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Euromontagna Archives

Trento Bondone

Trento Bondone/I


1. 334Edgar Barth/DPorsche RSK1500[-]13:21,2001. gr. SportsCars
2. 358Odoardo Govoni/IMaserati[-]13:35,2002. gr. SportsCars
3. 338Wolfgang Seidel/DPorsche RSK1500[718-026]13:36,3003. gr. SportsCars
4. 344Lodovico Scarfiotti/IOsca S1500[-]13:44,3004. gr. SportsCars
5. 276Carlo Mario Abate/IFerrari 250 GT[-]13:55,4001. gr. GT
6. 342Heini Walter/CHPorsche RSK1500[718-029]13:58,1005. gr. SportsCars
7. 368Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IOsca S2000[-]14:02,4006. gr. SportsCars
8. 356Attilio Mennato Boffa/IMaserati[-]14:03,0007. gr. SportsCars
9. 360Luigi Bellucci/IWRE Maserati[-]14:09,1008. gr. SportsCars
10. 252Fritz Huschke von Hanstein/DPorsche Carrera 1500[-]14:20,0002. gr. GT
11. Fritz D´Orey/BRFerrari 250 GT[-]14:26,2003. gr. GT
12. 316Tommy Spychiger/CHOsca S1100[-]14:28,0009. gr. SportsCars
13. 250Siegfried Günther/DPorsche Carrera 1500[-]14:32,2004. gr. GT
14. 340Milivoj Bozic/YUPorsche RS1500[-]14:33,10010. gr. SportsCars
15. 320Umberto Bini/IOsca S1100[-]14:53,00011. gr. SportsCars
16. 218 "De Leonibus"/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV1300[-]15:05,4005. gr. GT
17. 220 "Kim"/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]15:11,0006. gr. GT
18. 318Attilio Brandi/IOsca S1100[-]15:11,10012. gr. SportsCars
19. Pierre Dumay/FFerrari 250 GT[-]15:12,0007. gr. GT
20. 350Zepherin Miani/FOsca MT4 1350[-]15:14,20013. gr. SportsCars
21. 262 "Noris"/IMaserati[-]15:14,4008. gr. GT
22. 364Alessandro Cavalli/IMaserati[-]15:15,40014. gr. SportsCars
23. 322Gianni Manelli/IOsca S1100[-]15:16,20015. gr. SportsCars
24. 178Ernesto Prinoth/IFiat Abarth Zagato[-]15:17,0009. gr. GT
25. Augusto Ciccolini/IFiat 8V[-]15:17,20010. gr. GT
26. 300Giancarlo Rigamonti/IOsca S750[-]15:29,10016. gr. SportsCars
27. 302Ilario Bandini/IBandini[-]15:37,30017. gr. SportsCars
28. 226Beppino Borga/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]15:55,20011. gr. GT
29. 180Lanzo Cussini/IFiat Abarth Zagato[-]15:56,10012. gr. GT
30. 106Giovanni Ferrero/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]15:56,1001. gr. TC
31. 294Sesto Leonardi/IOsca S750[-]16:01,20018. gr. SportsCars
32. 198Carlo C. Fabi/IFiat Abarth Zagato[-]16:02,20013. gr. GT
33. 102Gianfranco Bonetto/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]16:05,4002. gr. TC
34. 108 "Aramis"/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]16:14,0003. gr. TC
35. 242Luciano Conti/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]16:16,10014. gr. GT
36. 370Antonio Pozzato/IMaserati[-]16:16,30019. gr. SportsCars
37. "Matich"/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]16:19,20015. gr. GT
38. 34Giuseppe Dalla Torre/Fiat 600[-]16:36,2004. gr. TC
39. 196Elio Lenza/IFiat Abarth Zagato[-]16:37,10016. gr. GT
40. 200Giovanni Kerschbaumer/Appia Zagato[-]16:39,00017. gr. GT
41. 206Girolamo Capra/IFiat Zagato[-]16:41,10018. gr. GT
42. 38Anzio Zucchi/IFiat 600[-]16:46,0005. gr. TC
43. 142Mario Pandolfo/IAlfa Romeo 1900[-]16:49,2006. gr. TC
