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Euromontagna Archives




1. Lodovico Scarfiotti/IOsca 2000[-]05:42,0001. gr. S
2. 396Odoardo Govoni/IMaserati[-]05:42,3002. gr. S
3. Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS[718-Greger]05:42,4003. gr. S
4. Giovanni Alberti/IFiat De Tomasso[-]05:50,0001. gr. FJ
5. Harry Zweifel/CHLotus Monte-Carlo[-]05:52,3004. gr. S
6. Tommy Spychiger/CHPorsche 1600 RSK[-]05:53,4005. gr. S
7. Karl Orthuber/APorsche 1600 RSK[718-075]05:54,2006. gr. S
8. Carlo Mario Abate/IFerrari 250GT[-]05:54,9001. gr. GT
9. Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche 1600 RSK[-]05:55,0007. gr. S
10. Domenico Lo Coco/ILotus[-]05:56,2002. gr. FJ
11. Gastone Zanarotti/IJunior[-]06:08,9003. gr. FJ
12. Gianni Balzarini/ICooper Maserati[-]06:13,5008. gr. S
13. Gianfranco Stanga/IOsca 1000[-]06:15,4009. gr. S
14. Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]06:15,6002. gr. GT
15. Herbert Demetz/AFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:16,6003. gr. GT
16. Nando Pagliarini/IFerrari 3000[-]06:16,9004. gr. GT
17. Fernando Wissel/CHFerrari 3000[-]06:20,4005. gr. GT
18. Karl Federhofer/DPorsche 1600[-]06:22,0006. gr. GT
19. Oddone Sigala/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:26,8007. gr. GT
20. "Noris"/IMaserati 2000[-]06:27,4008. gr. GT
21. Giorgio Acutis/IPorsche 1600[-]06:28,7009. gr. GT
22. Albino Buticchi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:31,80010. gr. GT
23. Gianfranco Rovetta/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:32,50011. gr. GT
24. Umberto Bini/IOsca 1000[-]06:35,70010. gr. S
25. Luigi Baldini/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:36,70012. gr. GT
26. Dario Pellini/IFiat Branca[-]06:38,9004. gr. FJ
27. Gianfranco Bonetto/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:39,50013. gr. GT
28. Anzio Zucchi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]06:40,4001. gr. T
29. Giampiero Biscaldi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:41,90014. gr. GT
30. Romolo Rossi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]06:42,1002. gr. T
31. Ermanno Gonella/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:44,50015. gr. GT
32. Romano Ferretti/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]06:47,2003. gr. T
33. "Raffi"/IFiat Abarth 700[-]06:48,30016. gr. GT
34. Fiorenzo Genta/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]06:48,4004. gr. T
35. Luciano Razzuoli/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:48,90017. gr. GT
36. Nicola Cantu/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:49,70018. gr. GT
37. "Pam"/IAbarth 850TC[-]06:49,9005. gr. T
38. Giorgio D´Alessandro/IAbarth 850TC[-]06:53,8006. gr. T
39. Giuseppe Giacomini/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:53,80019. gr. GT
40. Angelo Corio/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]06:54,70020. gr. GT
41. Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 1600[-]06:54,80022. gr. GT
42. Sergio Bettoja/IFerrari 3000[-]06:54,80021. gr. GT
43. Roder Kuderli/Gemini 997[-]06:56,2005. gr. FJ
44. Giacinto Vivaldi/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]06:57,40023. gr. GT
45. Umberto De Bonis/IFiat Abarth 700[-]06:59,20024. gr. GT
