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Euromontagna Archives

Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux - EHC/F

Lenght: 21.6 km


1. 50Lodovico Scarfiotti/IFerrari Dino 196SP[0804]11:28,8001. gr. SportsCars
2. 41Heini Walter/CHPorsche 718 RS 60[718-047]11:41,4002. gr. SportsCars
3. Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS[718-078]11:53,2003. gr. SportsCars
4. Herrmann MŁller/CHPorsche RS[718-076]11:53,8004. gr. SportsCars
5. Herbert MŁller/CHPorsche RSK[718-029]12:05,6005. gr. SportsCars
6. Harry Zweifel/CHLotus Maserati[-]12:13,8006. gr. SportsCars
7. Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche 718 F1[718202]12:19,2001. gr. RaceCars
8. Roland Boddi/CHCooper T56 Junior[-]12:39,6002. gr. RaceCars
9. Edgar Berney/CHFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]12:52,8001. gr. GT
10. Hans KŁhnis/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]12:57,0002. gr. GT
11. Andrť Simon/FFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]12:58,0003. gr. GT
12. 239Marcel Vionnet/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[1001]12:59,8004. gr. GT
13. Roger De Lageneste/FFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]13:01,8005. gr. GT
14. Henri Oreiller/FFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]13:03,8006. gr. GT
15. Siegfried GŁnther/DPorsche Carrera[-]13:06,0007. gr. GT
16. Morley/GBAustin Healey Mk.II[-]13:12,8008. gr. GT
17. Karl Federhofer/DPorsche Carrera[-]13:13,2009. gr. GT
18. Nadege Ferrier/CHPorsche Carrera[-]13:14,40010. gr. GT
19. Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche Carrera[-]13:16,60011. gr. GT
20. De Saint Auban/FPorsche Carrera[-]13:24,00012. gr. GT
21. Jean G. Rolland/FAlfa Romeo Zagato[-]13:41,60013. gr. GT
22. Consten/FJaguar Mk.II[-]13:52,2001. gr. Gr.2
23. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo[-]13:58,20014. gr. GT
24. Raymond Stempert/FOsca MT 4[-]14:02,6007. gr. SportsCars
25. Regis Fraissinet/FJaguar E[-]14:06,6008. gr. SportsCars
26. Sidney Charpilloz/CHElva MK.VI[-]14:07,8009. gr. SportsCars
27. Annie Soisbault/FJaguar Mk.II[-]14:09,8002. gr. Gr.2
28. Bourrely/FPorsche Carrera[-]14:15,60015. gr. GT
29. Schaffer/Alfa Romeo Zagato[-]14:17,40016. gr. GT
30. Sacchi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce[-]14:20,60017. gr. GT
31. Robert Dubler/CHVolvo PV544[-]14:28,2003. gr. Gr.2
32. Bourrely/FAston-Martin[-]14:30,80018. gr. GT
33. Lego/FJaguar Mk.II[-]14:33,8004. gr. Gr.2
34. Andrť Wicky/CHSimca Abarth[-]14:43,80010. gr. SportsCars
35. Delanoy/FAlfa Romeo Veloce 750 E[-]14:49,00019. gr. GT
