr.7photo
ST23Fritz Baumgartner/AMorris Cooper "S"[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST22F.X. Schmöllerl/AMorris Cooper "S"[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST21H. Baier/AAustin BMC Cooper "S"[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST20Oskar Paulingenius/AAustin Cooper "S"[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST18Martin Forster/DAustin Cooper[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST17Michael Endress/DAbarth Berlina Corse[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST16H. Hofmann/AMorris Cooper[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST15Helmut Fischer/AAustin Cooper PKW[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST14Karl senior Wendlinger/AAbarth 1000[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST24Horst Miedaner/ABMC Cooper "S"[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST25Hermann Bischof/AAustin Cooper "S"[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST26Hans von Richthofen/DAustin Cooper "S"[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST90Dieter Schmid/DGlas RS[-]0----- Gr.7photo
ST88Karl Hurler/DSWM BMW 700[-]0----- Gr.7photo
ST40R.J. Reiter/ABMW 1800 Alpina[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST39Ed. Krackowizer/ABMW TISA[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST38Dieter Quester/ABMW 2002 Ti[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST37Josef W. Schnitzer/DBMW 2002 Ti[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST36Walter Surtmann/ABMW 2002 Ti[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST30Walter Kritzinger/ASteyr Fiat 1500[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST29Gerhart Greil/ALotus Cortina[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST12Franz Eichhammer/DSteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST11K. Brückl/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST2Josef Schlossleitner/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST1Günther Huber/AAustro Vau[-]0----- Gr.8photo
ST51Falk Müller/DGlas RS[-]0----- Gr.3photo
ST48Manfred Stottan/ABMC Cooper "S" GT[-]0----- Gr.3photo
ST54Karl Egger/APorsche 911[-]0----- Gr.3photo
ST53Eberhard Mahle/DPorsche 911[-]0----- Gr.3photo
ST62Anatoly Arutunoff/USAChevrolet Corvette[-]0----- Gr.3photo
ST79Ruedi Lins/APorsche 904 GTS[-]0----- Gr.4photo
ST74G. Mossmer/ALotus Elan Racing[-]0----- Gr.4photo
ST3Erich Breinsberg/ABeach Car[-]0----- Gr.8photo
ST3J. Stöger/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST4Manfred Liebl/DSteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST10H. Schenzl/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST9Peter Peter/AAustro Vau[-]0----- Gr.8photo
ST9Helmut Ofner/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST8Heinrich Zöchling/AFormel Vee VW[-]0----- Gr.8photo
ST8Franz Wallner/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST7Hans Michael Walleczek/AAustro Vau[-]0----- Gr.8photo
ST6Robert Rojkowski/AAustro Vau[-]0----- Gr.8photo
ST6R. Kness/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]0----- Gr.2photo
ST5Gerhard Pichler/AWilleit Spezial[-]0----- Gr.8photo
ST68Bruno Hofmann/DAbarth Simca[-]0----- Gr.4photo

Qualification lap times

-77Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche Prototyp[910-002]04:23,400Gr.6photo


