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Euromontagna Archives

Col de la Faucille

Col de la Faucille/F



1. 90Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS60[-]06:04,9001. gr. SportsCars
2. Harry Zweifel/CHLotus 17 Maserati[-]06:07,6002. gr. SportsCars
3. Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS60[718-Greger]06:09,6003. gr. SportsCars
4. Charles Vögele/CHLotus 19 Climax[-]06:13,9004. gr. SportsCars
5. Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche RS[718-076]06:18,2005. gr. SportsCars
6. Henri Oreiller/FFerrari GTO[-]06:22,4001. gr. GT
7. Regis Fraissinet/FPorsche[-]06:22,9006. gr. SportsCars
10. 63Marcel Vionnet/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]06:31,9004. gr. GT


KL Edgar Berney/CHFerrari[-]- GT
KL Roger De Lageneste/FFerrari[-]- GT
KL Heinz Schiller/CHFormel[-]1. gr. RaceCars

Did not classified

AB Cafllet/Cegga F1 Maserati[-]- RaceCars
AB104Maurice Caillet/CHMaseratti F1 Cegga[-]- RaceCarsphoto
ST Hans Kühnis/CHPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
ST - Elva Sport[-]- SportsCars
ST Gianni Balzarini/IAbarth Simca 1500[-]- SportsCars
ST Buchel/Porsche Carrera Abarth[-]- GT
ST82Hans Herrmann/DAbarth Simca 1500[-]- SportsCars


Cafllet/Cegga F1 Maserati[-]RaceCars
Roger De Lageneste/FFerrari[-]GT
- Elva Sport[-]SportsCars
Regis Fraissinet/FPorsche[-]SportsCars
Gianni Balzarini/IAbarth Simca 1500[-]AbarthSportsCars
Edgar Berney/CHFerrari[-]GT
Buchel/Porsche Carrera Abarth[-]GT
Hans Kühnis/CHPorsche Carrera[-]GT
Henri Oreiller/FFerrari GTO[-]GT
Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche RS[718-076]SportsCars
Charles Vögele/CHLotus 19 Climax[-]SportsCars
Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS60[718-Greger]SportsCars
Harry Zweifel/CHLotus 17 Maserati[-]SportsCars
Heinz Schiller/CHFormel[-]RaceCars
63Marcel Vionnet/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]GT
82Hans Herrmann/DAbarth Simca 1500[-]AbarthSportsCars
90Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS60[-]SportsCars
104Maurice Caillet/CHMaseratti F1 Cegga[-]RaceCars

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