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Euromontagna Archives

Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux/F


1. Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche prototype Carrera 6[906-010]10:44,0001. gr. Gr.6
2. 34Hans Herrmann/DPorsche prototype Carrera 6[-]11:01,0002. gr. Gr.6
3. Sepp Greger/DPorsche 906S[-]11:01,1001. gr. Gr.4
4. Guy Ligier/FCooper T81 Maserati[-]11:11,200- R
5. Michel Weber/DPorsche 906[-]11:14,8003. gr. Gr.6
6. Guy Ligier/FFord GT40[-]11:29,7002. gr. Gr.4
7. Jean Clement/FPorsche Carrera 6[-]11:32,7003. gr. Gr.4
8. André Wicky/CHPorsche Carrera 6[-]11:39,7004. gr. Gr.4
9. Henry Pescarolo/FMatra[-]11:45,400- R
10. John Whitmore/GBFord Cortina Lotus[-]12:12,6001. gr. Gr.2+5
11. Ignazio Giunti/IAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA[-]12:13,4002. gr. Gr.2+5
12. Werner Ruefenacht/CHFiat-Abarth 1600 OT[-]12:17,6004. gr. Gr.6
13. Mauro Bianchi/BAlpine A110 1300[-]12:20,0005. gr. Gr.4
14. Enrico Pinto/IAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint[-]12:22,6003. gr. Gr.2+5
15. 120Eberhard Mahle/DPorsche 911[-]12:23,7001. gr. Gr.3
16. Lucien Bianchi/BFerrari 275GTB/C[-]12:25,8005. gr. Gr.6
17. Lucien Bianchi/BFord Cortina Lotus[-]12:34,3004. gr. Gr.2+5
18. Robert Neyret/FFerrari 250 GTO[-]12:38,7006. gr. Gr.6
19. Roberto Bussinello/IAlfa Romeo Ciulia Sprint GTA[-]12:39,5005. gr. Gr.2+5
20. Jean-Pierre Hanrioud/FAlpine M 66[-]12:54,3007. gr. Gr.6
21. Peter Schetty/CHFord Shelby GT350[SFM5R209]12:56,3002. gr. Gr.3
22. Jean Mazzanti/FAbarth 1000 Berlina[-]12:56,3006. gr. Gr.4
23. Julien Vernaeve/BAustin Cooper S[-]12:57,6006. gr. Gr.2+5
24. Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHFerrari GTB[-]13:02,0003. gr. Gr.3
25. Canin/FPorsche RS[-]13:08,1007. gr. Gr.4
26. Johannes Ortner/AFiat-Abarth Berlina[-]13:09,8007. gr. Gr.2+5
27. Patrick Perrier/FPorsche 911[-]13:16,8004. gr. Gr.3
28. Cornillac/FLotus Super 7[-]13:20,1001. gr. Gr.8
29. René Trautmann/FLancia Flavia Zagato[-]13:21,5008. gr. Gr.2+5
30. Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 911[-]13:22,8005. gr. Gr.3
31. Walter Flückiger/CHLotus Elan cabriolet[-]13:23,0006. gr. Gr.3
32. Pierre Maublanc/FFiat-Abarth Berlina[-]13:23,1009. gr. Gr.2+5
33. Jean-Pierre Hanrioud/FFord Mustang[-]13:25,4001. gr. Gr.1
34. Claude Ballot-Lena/FFiat-Abarth Berlina[-]13:27,90010. gr. Gr.2+5
35. Franck Alesi/FMorris Cooper S[-]13:29,00011. gr. Gr.2+5
36. Jean du Beualieu/FRenault R 1130 spider[-]13:36,4008. gr. Gr.6
37. Creder/FFord Cortina Lotus[-]13:38,6002. gr. Gr.1
38. Tritenne/FLotus Elan cabriolet[-]13:48,1007. gr. Gr.3
39. Wybo/FAlpine A110 1100[-]13:48,2008. gr. Gr.4
40. Ed Swart/NLFiat-Abarth 1000 Berlina Corsa[-]13:53,40012. gr. Gr.2+5
41. Nicolas/FBMC Cooper S[-]14:06,60013. gr. Gr.2+5
42. Lucien Bianchi/BAlfa Romeo GT[-]14:08,9003. gr. Gr.1
43. Mauro Cintolesi/IAbarth[-]14:13,00014. gr. Gr.2+5
44. Julien Vernaeve/BBMC Cooper S[-]14:13,4004. gr. Gr.1
45. Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFord GT40P[-]14:20,6009. gr. Gr.4
46. Schand/GBJaguar E[-]14:21,0008. gr. Gr.3
47. Robert Grillerer/FRenault R8 Gordini[-]14:28,60015. gr. Gr.2+5
48. Yves Minier/FFord Cortina Lotus 125 E[-]14:29,90016. gr. Gr.2+5
49. Jérémy Richardson/GBLotus Super 7[-]14:33,10010. gr. Gr.4
50. Raymond Stempert/FRenault prototype[-]14:34,1009. gr. Gr.6
51. Michel Roussin/FBMW 1800 Tl[-]14:47,9005. gr. Gr.1
52. "Dino"/ILotus Elan coupé[-]14:53,8009. gr. Gr.3
53. Maurin/FAlfa Romeo[-]14:55,0006. gr. Gr.1
54. Peter Richardson/GBLotus Elite[-]14:56,00010. gr. Gr.3
55. Pompanon/NLBMC Cooper S[-]15:01,3007. gr. Gr.1
56. Guy Verrier/FCitroën DS21[-]15:11,9008. gr. Gr.1
57. Hommel/FRenault R8 Gordini[-]15:12,70017. gr. Gr.2+5
58. Cosi/FAlfa Romeo[-]15:24,4009. gr. Gr.1
59. Chaix/FCD[-]15:25,60011. gr. Gr.4
60. Larbot/FBMC Cooper[-]15:37,20018. gr. Gr.2+5
61. Conso/FNSU 67 Prinz[-]15:42,10019. gr. Gr.2+5
62. Gaston Ferrier/FRenault R8 Gordini[-]15:45,50020. gr. Gr.2+5
63. Marquerite Accarie/FRenault R8 Gordini[-]16:28,20021. gr. Gr.2+5
64. Irene Sadron/FRenault R8 Gordini[-]16:30,00022. gr. Gr.2+5
65. Daniel Rouveyran/FFord Zephyr[-]16:30,20023. gr. Gr.2+5
66. Jean Sage/FAlfa Romeo crI[-]16:30,90010. gr. Gr.1
67. Franck Alesi/FRenault R8 Gordini[-]16:32,00024. gr. Gr.2+5
68. M. Claude Beaumont/FNSU 1000 Prinz[-]16:47,50011. gr. Gr.1
69. Irene Sandron/FTriumph Spitfire[-]16:48,80011. gr. Gr.3
70. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]16:54,00012. gr. Gr.3
71. Despointes/IFiat 850[-]16:54,40012. gr. Gr.1
72. "von Fangiman"/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]17:04,10025. gr. Gr.2+5
73. Marquet/ANSU 1000 s[-]17:25,30013. gr. Gr.1
74. Ferreri/FRenault 1090[-]18:37,90026. gr. Gr.2+5
75. Irene Sadron/FRenault R8 Gordini[-]19:25,60027. gr. Gr.2+5
76. Michel Billard/FAlpine A 110[-]21:36,50010. gr. Gr.6
77. Jean Mazzanti/FSimca 1000[-]23:16,20014. gr. Gr.1
78. Hipp/FHipp[-]24:41,8002. gr. Gr.8


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