46. "Pocher"/Fiat Moretti[-]06:59,6006. gr. FJ
47. Paolo Renier/Abarth 850TC[-]07:00,5007. gr. T
48. Luigi Cabella/IFiat 1100[-]07:00,7008. gr. T
49. Luigi Malanca/IFiat 1100[-]07:03,1009. gr. T
50. Cesare Botacchi/IFairthorpe 1098[-]07:03,30025. gr. GT
51. Romano Romaino/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]07:04,70026. gr. GT
52. Ugo Bagnasacco/IFiat 600[-]07:05,40010. gr. T
53. Ferdinando Frescobaldi/Fiat 600[-]07:07,00011. gr. T
54. Gianni Varese/IFiat 600[-]07:08,80012. gr. T
55. Giovanni Lo Voi/IFiat 600[-]07:09,90013. gr. T
56. Alberto Boinardi/IVolpini[-]07:10,4007. gr. FJ
57. Piero Airoldi/IFiat 1100[-]07:10,60014. gr. T
58. Arrigo Cocchetti/IFiat 1100[-]07:10,80015. gr. T
59. Andrea Parodi/IBMW 700[-]07:11,70016. gr. T
60. Enrico Gibelli/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]07:11,80027. gr. GT
61. Antonio Donin/Fiat 1100[-]07:12,00017. gr. T
62. Federico Zanotti/IBMW 700[-]07:12,10018. gr. T
63. Romano Rubbiano/IJunior[-]07:13,9008. gr. FJ
64. "Gec"/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]07:18,40028. gr. GT
65. Eraldo Olivari/IFiat 600D[-]07:19,50019. gr. T
66. Marco Vassallo/IFiat 800[-]07:21,60011. gr. S
67. Volonterio Ottorino/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SVZ[-]07:22,10029. gr. GT
68. Piergiorgio Cazzulo/IFiat 600[-]07:22,40020. gr. T
69. Piero Bagnasacco/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]07:23,20030. gr. GT
70. Renzo Martinelli/IFiat 600D[-]07:23,30021. gr. T
71. Willi Franz/CHBMW 700S[-]07:25,10022. gr. T
72. Gianpaolo Porta/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:25,40023. gr. T
73. Franco Lisitano/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:25,70024. gr. T
74. Alberto Boitano/IFiat 600D[-]07:26,50025. gr. T
75. Erminio Merlo/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:27,30026. gr. T
76. Luciano Braccini/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]07:30,60031. gr. GT
77. Luigi Tabaton/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:32,30027. gr. T
78. Marco Rosa/IFiat 600[-]07:32,60028. gr. T
79. Fulvio Sestilli/IFiat Abarth 700[-]07:33,70032. gr. GT
80. Corrado Teseo/IAbarth 850TC[-]07:34,20029. gr. T
81. Pietro Fumarelli/IFiat 1100GT[-]07:35,40033. gr. GT
82. Ricciardo Ricci/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:35,60030. gr. T
83. Vermille Cibollini/IAbarth 850TC[-]07:36,50031. gr. T
84. Alessandro Servadei/IAbarth 850TC[-]07:38,80032. gr. T
85. Gabrio Del Torre/IFairthorpe 1098[-]07:39,40034. gr. GT
86. Enrico Carini/IFiat 500[-]07:40,20033. gr. T
87. Saverio Lancellotti/IFiat 600[-]07:45,60034. gr. T
88. Michele Licheri/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]07:47,20035. gr. T
89. Cesare Sangiorgi/IFiat 500[-]07:50,30036. gr. T
90. Riccardo Rasia Dal Polo/IFiat 500[-]07:53,20037. gr. T
91. Alec Mylonadis/IFairthorpe 1098[-]07:53,40035. gr. GT
92. Alessio Lussana/IFiat 600[-]08:05,70038. gr. T
93. Roberto Rovatti/IFiat 500[-]08:05,80039. gr. T
94. Giovanni Gualco/IFiat 500[-]08:09,40040. gr. T
95. Pierterezio Bocca/IFiat 500[-]08:16,50041. gr. T
96. Ugo Barillari/IFiat 500[-]08:49,20042. gr. T
97. Giuseppe Cardinale/IFiat 500[-]08:51,40043. gr. T


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