44. 136Renato Salvetta/IAlfa Romeo 1900[-]16:53,3007. gr. TC
45. 150Kurt Zuegg/ASteyr Fiat 2000[-]16:57,2008. gr. TC
46. 70Vincenzo De Milano/IFiat 1100[-]17:01,0009. gr. TC
47. 204Teodoro Zeccoli/IFiat Zagato[-]17:17,10019. gr. GT
48. 40Jacopo Trivellato/IFiat 600[-]17:20,10010. gr. TC
49. 146Cesare Maestri/IAlfa Romeo 1900[-]17:20,20011. gr. TC
50. 304Ultimo Dalle Molle/IStanguellini[-]17:30,00020. gr. SportsCars
51. 74Giuseppe Adria/IFiat 1100[-]17:32,10012. gr. TC
52. 58Federico Zanotti/IFiat 600[-]17:36,30013. gr. TC
53. 114 "Behar"/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]17:37,30014. gr. TC
54. 190Vanni Zuliani/IFiat Abarth Zagato[-]17:41,00020. gr. GT
55. 156Cesare Largaiolli/IBerkeley[-]17:47,20021. gr. GT
56. 160Walter Truninger/IBerkeley[-]17:58,20022. gr. GT
57. 132Mozzi Alberto Mapelli/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]18:05,00015. gr. TC
58. 312Luisa Pozzoli/IOsca S750[-]18:26,30021. gr. SportsCars
59. 214Arnaldo Tarantino/IFiat Spyder[-]18:27,20023. gr. GT
60. 64Alfonso Rizzo/IFiat 600[-]18:35,40016. gr. TC
61. 2Pier Carlo Borghesio/IFiat Puch 500[-]18:38,10017. gr. TC
62. 54Giorgio Dacrema/IFiat 600[-]18:40,30018. gr. TC
63. 50Luciano Calderano/IFiat 600[-]18:42,40019. gr. TC
64. 90Augusto Dalla Brida/IFiat 1100[-]18:55,00020. gr. TC
65. 222Tony Mognaschi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta SV[-]19:00,40024. gr. GT
66. 4Michael Mettenheimer/ASteyr Puch 500[-]19:02,10021. gr. TC
67. 88Giorgio Angelini/IFiat 1100[-]19:09,40022. gr. TC
68. 210Carlo Pittoni/IFiat Zagato[-]19:10,10025. gr. GT
69. 306Camillo Giulliani/IStanguellini[-]19:10,30022. gr. SportsCars
70. 8Luigi Cabella/IFiat 500[-]19:21,00023. gr. TC
71. 84Antonio Zanetti/IFiat 1100[-]19:23,10024. gr. TC
72. 19Giuseppe Lombardi/IFiat 500[-]19:24,00025. gr. TC
73. 52 "Aga"/IFiat 600[-]19:47,10026. gr. TC
74. 12Giuliano Agostini/IFiat 500[-]19:48,40027. gr. TC
75. 14Herbert Demetz/AFiat 500[-]19:51,00028. gr. TC
76. 76Federico Demattio/IFiat 1100[-]19:55,00029. gr. TC
77. 80Stefano Alquati/IFiat 1100[-]20:02,40030. gr. TC
78. 310Guy Giudice/FGiudice[-]20:04,20023. gr. SportsCars
79. 6Aldo Alba/IFiat 500[-]20:05,30031. gr. TC
80. 176Achilie Minen/IFiat 500[-]20:38,20026. gr. GT
81. 166Armando Giuberti/IFiat 500[-]20:48,00028. gr. GT
82. 152Ilio Donegani/IAlfa Romeo 1900[-]21:26,30032. gr. TC
83. 21Italo Adanti/Fiat 500[-]21:45,40033. gr. TC
84. 174Roberto Rovatti/IFiat 500[-]21:51,30027. gr. GT
85. 16Pier Angelo Negri/Fiat 500[-]22:00,20034. gr. TC


Did not classified

AB298Gianfranco Stagna/IStanguellini[-]- SportsCars
AB Giulio Cabianca/IOsca F2/S1500[-]-
P282Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DBMW[-]- GT
P296Gianni Brichetti/IStanguellini[-]- SportsCars
P336Christian Heins Bino/Porsche[-]- SportsCars
P328Danilo Tesini/ILotus Climax[-]- SportsCars
P348Giulio Cabianca/IOsca S1500[-]- SportsCars
P346Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IOsca[-]- SportsCars
P290Tohketoua Zourab/Ferrari[-]- GT
P280Nando Pagliarini/IFerrari[-]- GT

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