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ADAC Bergrekord Freiburg - Schauinsland




1. 88Lodovico Scarfiotti/IFerrari Dino 196SP[0804]13:36,60006:47,7001. gr. SportsCarsphoto
2. 100Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS62[-]13:46,70006:53,0002. gr. SportsCarsphoto
3. Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS61[718-Greger]13:55,50006:57,5003. gr. SportsCars
4. Edgar Barth/DPorsche GTR Coupe 8/2000[-]14:09,60007:03,9004. gr. SportsCars
5. Charles Vögele/CHLotus 19 Climax[-]14:21,20007:10,3005. gr. SportsCars
6. Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche RS61[718-076]14:35,20007:16,5006. gr. SportsCars
7. Harry Zweifel/CHLotus 19 Maserati[-]14:41,10007:19,4007. gr. SportsCars
8. Sidney Charpilloz/CHElva Climax[-]14:57,10007:23,2008. gr. SportsCars
9. 81Robert Huber/CHLotus Climax[-]14:57,20007:23,2009. gr. SportsCarsphoto
10. 85Hans Herrmann/DAbarth Simca[-]15:07,80007:32,20010. gr. SportsCars
11. Walter Schneider/DBMW RS2[-]15:07,80007:32,00011. gr. SportsCars
12. Werner Brockhaus/DPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]15:18,40007:32,2001. gr. GT
13. Hans Kühnis/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]15:20,00007:39,4002. gr. GT
14. Karl Federhofer/DPorsche Carrera[-]15:37,10007:46,3003. gr. GT
15. Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV Zagato[-]15:59,60007:46,3004. gr. GT
16. Ernst Gertsch/DAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV Zagato[-]16:20,80008:10,0005. gr. GT
17. Marcel Vionnet/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]16:21,70008:05,0006. gr. GT
18. Kurt Geiss/DAbarth Simca[-]16:34,20008:13,6007. gr. GT
19. Herbert Müller/CHPorsche RSK[-]20:07,30007:11,00012. gr. SportsCars


Did not classified

NC Philipp Meub/DCooper Austin[-]- RaceCars
NC Andre Periat/CHCooper Austin[-]- RaceCars
NC Walter Habegger/CHLotus Ford[-]- RaceCars
NC Günther Schramm/DCooper Austin[-]- RaceCars
NC Herbert Ott/DLotus Ford[-]- RaceCars
NC Willi Zimmermann/DLola Ford[-]- RaceCars
NC Karl Foitek/CHLotus Ford[-]- RaceCars
NC Gerhard Mitter/DLotus DKW[-]- RaceCars
NC11Kurt jr. Ahrens/DLotus Ford[-]- RaceCarsphoto
NC Otto Lux/DLotus Ford[-]- RaceCars
NC Walter Wüst/CHStanguellini[-]- RaceCars
NC10Kurt Ahrens/DCooper Austin[-]- RaceCarsphoto
ST12 - [-]- photo
ST Joseph P. Ruthardt/DJaguar E[-]- GT
ST "Conti"/DFerrari 250 California[-]- GT
ST78 - Porsche RSK[-]- photo
ST68 - Jaguar[-]- photo
ST67 - Jaguar[-]- photo
ST6 - BMW[-]- photo
ST66 - [-]- photo
ST25 - Alfa Romeo[-]- photo
ST24 - Alfa Romeo[-]- photo
ST21 - Alfa Romeo[-]- photo
ST Charly Müller/CHMercedes-Benz[-]- GT
ST Harald Von Saucken/DJaguar E[-]- GT
ST "Robert Frank"/DFerrari 250GT[-]- GT
ST Stefan Brugger/CHDKW Junior De Luxe[-]- GT
ST Walter Egger/CHFiat-Abarth 1000[-]- GT
ST Peter Ruby/DDKW Junior De Luxe[-]- GT
ST Manfred Hönig/DFiat-Abarth 1000[-]- GT
ST Eberhard Mahle/DFiat-Abarth 1000[-]- GT
ST Hans-Hermann Sibbert/BMW 700[-]- GT
ST Gunther Volle/DNSU Sportprinz[-]- GT
ST Federico Karrer/CHBMW 700S[-]- GT
ST Bernhard Nacke/DBMW 700[-]- GT
ST Gianni Balzarini/IFiat-Abarth[-]- GT
ST Ernst Furtmayr/DAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV Zagato[-]- GT
ST George R. Kreisel/DLotus Elite[-]- GT
ST Heinrich Schricker/DTriumph TR3[-]- GT
ST Karl Schumacher/DVolvo 122S[-]- GT
ST Jim B. Banbury/GBMorgan Plus 4[-]- GT
ST Horst Floth/DVolvo PV544[-]- GT
ST Jochen Neerpasch/NLVolvo P1800[-]- GT
ST Engelbert Möll/CHAC Bristol[-]- GT
ST Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
ST Eberhard Rank/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
ST Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
ST Ernst Schmidt/CHAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV Zagato[-]- GT
ST Heinz Eppelein/DBMW 700[-]- GT


