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Euromontagna Archives

Grosses Bergpreiss von Österreich Gaisberg/A



1. 98Gerhard Mitter/DDKW Mitter 1100[59/M-01/59]11:15,10005:35,9001. gr. R
2. 92Ernst Vogel/APorsche RSK[718-032]11:29,00005:37,4001. gr. SportsCars
3. 91Heini Walter/CHPorsche RSK[718-029]11:37,00005:37,5002. gr. SportsCars
4. 75Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera[-]11:42,70005:49,4001. gr. GT
5. 81Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DBMW 507[-]11:45,10005:48,8002. gr. GT
6. 95Wolfgang Berghe von Trips/DPorsche RSK[-]11:46,80005:43,9003. gr. SportsCars
7. 80Wolfgang Seidel/DPorsche Carrera[-]12:09,10005:58,1003. gr. GT
8. 54Carlo C. Fabi/IAbarth Zagato 750 Fiat[-]12:14,60006:06,3004. gr. GT
9. 94Edgar Barth/DPorsche RSK[-]12:20,70005:54,0004. gr. SportsCars
10. 99H. junior Maltz/DAU Hartmann[-]12:21,50006:00,8002. gr. R
11. 52Ernesto Prinoth/IAbarth Zagato 750 Fiat[-]12:23,10006:11,2005. gr. GT
12. 82Josef Wollanek/AMercedes[-]12:24,60006:05,3006. gr. GT
13. 69Walter Häderle/DPorsche Carrera 1600[-]12:28,90006:12,9007. gr. GT
14. 53Mario Poltronieri/IAbarth Zagato Fiat[-]12:35,40006:17,4008. gr. GT
15. 59Herbert Schultze/IAlfa Romeo[-]12:39,30006:17,2009. gr. GT
16. 93Richard von Frankenberg/DPorsche RSK 1500[-]12:39,40006:00,6005. gr. SportsCars
17. 67Tomas Losinger/CHPorsche RSK 1500[-]12:58,60006:22,1006. gr. SportsCars
18. 51 "Basilius"/CHAbarth Fiat[-]12:59,30006:27,60010. gr. GT
19. 56Joseph Egli/CHAbarth Fiat[-]13:04,00006:31,80011. gr. GT
20. 64Walter Huber/APorsche 1300[-]13:04,40006:31,80012. gr. GT
21. 78Siegfried Günther/DPorsche Carrera[-]13:04,50006:26,20013. gr. GT
22. 71Othmar Bayer/APorsche Carrera 1600[-]13:06,90006:33,40014. gr. GT
23. 29Lt. William Harwell/USAlfa Romeo Spider[-]13:07,00006:31,70015. gr. GT
24. 101Antonio von Döry/RAStanguelini[-]13:14,40006:36,4003. gr. R
25. 58Adrian Hoven/DAlfa Romeo[-]13:17,90006:33,90016. gr. GT
26. 60Eberhard Rank/DAlfa Romeo[-]13:20,20006:33,30017. gr. GT
27. 66 "Freddy"/CHMG TC[-]13:23,40006:41,60018. gr. GT
28. 89Josef Schörg/AMG Twin Cam[-]13:28,00006:35,50019. gr. GT
29. 63Luciano Conti/IAlfa Romeo[-]13:28,10006:39,00020. gr. GT
30. 73Bruno Runte/DPorsche Carrera[-]13:48,00006:23,30021. gr. GT
31. 68Campbell McComas/USPorsche Carrera 1600[-]13:55,10006:54,40022. gr. GT
32. 65Helmuth Meyer/AMG A[-]13:56,30006:58,10023. gr. GT
33. 55 "Frederic"/AAbarth Fiat[-]14:11,00007:04,70024. gr. GT
34. 35Girolamo Capra/IFiat 1100[-]14:29,20007:14,00025. gr. GT
35. 70Wolfgang Ketele/AMG A[-]15:31,20007:42,00026. gr. GT


KL23 "Karl Heinz"/DAlfa Romeo[-]1. gr. T
KL41Eberhard Mahle/DVolvo[-]2. gr. T
KL22Hans Bauer/IAlfa Romeo[-]3. gr. T
KL25Eugen Böhringer/DAlfa Romeo[-]4. gr. T
KL33Willy König/DBorgward[-]5. gr. T
KL47Kurt Zuegg/ASteyr[-]6. gr. T
KL50Paul Fürst Metternich/SJaguar[-]7. gr. T
KL45 "Speedy Gonzales"/IAlfa Romeo[-]8. gr. T
KL38Fritz Hausermann/CHVolvo[-]9. gr. T
KL44Helmut Felder/DAlfa Romeo[-]10. gr. T
KL48Josef Jeger/CHAlfa Romeo[-]11. gr. T
KL37Harry Glinz/DBorgward[-]12. gr. T
KL34Otto H. Kaltner/ABorgward[-]13. gr. T
KL2Sten Bielke/SSaab 93B[-]14. gr. T
KL21Herbert Schmied/AAlfa Romeo[-]15. gr. T
KL6Franz Binder/AAuto Union DKW 1000[-]16. gr. T
KL42Fritz Kaspau/DVolvo[-]17. gr. T
KL8Sepp Rieser/AAuto Union DKW 1000[-]18. gr. T
KL7Karl Hasler/CHAuto Union DKW 1000[-]19. gr. T
KL27Hans Affentranger/CHAlfa Romeo[-]20. gr. T
KL24Heinrich Hirschauer/DAlfa Romeo[-]21. gr. T
KL14Roland Ott/DAuto Union DKW 1000[-]22. gr. T
KL12Othmar Lsuchan/AAuto Union DKW 1000[-]23. gr. T
KL36L. Voithofer/ABorgward[-]24. gr. T
KL20Alex Meyer/ASimca[-]25. gr. T
KL17Franz Schrimpl/AŠkoda[-]26. gr. T
KL16Eduard Müller/AFiat[-]27. gr. T
KL19Josef Eschey/DSimca[-]28. gr. T
KL15Hermann Vogt/DAuto Union DKW 1000[-]29. gr. T
KL10Rudolf Dorn/AAuto Union DKW 1000[-]30. gr. T
KL32Kurt Weber/APeugeot[-]31. gr. T
KL4Markus Altenburger/AAuto Union DKW 1000[-]32. gr. T
KL40Stani Bocanek/AVolvo[-]33. gr. T
KL30Leopold Plaimauer/ABorgward[-]34. gr. T
KL13Rolf Berberich/DAuto Union DKW 1000[-]35. gr. T
KL18Toni Keppel/ASimca[-]36. gr. T
KL5Walter Rauscher/AAuto Union DKW 1000[-]37. gr. T
KL46Gustav H. Breiter/AMercedes-Benz[-]38. gr. T
KL28Hans Egger/AVW[-]39. gr. T
KL9Albin Schatz/AAuto Union DKW 1000[-]40. gr. T

Did not classified

AB Ernst Schwerdtel/DAuto Union DKW 1000[-]- T

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