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Euromontagna Archives




1. 150Sepp Greger/DPorsche RSK[718-Greger]09:03,50004:30,5001. gr. SportsCars
2. 161Gianni Balzarini/ICooper Maserati[-]09:05,90004:31,8002. gr. SportsCars
3. 151Heini Walter/CHPorsche RSK[-]09:05,90004:32,2003. gr. SportsCars
4. 154Karl Orthuber/APorsche RSK[718-075]09:09,30004:32,7004. gr. SportsCars
5. 7Gerhard Mitter/DLotus Mitter DKW[-]09:11,3001. gr. RaceCars
6. 153Tommy Spychiger/CHPorsche RSK[-]09:14,50004:37,1205. gr. SportsCars
7. 160Harry Zweifel/CHLotus 19 Monte Carlo[-]09:17,30004:38,4006. gr. SportsCars
8. 3K. Barry/ACooper Ford[-]09:26,6002. gr. RaceCars
9. 2Walter Schatz/ALotus Ford[-]09:44,2003. gr. RaceCars
10. 122Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]09:51,20004:51,5001. gr. GT
11. 1 "Robert Frank"/DCooper DKW[-]10:08,2007. gr. RaceCars
12. 9Andre Periat/CHCooper[-]10:10,6005. gr. RaceCars


KL34Gerhart Greil/ADKW Junior[-]- TC
KL125Karl Federhofer/DPorsche Carrera[-]2. gr. GT
KL129Johann Wollanek/APorsche Carrera[-]3. gr. GT
KL156Milivoj Božiè/YUPorsche RS[-]7. gr. SportsCars
KL149Walter Schneider/DBMW 700RS[-]8. gr. SportsCars
KL148Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DBMW 700RS[-]9. gr. SportsCars

Did not classified

P78A. Müller/ABMW 502 V8[-]- TC
P79Tomas Losinger/CHChrysler 300E[-]- TC
P77Alex von Falkenhausen/DBMW 502 V8[-]- TC
P100H. Volzwinkler/APuch IMP GT[-]- GT
P101 - BMW 700[-]- GT
P102P. Semmelroch/AFiat Abarth ZM[-]- GT
P103P. Hammerschidt/Fiat Abarth 1000[-]- GT
P110Rudolf Wilhelm Moser/DAlfa Romeo GSZ[-]- GT
P104Pete Ettmüller/CHAbarth Bialbero 1000[-]- GT
P76Peter Hamann/DMercedes-Benz 220S[-]- TC
P55Hans Illert/CHAlfa Romeo Ti[-]- TC
P56Hans Bergmann/DAlfa Romeo Ti[-]- TC
P57H. Kastner/AAlfa Romeo Ti[-]- TC
P70Alfred Höber/DVolvo PV544[-]- TC
P71Otto H. Karger/AVolvo PV544[-]- TC
P72H. Leskoschek/ABorgward Isab. TS[-]- TC
P73 "Gerhard Frank"/AFord Taun. 17 MS[-]- TC
P74Hans E. Stieglbauer/Mercedes-Benz 220SE[-]- TC
P75Kurt Zuegg/AMercedes-Benz 220SE[-]- TC
P111Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo SSZ[-]- GT
P112B. Martellanz/AAlfa Romeo GSZ[-]- GT
P127Herbert Nosek/APorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P128H. Leitner/APorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P130Siegfried Günther/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P131Othmar Bayer/APorsche S90[-]- GT
P144Fernando Wissel/CHFerrari 250 GT[-]- GT
P140A. Wittels/ATriumph TR3[-]- GT
P141 "Terramonte"/AFerrari 250 GT[-]- GT
P142 "Frederic"/AFerrari 250 GT[-]- GT
P126Ludwig Walter/DPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]- GT
P124Michel Weber/DPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P123Campbell McComas/USPorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P113 "Leonhard"/AAlfa Romeo GSZ[-]- GT
P114A. Mayer/Alfa Romeo GSZ[-]- GT
P115Ernst Furtmayr/DAlfa Romeo GSZ[-]- GT
P116J. Weiskopf/AVW Okrasa[-]- GT
P117Hermann Reisel/AVW Okrasa[-]- GT
P118Charles Vögele/CHLotus Elite[-]- GT
P120S. Sklenar/ADenzel Sport[-]- GT
P121A. Hois/APorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P143Helmut Felder/DFerrari 250 GT[-]- GT
P54Herbert Schmied/AAlfa Romeo Ti[-]- TC
P155Franz Albert/APorsche RSK[-]- SportsCars
P33Konrad Eckschlager/ADKW Junior[-]- TC
P32Peter Ruby/DDKW Junior[-]- TC
P31Max Moritz/DDKW Junior[-]- TC
P29Walter Pöltinger/ABMW 700[-]- TC
P28Richard Lichtenberg/DBMW 700S[-]- TC
P22Alfred Gaberszik/ASaab 96[-]- TC
P152Herbert Müller/CHPorsche RSK[-]- SportsCars
P10 "W. von Rosenthal"/AHartmann DKW[-]- RaceCars
P8W. Lrenkel/DWartburg Junior[-]- RaceCars
P6Herbert Ott/DDKW Eigenbau[59/M-01/59]- RaceCars
P5Adolf Kern/ACooper DKW[-]- RaceCars
P147 "Lexo"/ABMW 700GT[-]- SportsCars
P158Josef Schörg/APorsche Spyder[-]- SportsCars
P157Patsy Burt/GBPorsche RSK[-]- SportsCars
P35Georg Kaufmann/ADKW Junior[-]- TC
P36P. Klein/AFiat Abarth 850TC[-]- TC
P46Franz Binder/AAuto-Union 1000S[-]- TC
P47Max Dachs-Wiesinger/AAuto-Union 1000S[-]- TC
P48O. Luschan/AAuto-Union 1000S[-]- TC
P44Horst Lassnig/AAuto-Union 1000S[-]- TC
P49Sepp Rieser/AAuto-Union 1000S[-]- TC
P50Erich Breinsberg/ASimca Montlhery[-]- TC
P51R. Haydt/ASimca GLS[-]- TC
P52E. Raymund/ASimca Elysee[-]- TC
P43Hermann Vogt/DAuto-Union 1000S[-]- TC
P42R. Tiffinger/ALloyd Arabelle[-]- TC
P53H. Jesrich/AFiat 1200GV[-]- TC
P41H. Silberberger/ADKW F91[-]- TC
P40Walter Rauscher/ADKW[-]- TC
P37Mauritz von Strachwitz/DBMW 700S[-]- TC
P45A. Grannersberger/AAuto-Union 1000S[-]- TC
ST4Rolf Markl/ACooper Ford[-]- RaceCars
ST12Leopold Fischer/AHartmann DKW[-]- RaceCars
ST30Adolf Graf/ADKW Junior[-]- TC
ST27U. Oberhammer/ABMW 700S[-]- TC
ST26Franz Maitz/ABMW 700S[-]- TC
ST25F. Gassner/ABMW 700[-]- TC
ST24A. Grögler/ABMW 700[-]- TC
ST23Arnult Pilhatsch/ABMW 700S[-]- TC
ST21F. Altacher/ANSU Prinz[-]- TC
ST20Fritz Schlögl/ASteyr Pcuh 500[-]- TC
ST11S. Eccli/AHartmann DKW[-]- RaceCars

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