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Archívy Euromontagna

Grossen bergpreis von Frankreich Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux/F


1. Jean Behra/FPorsche RSK[-]12:09,8001. gr. S
2. Wolfgang Berghe von Trips/DPorsche RSK[-]12:12,0002. gr. S
3. Edgar Barth/DPorsche RS[-]12:25,1003. gr. S
4. 31Hans Herrmann/DBorgward H1500RS[-]12:28,8004. gr. S
5. Giulio Cabianca/IBorgward RS[-]12:35,4005. gr. S
6. Fritz Huschke von Hanstein/DPorsche Carrera[-]13:23,4001. gr. GT
7. 37Heini Walter/CHPorsche 550A RS[550-042]13:31,8006. gr. S
8. Fernand Tavano/FFerrari spider[0696]13:43,0007. gr. S
9. Zepherin Miani/FOsca MT4 1350[-]14:00,4008. gr. S
10. André Testut/MCPorsche 356 A Carrera[-]14:02,4002. gr. GT
11. Enzo Buzzetti/IOsca MT4 1100[-]14:12,2009. gr. S
12. André Wicky/CHMaserati[-]14:16,80010. gr. S
13. Siegfried Günther/DPorsche Carrera spider[-]14:18,2003. gr. GT
14. Stéphane Rapetti/CHFerrari Testa Rossa[-]14:25,60011. gr. S
15. Gianni Manelli/IOsca S273[-]14:36,80012. gr. S
16. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo[-]14:39,2004. gr. GT
17. Robert Bourelly/FAston Martin DB3[-]14:41,2005. gr. GT
18. J. David/FAlfa Romeo 750 F[-]14:43,4006. gr. GT
19. Midana/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce [-]14:51,4007. gr. GT
20. Esmingaud/FMaserati[-]14:52,00013. gr. S
21. Fontaine/CHMercedes 300 SL[-]14:57,4008. gr. GT
22. Ricou/FCitroën DS 19[-]15:00,40014. gr. S
23. E. Margairaz/CHPorsche spider[-]15:03,20015. gr. S
24. Marcel Stern/CHAlfa Rorneo Giulietta[-]15:03,4001. gr. TC
25. Valette/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta [-]15:03,6009. gr. GT
26. Andre Georges/FOsca MT4 1100[-]15:07,80016. gr. S
27. Jean Laroche/FOsca S750[-]15:19,80017. gr. S
28. Bernard/FCitroen ID 19[-]15:43,4002. gr. TC
29. De Saint Auban/FPanhard ZI[-]15:50,4003. gr. TC
30. Tortarolo/FDB HBR 5[-]15:50,60010. gr. GT
31. Carriere/FDB[-]15:53,40011. gr. GT
32. Jean Lucienbonnet/FAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]15:54,2004. gr. TC
33. Josef Jeger/CHAlfa Romeo Super TI[-]15:58,0005. gr. TC
34. Guiraud/FPeugeot[-]16:06,0006. gr. TC
35. Clarou/FRenault Dauphine Furry[-]16:16,4007. gr. TC
36. Jean Munger/CHFiat-Abarth Zagato[-]16:26,60012. gr. GT
37. Ottorino Volonterio/IAlfa Romeo[-]16:38,80013. gr. GT
38. Cuin/FPanhard X87[-]16:45,80014. gr. GT
39. Rene Froidevaux/CHTriumph TR 3[-]16:50,80015. gr. GT
40. T. Threlfall/GBMG A coupé[-]16:51,20016. gr. GT
41. Bouillon/FRenault 1062[-]16:53,0008. gr. TC
42. Picart/FDB HBR 5[-]16:57,40017. gr. GT
43. Martin/FPanhard X87[-]17:17,20018. gr. GT
44. Patrick Lier/CHRenault Dauphine[-]17:27,4009. gr. TC
45. Naud/FSimca 90 A[-]17:32,60010. gr. TC
46. Jean-Jacques Thuner/CHLancia B 12[-]17:34,40011. gr. TC
47. Roux/FPanhard[-]17:41,80012. gr. TC
48. Eerlie/FPanhard X 87[-]17:42,80013. gr. TC
49. Bounoir/FPanhard DB X87[-]17:47,80018. gr. S
50. Renato Maggiorini/CHAlfa Romeo Giulietta[-]17:49,60014. gr. TC
51. Eole/FCitroën[-]18:10,80015. gr. TC
52. Chanchou/FPanhard DB X87[-]19:31,40019. gr. S



AB E Martin Binachon/FOsca MT4 1100[-]- S

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