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Euromontagna Archives

Cesana Sestrieres




1. 422Edgar Barth/DPorsche 2000[718-047]05:36,2001. gr. S
2. 436Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS[718-042]05:50,4002. gr. Sphoto
3. Alban Scheiber/ALotus 23 Ford[-]05:53,5003. gr. S
4. Odoardo Govoni/IAbarth 2000S[-]05:53,7004. gr. S
5. Sepp Greger/DPorsche 718/RS61[718-Greger]05:53,8005. gr. S
6. Anton Fischhaber/DLotus BMW[-]05:55,1006. gr. S
7. Bruno Deserti/ILotus 22 Ford-Cosworth[-]05:55,7001. gr. RaceCars
8. Carlo Mario Abate/IFerrari 250GTO[-]05:56,6001. gr. GT
9. Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 246SP[1986]05:58,8007. gr. S
10. Charles Vögele/CHLotus 19 Montecarlo Coventry.Climax[-]06:00,6008. gr. S
11. Mario Casoni/ICooper T59 B.M.C.[-]06:05,6002. gr. Racecars
12. Guglielmo Bellasi/CHLotus 22 Ford-Cosworth[-]06:08,0003. gr. Racecars
13. 380Tommy Spychiger/CHAbarth 1000S[-]06:10,8009. gr. S
14. Giampiero Biscaldi/ISimca-Abarth 1300GT[-]06:12,3002. gr. GT
15. Herbert Müller/CHPorsche 718/GT-R Coupé[-]06:16,2003. gr. GT
16. Vittorio Venturi/IAbarth 1000S[-]06:17,70010. gr. S
17. Oddone Sigala/ISimca-Abarth 1300GT[-]06:18,2004. gr. GT
18. Cesare Toppetti/ILotus 15 Fiat[-]06:18,30011. gr. S
19. Luigi Malanca/ILotus 20 Ford-Cosworth[-]06:19,3004. gr. Racecars
20. Guido Rava/ISimca-Abarth 1300GT[-]06:27,4005. gr. GT
21. Siegfried Günther/DPorswche 356B/1600GS Carrera[-]06:27,9006. gr. GT
22. Guido Fossatti/IFerrari 250GT[-]06:28,0007. gr. GT
23. Werner Ruefenacht/CHFerrari 250GT[-]06:29,9008. gr. GT
24. Enzo Osella/ILotus 23 Ford[-]06:31,10012. gr. S
25. Manfred Mohr/DPorsche 356B/1600GS Carrera[-]06:31,2009. gr. GT
26. Leo Cella/ILancia Flaminia Zagato GT[-]06:32,20010. gr. GT
27. Alessandro Rigamonti/ILotus 20 Ford-Cosworth[-]06:33,4005. gr. Racecars
28. Piero Marsiai/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]06:36,30011. gr. GT
29. André Knorr/CHFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]06:36,50012. gr. GT
30. Anzio Zucchi/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]06:36,50013. gr. GT
31. Donald Fletcher/Lotus 22 Ford-Cosworth[-]06:38,2006. gr. Racecars
32. Karl Federhofer/DPorswche 356B/1600GS Carrera[-]06:39,90014. gr. GT
33. Gianfranco Rovetta/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]06:41,40015. gr. GT
34. Walter Wuest/Lotus 20 Ford-Cosworth[-]06:42,6007. gr. Racecars
35. Giorgio Acutis/ISimca-Abarth 1300GT[-]06:43,20016. gr. GT
36. Ernesto Prinoth/IAlfa Romeo Giulia Super[-]06:47,20017. gr. GT
37. 184Luciano Massoni/ILancia Flaminia Couper[-]06:48,3001. gr. TC
38. Franco Patria/ILancia Flavia Coupé[-]06:48,4002. gr. TC
39. Roberto Bussinello/IAlfa Romeo Giulia Super[-]06:49,40018. gr. GT
40. Sergio Bettoja/IDe sanctis 63J Ford-Holbay[-]06:53,5008. gr. Racecars
41. Secondo Ridolfi/Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]06:54,90019. gr. GT
42. Romano Ramoino/ISimca-Abarth 1300GT[-]06:55,10020. gr. GT
43. Ferdinando Frescobaldi/Fiat-Abarth 1000 Turismo Corsa[-]06:56,9003. gr. TC
44. Gilberto Bagnasacco/ILancia Flaminia Zagato GT[-]06:58,20021. gr. GT
45. Romolo Rossi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:02,0004. gr. TC
46. Alessandro Ferretti/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]07:02,20022. gr. GT
47. Gianni Varese/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]07:03,10023. gr. GT
48. Benedetto Guarini/Fiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]07:04,50024. gr. GT
49. Angelo Corio/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]07:05,10025. gr. GT
50. Alberto Luti/Simca-Abarth 1300GT[-]07:06,50026. gr. GT
51. Carroll Smith/Morgan Plus Four Mk III[-]07:07,30027. gr. GT
52. Marco Crosina/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:08,8005. gr. TC
53. Giulio Pernigotti/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]07:09,50028. gr. GT
54. "Tornado"/Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]07:10,20029. gr. GT
55. Giancarlo Galimberti/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:10,9006. gr. TC
56. Piero Airoldi/IFiat-Abarth 1000 Turismo Corsa[-]07:11,4007. gr. TC
57. Ricciardo Ricci/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]07:11,50030. gr. GT
58. Silvano Stefani/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]07:11,60031. gr. GT
59. Fiorenzo Genta/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:13,2008. gr. TC
60. Walter Breviglieri/Osca 1500S[-]07:13,30013. gr. S
61. Antonio Marzorati/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:16,2009. gr. TC
