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Coppa Citta di Potenza, Compamaggiore



1. Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA9/90 BMW[-]08:06,0101. gr. C3
2. Andres Vilariňo/ELola BMW[T298/HU102]08:11,2702. gr. C3
3. Francisco Pancho Egozkue/EOsella BMW[-]08:12,2393. gr. C3
4. Antonio Ritacca/IOsella BMW[-]08:27,6904. gr. C3
5. Carlo Scola/IOsella Alfa Romeo[-]08:53,9201. gr. CN
6. Nello Nataloni/ILancia Delta S4[-]08:55,2801. gr. B
7. Iňaki Goiburu/EBMW M3[-]08:55,9001. gr. A
8. Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta HF Integrale[-]09:02,2102. gr. A
9. Maurizio Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]09:09,0493. gr. A
10. Joan Dabad Vinyes/ANDFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:13,8901. gr. N
11. Antonín Charouz/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[11545/90]09:15,4002. gr. N
12. Josef Michl/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[62091]09:20,9604. gr. A
13. Rocco Aragona/IFiat Ritmo 130 Abarth[-]09:21,8805. gr. A
14. Oronzo Pezzolla/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:22,7803. gr. N
15. Francisco Gutierrez/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:25,7704. gr. N
16. Roberto Di Giuseppe/IFord Sierra 4x4[-]09:34,9695. gr. N
17. Bruno Crucitti/IAlfa Romeo 33 QV[-]09:35,8106. gr. A
18. Daniele Betto/IRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]09:45,1806. gr. N
19. Carlo Gisonte/IRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]09:45,3007. gr. N
20. Giuseppe Crea/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]09:49,3807. gr. A
21. Sarli/Renault R5 GT Turbo[-]09:51,0808. gr. N
22. Antonio D´Andrea/IRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]09:54,4409. gr. N
23. Carmine Esposito/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]09:54,6608. gr. A
24. Donato Tricarico/IRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]09:55,76010. gr. N
25. Silco/Renault R5 GT Turbo[-]09:55,87011. gr. N
26. "Giuseppe"/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]09:57,6409. gr. A
27. Gianbattista Serpa/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:04,45010. gr. A
28. Janos Klink/HFord Sierra[-]10:05,46012. gr. N
29. Domenico Genovese/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]10:06,51013. gr. N
30. Guglielm/Renault R5 GT Turbo[-]10:06,59014. gr. N
31. Arnoldo Savoia/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:08,00011. gr. A
32. Giuseppe Ferraiuolo/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:09,84012. gr. A
33. Gerardo Di Bari/IRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]10:10,01015. gr. N
34. Antonello Paletta/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]10:10,59016. gr. N
35. Vincenzo Lombardi/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]10:13,63017. gr. N
36. Carmine Capezzera/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:17,75018. gr. N
37. Mario Vaccaro/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:21,39019. gr. N
38. Antonio Sinisi/IToyota Corolla[-]10:21,97020. gr. N
39. Michele Volini/IFiat Ritmo[-]10:23,30021. gr. N
40. Aciemo/Peugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:23,87022. gr. N
41. Antonino Fossato/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]10:24,74023. gr. N
42. Antonello Cavalcanti/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:27,49024. gr. N
43. Walter Russo/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:27,75025. gr. N
44. Giovanni Bonomo/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:32,11026. gr. N
45. Scala/Ford Fiesta XR 2[-]10:32,23027. gr. N
46. Calace/Fiat Ritmo 130[-]10:37,26028. gr. N
47. Mario Schiavone/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:38,63029. gr. N
48. Canio Santarsiero/IRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]10:39,19030. gr. N
49. Michele Nucera/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:39,87031. gr. N
50. Manchise/Peugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:42,04032. gr. N
51. Maria Teresa Martino/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]10:43,57033. gr. N
52. 2 Di Bari/Renault R5 GT Turbo[-]10:50,52013. gr. A
53. Gerardo Pepe/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:52,07034. gr. N
54. Sessa/IRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]10:54,24035. gr. N
55. Mario Carrieri/IAlfa Romeo 33 QV[-]11:07,31014. gr. A
56. Giuliano Calovini/IFiat Uno 70 SX[-]13:31,22036. gr. N


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