36. Michel Meunier/FJaguar Mk.II[-]14:51,0001. gr. Gr.1
37. Pierre Maublanc/FVolvo PV544[-]14:55,4002. gr. Gr.1
38. Edmont Laub/CHAlfa Romeo Zagato[-]14:57,00011. gr. SportsCars
39. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo[-]14:59,8005. gr. Gr.2
40. Renť Trautmann/FCitroŽn DS19[-]15:01,6006. gr. Gr.2
41. Crastre/FLotus Elite[-]15:05,00020. gr. GT
42. Consten/FFiat-Abarth[-]15:07,10012. gr. SportsCars
43. Guy Hospitalier/FPorsche 356/90[-]15:12,20021. gr. GT
44. Clarou/FAlfa Romeo[-]15:14,4007. gr. Gr.2
45. Jean Laroche/FOsca[-]15:18,40013. gr. SportsCars
46. Marie-Louise Mermod/CHAlfa Romeo Sprint[-]15:19,80022. gr. GT
47. Mayor/FAlfa Romeo Ti[-]15:24,2008. gr. Gr.2
48. Martin/FFiat-Abarth TC[-]15:25,6009. gr. Gr.2
49. Martin/FFiat 116[-]15:39,8003. gr. Gr.1
50. Huguenin/Auto Union[-]15:44,20010. gr. Gr.2
51. Queffeleant/FDB HBR 5[-]15:47,00023. gr. GT
52. Navarro/FCitroŽn DS19[-]15:51,4004. gr. Gr.1
53. Franck Alesi/FAlfa Romeo TI[-]15:52,0005. gr. Gr.1
54. Robert Neyret/FCitroŽn DS19[-]15:57,8006. gr. Gr.1
55. Lucette Pointet/CHRenault 1093[-]16:09,80011. gr. Gr.2
56. Renť Trautmann/FAustin-Cooper[-]16:11,6007. gr. Gr.1
57. Christian Blanc/FAlpine Blanc[-]16:14,40024. gr. GT
58. Michel Billard/FRenault 1093[-]16:16,0008. gr. Gr.1
59. Rene Froidevaux/CHPorsche[-]16:16,00025. gr. GT
60. Henri Brauch/CHVolvo PV544[-]16:17,4009. gr. Gr.1
61. Jean Laroche/FBMW[-]16:29,00012. gr. Gr.2
62. Jean Selz/CHFiat-Abarth TC[-]16:31,20010. gr. Gr.1
63. Pierre/FCitroŽn DS19[-]16:31,60011. gr. Gr.1
64. Gayte/FMorris-Cooper[-]16:31,80012. gr. Gr.1
65. Chaix/FPanhard LA[-]16:33,80013. gr. Gr.1
66. Clarou/FDKW[-]16:34,80014. gr. Gr.1
67. Gabrielle Renault/FRenault 1093[-]16:39,60013. gr. Gr.2
68. Cazon/FBMW 700S[-]16:42,80014. gr. Gr.2
69. Allemand/FVolvo 122S[-]16:44,20015. gr. Gr.1
70. Arthur Kessler/CHMorris-Cooper[-]16:44,60016. gr. Gr.1
71. Fereyre/FAlfa Romeo Sprint Veloce[-]16:47,60026. gr. GT
72. Willy Brandt/CHMorris-Cooper[-]16:53,80017. gr. Gr.1
73. Th. Mathieu/FBMW[-]16:56,20015. gr. Gr.2
74. Pierre Tramzall/CHBMW 700S[-]17:00,00016. gr. Gr.2
75. Perdereau/FRenault 1093[-]17:02,20018. gr. Gr.1
76. Brutus/FDKW 1000 S[-]17:04,20019. gr. Gr.1
77. Joel Moyne/FRenault 1093[-]17:31,20020. gr. Gr.1
78. Albisson/FPanhard PL 17 Tigre[-]17:41,00021. gr. Gr.1
79. Matheron/FBMW[-]17:45,00022. gr. Gr.1
80. Chocquel/FNSU Sprint Prinz[-]17:52,80023. gr. Gr.1
81. Clarou/FDKW[-]18:42,80017. gr. Gr.2
82. Calappi/FNSU coupť Prinz[-]20:29,20024. gr. Gr.1
83. Seguineau/FIsard TS 400[-]22:31,40025. gr. Gr.1
84. Albisson/FVespa 400[-]23:37,20018. gr. Gr.2
85. Paul Condriller/FRenault Dauphine[-]27:39,00026. gr. Gr.1