Herbert Ott/DLotus Ford[-]RaceCars
Horst Floth/DVolvo PV544[-]GT
Jochen Neerpasch/NLVolvo P1800[-]GT
Engelbert Möll/CHAC Bristol[-]GT
Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche Carrera[-]GT
Andre Periat/CHCooper Austin[-]RaceCars
Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera[-]GT
Ernst Schmidt/CHAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV Zagato[-]GT
George R. Kreisel/DLotus Elite[-]GT
Ernst Furtmayr/DAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV Zagato[-]GT
Stefan Brugger/CHDKW Junior De Luxe[-]GT
Walter Egger/CHFiat-Abarth 1000[-]GT
Jim B. Banbury/GBMorgan Plus 4[-]GT
Karl Schumacher/DVolvo 122S[-]GT
Willi Zimmermann/DLola Ford[-]RaceCars
Karl Foitek/CHLotus Ford[-]RaceCars
Günther Schramm/DCooper Austin[-]RaceCars
Gerhard Mitter/DLotus DKW[-]RaceCars
Walter Habegger/CHLotus Ford[-]RaceCars
"Conti"/DFerrari 250 California[-]GT
Joseph P. Ruthardt/DJaguar E[-]GT
Charly Müller/CHMercedes-Benz[-]GT
Harald Von Saucken/DJaguar E[-]GT
"Robert Frank"/DFerrari 250GT[-]GT
Heinrich Schricker/DTriumph TR3[-]GT
Peter Ruby/DDKW Junior De Luxe[-]GT
Manfred Hönig/DFiat-Abarth 1000[-]GT
Eberhard Mahle/DFiat-Abarth 1000[-]GT
Werner Brockhaus/DPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]GT
Walter Schneider/DBMW RS2[-]SportsCars
Otto Lux/DLotus Ford[-]RaceCars
Eberhard Rank/DPorsche Carrera[-]GT
Sidney Charpilloz/CHElva Climax[-]SportsCars
Harry Zweifel/CHLotus 19 Maserati[-]SportsCars
Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche RS61[718-076]SportsCars
Charles Vögele/CHLotus 19 Climax[-]SportsCars
Edgar Barth/DPorsche GTR Coupe 8/2000[-]SportsCars
Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS61[718-Greger]SportsCars
Walter Wüst/CHStanguellini[-]RaceCars
Hans Kühnis/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]GT
Karl Federhofer/DPorsche Carrera[-]GT
Hans-Hermann Sibbert/BMW 700[-]GT
Gunther Volle/DNSU Sportprinz[-]GT
Federico Karrer/CHBMW 700S[-]GT
Bernhard Nacke/DBMW 700[-]GT
Gianni Balzarini/IFiat-Abarth[-]GT
Heinz Eppelein/DBMW 700[-]GT
Herbert Müller/CHPorsche RSK[-]SportsCars
Kurt Geiss/DAbarth Simca[-]GT
Philipp Meub/DCooper Austin[-]RaceCars
Ernst Gertsch/DAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV Zagato[-]GT
Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV Zagato[-]GT
Marcel Vionnet/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]GT
6 - BMW[-]
10Kurt Ahrens/DCooper Austin[-]RaceCars
11Kurt jr. Ahrens/DLotus Ford[-]RaceCars
12 - [-]
21 - Alfa Romeo[-]
24 - Alfa Romeo[-]
25 - Alfa Romeo[-]
66 - [-]
67 - Jaguar[-]
68 - Jaguar[-]
78 - Porsche RSK[-]
81Robert Huber/CHLotus Climax[-]SportsCars
85Hans Herrmann/DAbarth Simca[-]SportsCars
88Lodovico Scarfiotti/IFerrari Dino 196SP[0804]FerrariSportsCars
100Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS62[-]SportsCars

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