62. Sergio Del Cason/Stanguellini Junior Fiat[-]07:18,7009. gr. Racecars
63. Franco De Benedictis/Fiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:20,50010. gr. TC
64. Marino Bonomi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:21,70011. gr. TC
65. Luigi Pesco/IAlfa Romeo Giulia TI[-]07:23,00012. gr. TC
66. Piero Frescobaldi/ILancia Flavia Coupé[-]07:23,50013. gr. TC
67. Gianni Fadda/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:23,60014. gr. TC
68. Paolo Gardi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:24,20015. gr. TC
69. Mario Regis/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]07:25,00032. gr. GT
70. Ferdinando Frescobaldi/Lancia Flaminia Zagato GT[-]07:25,60033. gr. GT
71. Bruno Pagliero/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:25,90016. gr. TC
72. Dario Cassini/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:27,10017. gr. TC
73. Luigi Cabella/ILancia Flaminia Zagato GT[-]07:27,30034. gr. GT
74. Girolamo Capra/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]07:27,40035. gr. GT
75. Libero Verda/Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:28,00019. gr. TC
76. Luigi Montabone/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:28,00018. gr. TC
77. Giovanni Onengo/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:30,10020. gr. TC
78. Angela Fontana/Fiat-Abarth 1000 Turismo Corsa[-]07:31,40021. gr. TC
79. Giuseppe Trombetta/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:31,80022. gr. TC
80. Giuseppe Piazzi/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:32,10023. gr. TC
81. "Burchia"/Fiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:33,70024. gr. TC
82. Giancarlo Danieli/ILola Mk 3 Ford-Holbay[-]07:33,90010. gr. Racecars
83. Andrea Grillo/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:36,50025. gr. TC
84. Francesco Cosentino/IOsca 1000S[-]07:37,00014. gr. S
85. Marco Rosa/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:38,40026. gr. TC
86. Ottorino Zarattin/IO.S.C.A. 1600GT[-]07:38,70036. gr. GT
87. Gianni Vedovello/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:39,20027. gr. TC
88. Michel Billard/FFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:39,90028. gr. TC
89. Rino Russo/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:40,70029. gr. TC
90. "Poker"/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:42,80030. gr. TC
91. Mario Saruggia/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:45,20031. gr. TC
92. Michele Licheri/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:50,40032. gr. TC
93. Luciano Jermi/IBMW 700 Sport Coupé[-]07:55,30033. gr. TC
94. Gianpaolo Malaspina/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]07:55,30034. gr. TC
95. "Robertino"/ISteyr-Puch 500D[-]07:58,80035. gr. TC
96. Mauro Bianchi/IFiat-Abarth 1000 Turismo Corsa[-]07:59,00036. gr. TC
97. Luigi Pozzo/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]08:01,10037. gr. TC
98. Michel Second/Fiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]08:05,60038. gr. TC
99. Armando Mella/BMW 700 Sport Coupé[-]08:13,10039. gr. TC
100. Gianni Vacca/IFiat 600[-]08:13,20040. gr. TC
101. Andrea Parodi/IBMW 700 Sport Coupé[-]08:15,30041. gr. TC
102. Giancarlo Guerra/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]08:15,90037. gr. GT
103. Achille Muzzarelli/ISteyr-Puch 500D[-]08:28,00042. gr. TC
104. Alessandro Braga/Fiat 500[-]08:33,10043. gr. TC
105. Sergio Barbasio/IFiat 500[-]08:33,20044. gr. TC
106. Roberto Fusina/Fiat 500[-]08:39,80045. gr. TC
107. Giuseppe Cardinale/IFiat-Abarth 1000 Turismo Corsa[-]08:47,90046. gr. TC
108. Arrigo Milanesi/IInnocenti 950[-]08:48,10047. gr. TC
109. Palmiro Bianchi/IFiat 500[-]08:49,10048. gr. TC
110. Piero Conte/IFiat 500[-]08:54,10049. gr. TC
111. Emilio Lanzoni/IFiat 500[-]08:57,00050. gr. TC
112. Sergio Del Cason/Fiat 500[-]08:57,00051. gr. TC
113. Paolo Legnaioli/IFiat 500[-]09:01,50052. gr. TC
114. Piero Lavazza/IFiat 500[-]09:42,10053. gr. TC
115. G. Buglioni/IBMW 700 Sport Coupé[-]09:43,70054. gr. TC
116. Luigi Tabaton/IFiat 500[-]09:49,20055. gr. TC
117. Riccardo Rasia Dal Polo/IFiat 500[-]09:50,70056. gr. TC
118. Vittorio Pene/IFiat 500[-]09:54,80057. gr. TC
119. Alberto Guenzi/IFiat 500[-]09:56,30058. gr. TC
120. Angelo Carubbi/Fiat 500[-]09:58,20059. gr. TC
121. Adolfo Nesi/IFiat 500[-]10:04,90060. gr. TC
122. Antonio Ghini/IFiat 500[-]32:28,00061. gr. TC


Did not classified

NS Paolo Colombo/IFerrari[-]- GT

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