Consten/FJaguar Mk.II[-]Gr.2KL
Marie-Louise Mermod/CHAlfa Romeo Sprint[-]GTKL
Fereyre/FAlfa Romeo Sprint Veloce[-]GTKL
Hans KŁhnis/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]GTKL
Siegfried GŁnther/DPorsche Carrera[-]GTKL
Karl Federhofer/DPorsche Carrera[-]GTKL
Nadege Ferrier/CHPorsche Carrera[-]GTKL
Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche Carrera[-]GTKL
De Saint Auban/FPorsche Carrera[-]GTKL
Crastre/FLotus Elite[-]GTKL
Delanoy/FAlfa Romeo Veloce 750 E[-]GTKL
Annie Soisbault/FJaguar Mk.II[-]Gr.2KL
Lego/FJaguar Mk.II[-]Gr.2KL
Queffeleant/FDB HBR 5[-]GTKL
Christian Blanc/FAlpine Blanc[-]GTKL
Jean G. Rolland/FAlfa Romeo Zagato[-]GTKL
F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo[-]GTKL
Schaffer/Alfa Romeo Zagato[-]GTKL
Sacchi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce[-]GTKL
Bourrely/FPorsche Carrera[-]GTKL
Guy Hospitalier/FPorsche 356/90[-]GTKL
Rene Froidevaux/CHPorsche[-]GTKL
Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS[718-078]SportsCarsKL
Herrmann MŁller/CHPorsche RS[718-076]SportsCarsKL
Herbert MŁller/CHPorsche RSK[718-029]SportsCarsKL
Harry Zweifel/CHLotus Maserati[-]SportsCarsKL
Raymond Stempert/FOsca MT 4[-]SportsCarsKL
Andrť Wicky/CHSimca Abarth[-]SportsCarsKL
Regis Fraissinet/FJaguar E[-]SportsCarsKL
Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche 718 F1[718202]PorscheRaceCarsKL
Jean Laroche/FOsca[-]SportsCarsKL
Edgar Berney/CHFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]GTKL
Andrť Simon/FFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]GTKL
Roger De Lageneste/FFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]GTKL
Henri Oreiller/FFerrari Berlinette 250GT[-]GTKL
Morley/GBAustin Healey Mk.II[-]GTKL
Sidney Charpilloz/CHElva MK.VI[-]SportsCarsKL
Edmont Laub/CHAlfa Romeo Zagato[-]SportsCarsKL
Roland Boddi/CHCooper T56 Junior[-]RaceCarsKL
Renť Trautmann/FCitroŽn DS19[-]Gr.2KL
Pierre Maublanc/FVolvo PV544[-]Gr.1KL
Paul Condriller/FRenault Dauphine[-]Gr.1KL
Renť Trautmann/FAustin-Cooper[-]Gr.1KL
Arthur Kessler/CHMorris-Cooper[-]Gr.1KL
Willy Brandt/CHMorris-Cooper[-]Gr.1KL
Martin/FFiat 116[-]Gr.1KL
Franck Alesi/FAlfa Romeo TI[-]Gr.1KL
Albisson/FPanhard PL 17 Tigre[-]Gr.1KL
Joel Moyne/FRenault 1093[-]Gr.1KL
Seguineau/FIsard TS 400[-]Gr.1KL
Chocquel/FNSU Sprint Prinz[-]Gr.1KL
Calappi/FNSU coupť Prinz[-]Gr.1KL
Michel Billard/FRenault 1093[-]Gr.1KL
Jean Selz/CHFiat-Abarth TC[-]Gr.1KL
Chaix/FPanhard LA[-]Gr.1KL
Perdereau/FRenault 1093[-]Gr.1KL
Brutus/FDKW 1000 S[-]Gr.1KL
Navarro/FCitroŽn DS19[-]Gr.1KL
Robert Neyret/FCitroŽn DS19[-]Gr.1KL
Martin/FFiat-Abarth TC[-]Gr.2KL
Huguenin/Auto Union[-]Gr.2KL
Lucette Pointet/CHRenault 1093[-]Gr.2KL
Gabrielle Renault/FRenault 1093[-]Gr.2KL
Robert Dubler/CHVolvo PV544[-]Gr.2KL
F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo[-]Gr.2KL
Clarou/FAlfa Romeo[-]Gr.2KL
Pierre Tramzall/CHBMW 700S[-]Gr.2KL
Th. Mathieu/FBMW[-]Gr.2KL
Cazon/FBMW 700S[-]Gr.2KL
Henri Brauch/CHVolvo PV544[-]Gr.1KL
Pierre/FCitroŽn DS19[-]Gr.1KL
Allemand/FVolvo 122S[-]Gr.1KL
Michel Meunier/FJaguar Mk.II[-]Gr.1KL
Mayor/FAlfa Romeo Ti[-]Gr.2KL
Albisson/FVespa 400[-]Gr.2KL
Jean Laroche/FBMW[-]Gr.2KL
41Heini Walter/CHPorsche 718 RS 60[718-047]PorscheSportsCarsKL
50Lodovico Scarfiotti/IFerrari Dino 196SP[0804]FerrariSportsCarsKL
239Marcel Vionnet/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[1001]GTKL

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