1Günther Huber/AAustro Vau[-]Gr.8ST
2Josef Schlossleitner/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
3Erich Breinsberg/ABeach Car[-]Gr.8ST
3J. Stöger/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
4Manfred Liebl/DSteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
5Gerhard Pichler/AWilleit Spezial[-]Gr.8ST
6R. Kness/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
6Robert Rojkowski/AAustro Vau[-]Gr.8ST
7Hans Michael Walleczek/AAustro Vau[-]Gr.8ST
8Franz Wallner/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
8Heinrich Zöchling/AFormel Vee VW[-]Gr.8ST
9Helmut Ofner/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
9Peter Peter/AAustro Vau[-]Gr.8ST
10H. Schenzl/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
11K. Brückl/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
12Franz Eichhammer/DSteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.2ST
14Karl senior Wendlinger/AAbarth 1000[-]Gr.2ST
15Helmut Fischer/AAustin Cooper PKW[-]Gr.2ST
16H. Hofmann/AMorris Cooper[-]Gr.2ST
17Michael Endress/DAbarth Berlina Corse[-]Gr.2ST
18Martin Forster/DAustin Cooper[-]Gr.2ST
20Oskar Paulingenius/AAustin Cooper "S"[-]Gr.2ST
21H. Baier/AAustin BMC Cooper "S"[-]Gr.2ST
22F.X. Schmöllerl/AMorris Cooper "S"[-]Gr.2ST
23Fritz Baumgartner/AMorris Cooper "S"[-]Gr.2ST
24Horst Miedaner/ABMC Cooper "S"[-]Gr.2ST
25Hermann Bischof/AAustin Cooper "S"[-]Gr.2ST
26Hans von Richthofen/DAustin Cooper "S"[-]Gr.2ST
29Gerhart Greil/ALotus Cortina[-]Gr.2ST
30Walter Kritzinger/ASteyr Fiat 1500[-]Gr.2ST
36Walter Surtmann/ABMW 2002 Ti[-]Gr.2ST
37Josef W. Schnitzer/DBMW 2002 Ti[-]Gr.2ST
38Dieter Quester/ABMW 2002 Ti[-]Gr.2ST
39Ed. Krackowizer/ABMW TISA[-]Gr.2ST
40R.J. Reiter/ABMW 1800 Alpina[-]Gr.2ST
44Walter Flückiger/CHLotus Elan[-]Gr.3KL
45Karl Foitek/CHLotus Elan[-]Gr.3KL
46G. Mössmer/ALotus Elan[-]Gr.3P
47Helmut Marko/ATriumph Spitfire[-]Gr.3P
48Manfred Stottan/ABMC Cooper "S" GT[-]Gr.3ST
49Sebastian Helliel/DLotus Elan[-]Gr.3KL
50Giovanni Botter/ILancia Fulvia[-]Gr.3P
51Falk Müller/DGlas RS[-]Gr.3ST
52Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 911[-]Porsche Racing TeamGr.3KL
53Eberhard Mahle/DPorsche 911[-]ÖASCGr.3ST
54Karl Egger/APorsche 911[-]ÖASCGr.3ST
58Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHFerrari GTB[-]Gr.3P
59Peter Schetty/CHFord Mustang Shelby GT350[SFM5R209]Gr.3KL
60Malte Huth/DFord Mustang Shelby GT350[-]W.E HuthGr.3KL
61Egon Hofer/AChevrolet Corvette[-]Egon Hofer RacingGr.3P
62Anatoly Arutunoff/USAChevrolet Corvette[-]Gr.3ST
65Peter Maron/CHFiat Abarth[-]Abarth Corse Sv.Gr.4P
66Joe Kretschi/CHAbarth Bialbero 1000[-]Abarth Corse Sv.Gr.4KL
67Karl Federhofer/DAbarth Simca 1300[-]Vereinigung Süddeutsche AutomobilsportleGr.4KL
68Bruno Hofmann/DAbarth Simca[-]Gr.4ST
70Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.4P
71R. Bergsleithner/AAustin Healey[-]ZV MotorradGr.4P
72Ric Weiland/DFerrari 250 GTL[-]Gr.4P
73Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[906-127]ÖASCGr.4KL
74G. Mossmer/ALotus Elan Racing[-]ASCTGr.4ST
76Hans Herrmann/DPorsche Prototyp[910-001]Porsche System EngineeringGr.6KL
77Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche Prototyp[910-002]Porsche System EngineeringGr.6KL
78Michel Weber/DPorsche 906[-]Gr.6KL
79Ruedi Lins/APorsche 904 GTS[-]ÖASCGr.4ST
80Bruno Hofmann/DAbarth Simca Sp.[-]Gr.6P
81Markus Meisinger/ANSU Prinz 1000[-]ASCTGr.6P
82Klaus Seuffert/DPorsche 904 GTS[-]Gr.6P
83Anton Fischhaber/DBMW RS[-]Gr.6KL
87Richard Lichtenberg/DSWM BMW[-]Gr.7P
88Karl Hurler/DSWM BMW 700[-]Gr.7ST
89Peter Behnke/DLotus 23B[-]Gr.7P
90Dieter Schmid/DGlas RS[-]Gr.7ST
91Xavier Perrot/CHLotus 23 Ford[-]Gr.7P
92Franz Albert/AAlbert RS[-]Gr.7ST

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