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1. 116Edgar Barth/DPorsche PT[-]09:12,00004:33,100- Sphoto
2. 1Gerhard Mitter/DLotus 22 DKW[-]09:19,2001. gr. RaceCarsphoto
3. 117Hans Herrmann/DAbarth 2000 Sport[-]09:24,000- Sphoto
4. 118Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS[718-042]09:26,90004:36,200- Sphoto
5. 119Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS[718-Greger]09:29,400- Sphoto
6. 120Anton Fischhaber/DLotus S23 BMW[-]09:35,500- Sphoto
7. 97Herbert Müller/CHPorsche Abarth Carrera[-]10:04,7001. gr. GTphoto
8. 80Michel Weber/DPorsche Carrera[-]10:14,2002. gr. GTphoto
9. Walter Schneider/DFiat Abarth[-]10:25,200- S
10. 87Lanzo Wamboldt/DPorsche Carrera[-]10:36,9003. gr. GTphoto
11. 100 "Kurt"/AFerrari 250 GT[-]10:38,6004. gr. GTphoto
12. 107Walter Schatz/ALotus 23[-]10:44,700- Sphoto
13. 112Josef Schörg/APorsche RSK[-]10:47,200- Sphoto
14. 82Karl Federhofer/DPorsche Carrera[-]10:59,3005. gr. GTphoto
15. 64Kurt Zuegg/AFiat Abarth 1000GT[-]11:00,9006. gr. GTphoto
16. 101 "Elefant"/AJaguar E[-]11:08,1007. gr. GTphoto
17. 102 "Leonhard"/AJaguar E[-]11:08,8008. gr. GTphoto
18. 86Max J. Kraus/APorsche Carrera[-]11:17,9009. gr. GTphoto
19. 93Klaus Seuffert/DPorsche S90[-]11:23,30010. gr. GTphoto
20. 72Herbert Schmied/AAlfa Romeo GSZ[-]11:54,60011. gr. GTphoto
21. Josef W. Schnitzer/DFiat Abarth[-]11:58,70012. gr. GT


KL106Hans Hermann/CHFiat Abarth 1000 Sp.[-]- Sphoto
KL40H. Kastner/AAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ti[-]- Tphoto


AB41Hans Bauer/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ti[-]- Tphoto
P55Helwig Schmied/AAlfa Romeo Giulia[-]- T
P52A. Maluschka/AAlfa Romeo Giulia[-]- T
P71 - Abarth Simca 1300GT[-]- GT
P66H.A. Stock/ADKW F11[-]- GT
P63 - Fiat Abarth 1000GT[-]- GT
P25H. Seboth/ADKW Junior[-]- T
P19Rudolf Baum/DBMW 700 S[-]- T
P60Willi Nessling/DMercedes-Benz 220SE[-]- T
P53Karl Schumacher/DVolvo 122S[-]- T
P17Wolfgang Koneczny/ABMW 700 S[-]- T
P43Fritz Schlögel/Austin Cooper S[-]- T
P44F. Kohlweis/AMG 1100[-]- T
P47Hans Krajacic/AAustin Cooper S[-]- T
P12K. Baumgartinger/ASteyr Puch 650[-]- T
P33 - Fiat Abarth Berlina[-]- T
P92Hans Martin Lazarus/DPorsche S90[-]- GT
P121Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 246SP Dino[0790]- S
P98Werner Brockhaus/DPorsche Abarth Carrera[-]- GT
P113Egon Hofer/APorsche Spyder[-]- S
P108Werner Dinkel/DBMW 700 SP[-]- S
P7Karl Schumacher/DLotus[-]- RaceCars
P6H. Eicker/DEigenbau VW[-]- RaceCarsphoto
P5Bastel Fischer/DCooper[-]- RaceCars
P4Otto Lux/DLotus 18[-]- RaceCars
P3W.E. Caigar/GBLola Ford[-]- RaceCars
P2 "Franz Müller"/DLola[-]- RaceCarsphoto
P81Siegfried Günther/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P90Robert Rojkowski/APorsche 1600S[-]- GT
P84Helfried von Kiwisch/APorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P91P. Kmenta/APorsche 1600S[-]- GT
ST35O. Stöglehner/AAustin Cooper[-]- Tphoto
ST32Karl Ritter/AAustin Cooper[-]- Tphoto
ST27Johann Abt/DDKW Junior[-]- Tphoto
ST16J. Schokleitner/ASteyr Puch 650[-]- Tphoto
ST15O. Bender/ASteyr Puch 650[-]- Tphoto
ST14Heinz Liedl/DSteyr Puch 650[-]- Tphoto
ST31H. Hutterer/AAustin Cooper[-]- Tphoto
ST30 "Müller"/AFiat 850 TC[-]- Tphoto
ST18H. Schapek/ABMW 700 S[-]- Tphoto
ST103 - Ferrari[-]- GTphoto
ST20D. Brendel/DBMW 700 S[-]- Tphoto
ST21Walter Pöltinger/ASteyr Puch 650[-]- Tphoto
ST49 - Morris[-]- Tphoto
ST28Michael Endress/DDKW F12[-]- Tphoto
ST26Konrad Eckschlager/ADKW Junior[-]- Tphoto
ST69 - Abarth[-]- GTphoto
ST34Josef Javurek/AGlas S1004[-]- Tphoto
ST11T. Lafenthaler/ASteyr Puch 500[-]- Tphoto
ST73B. Martellanz/AAlfa Romeo GSZ[-]- GTphoto
ST68Wolfgang Stumpf/AAustin Healey Sp.[-]- GTphoto
ST67H. Hückel/ADKW Junior Spezial[-]- GTphoto
ST65Andreas Schmalbach/DFiat Abarth Bialbero[-]- GTphoto
ST95Karl Egger/APorsche S90[-]- GTphoto
ST94Toni Niedermaier/APorsche S90[-]- GTphoto
ST85Herbert Nosek/APorsche Carrera[-]- GTphoto
ST83Manfred Mohr/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GTphoto
ST99 "Giulio Pavesi"/IFerrari GTO[-]- GTphoto
ST74J.P. Moser/AAlfa Romeo GSV[-]- GTphoto
ST51Ernst Furtmayr/DAlfa Romeo Giulia[-]- Tphoto
ST54Franz Maitz/AAlfa Romeo Giulia[-]- Tphoto
ST48Franz Schrimpl/AŠkoda DS[-]- Tphoto
ST46P. Glatz/AVW 113[-]- Tphoto
ST45Ing. Pretschner/AŠkoda TS[-]- Tphoto
ST42E. Fend/AAustin Cooper S[-]- Tphoto
ST61H. Lehn/DMercedes-Benz 220SE[-]- Tphoto
ST59Otto H. Karger/AVolvo 122S[-]- Tphoto
ST58Peter Hamann/DMercedes-Benz 220SE[-]- Tphoto
ST57A. Müller/ABMW 502 V8[-]- Tphoto
ST56Helmut Felder/DFiat 2300S Coupe[-]- Tphoto
ST111Alban Scheiber/ALotus 23[-]- Sphoto

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