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Euromontagna Archives

26. Coppa Bruno Carotti



1. Mauro Nesti/IOsella BMW[PA9-142/86]05:55,8091. gr. C3
2. Francisco Pancho Egozkue/EOsella BMW[-]06:01,2392. gr. C3
3. Ezio Baribbi/IOsella BMW[PA9-135/85]06:01,3493. gr. C3
4. Herbert Stenger/DSachs Sprint BMW[ES902]06:07,3404. gr. C3
5. Pasquale Irlando/IOsella BMW[-]06:12,7605. gr. C3
6. "Ricky"/IOsella BMW[-]06:13,7896. gr. C3
7. Rüdiger Faustmann/DFaust BMW[001/Faust/]06:14,8807. gr. C3
8. Walter Pedrazza/APRC BMW[M91-03]06:15,2198. gr. C3
9. "Paolo Lara"/IOsella PA9/90[-]06:21,6609. gr. C3
10. Franz Schreiner/AStenger PRC[ES891]06:27,10010. gr. C3
11. Iňaki Goiburu/EBMW M3[-]06:53,9891. gr. A
12. Nello Nataloni/ILancia Delta S4[-]06:57,8401. gr. B
13. Maurizio Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]06:58,4192. gr. A
14. Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3[49501605/91]07:01,7103. gr. A
15. Joan Dabad Vinyes/ANDFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:03,2991. gr. N
16. Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta HF Integrale[-]07:04,3904. gr. A
17. Franco Cinelli/IBogani Alfa Romeo[-]07:04,5801. gr. CN
18. "Francisco"/IOsella[-]07:04,80011. gr. C3
19. Francisco Gutierrez/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:08,0102. gr. N
20. "Susy"/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:11,6193. gr. N
21. Antonín Charouz/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[11545/90]07:19,0704. gr. N
22. Bernardo Persia/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:20,6405. gr. N
23. Luca Cappellari/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:21,6106. gr. N
24. Ildo Gonfiotti/IOsella PA8[-]07:22,2702. gr. CN
25. Peter Moczar/HFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:25,7907. gr. N
26. Otakar Krámský/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:27,6208. gr. N
27. "Ramirez"/IOsella[-]07:28,48012. gr. C3
28. Luca Pacini/IGi.Pi[-]07:31,81013. gr. C3
29. Roberto Di Giuseppe/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:36,2009. gr. N
30. A. Tommasi/IRenault 5 Turbo[-]07:37,1102. gr. B
31. "Giuseppe"/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]07:40,2205. gr. A
32. Renzo Ingrassia/IRenault 5GT Turbo[-]07:41,67010. gr. N
33. Janos Klink/HFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:42,88011. gr. N
34. Marco Poponi/IVw Golf Gti[-]07:43,4006. gr. A
35. C. Canneori/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]07:44,3907. gr. A
36. A. Scellini/IBMW M3[-]07:49,36012. gr. N
37. Fernando Antinozzi/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:53,88013. gr. N
38. Claudio Giobbi/IPeugeot 309 Gti[-]07:54,94014. gr. N
39. Luigino Ciogli/IAlfa Romeo Sprint[-]07:56,1008. gr. A
40. Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[19712/90]07:57,98015. gr. N
41. Attilio Salvatori/IOpel Kadett[-]07:58,91016. gr. N
42. Lucio Giosia/IBellasi[-]08:00,23014. gr. C3
43. Fabrizio Torbi/IOpel Kadett[-]08:03,66017. gr. N
44. Francesco Loiacono/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]08:04,24018. gr. N
45. A. Scardamaglia/IPeugeot 309 Gti[-]08:06,49019. gr. N
46. Riccardo Torchia/IOpel Manta[-]08:09,2709. gr. A
47. Alberto Pruni/IAlfa Romeo Sprint[-]08:11,72010. gr. A
48. C. Santini/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]08:13,26020. gr. N
49. Guerrini/Renault Clio Coppa[-]08:15,7801. gr. SS
50. Fabrizio Fogliani/IPeugeot 205[-]08:16,15011. gr. A
51. E. Petrucci/IPeugeot 309 Gti[-]08:16,44021. gr. N
52. Renzo Pellegrini/IBmw 635CSi[-]08:17,61012. gr. A
53. Fabrizio Fattorini/IPeugeot 205[-]08:20,78022. gr. N
54. Walter Russo/IPeugeot 205[-]08:21,39023. gr. N
55. Paolo Angelini/IPeugeot 205[-]08:21,54024. gr. N
56. Bruno Santuccione/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]08:23,66025. gr. N
57. Luigi Foschi/IOpel Manta[-]08:26,42013. gr. A
58. Bruno Grifoni/IPeugeot 205[-]08:26,45026. gr. N
59. Antonio Forti/IPeugeot 205[-]08:29,27027. gr. N
60. Gaetano Alicata/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]08:33,12014. gr. A
61. Giovanni Di Stefano/IPeugeot 205[-]08:34,69028. gr. N
62. Giancarlo Ubaldi/IFord Escort T[-]08:35,88015. gr. A
63. Gionni Ciancetta/IPeugeot 205[-]08:37,08029. gr. N
64. Claudio Palma/IPeugeot 205[-]08:39,42030. gr. N
65. S. De Angelis/IPeugeot 205[-]08:40,15031. gr. N
66. Mario Schiavone/IPeugeot 205[-]08:41,74032. gr. N
67. Giuseppe Ramacci/IPeugeot 309 Gti[-]08:42,14033. gr. N
68. Donato Telesca/IPeugeot 205[-]08:44,49016. gr. A
69. Santacruz/IPeugeot 205[-]08:50,56034. gr. N
70. C. Vivio/IPeugeot 205[-]08:50,57035. gr. N
71. Domanico/Renault 5GT Turbo[-]08:50,67036. gr. N
72. Roberto Chiavaroli/IPeugeot 205[-]08:51,76037. gr. N
73. Gianluca De Camilis/IPeugeot 205[-]08:53,14038. gr. N
74. Giovanni Cuccioloni/IId[-]08:53,47039. gr. N
75. F. De Angelis/IPeugeot 205[-]08:53,57040. gr. N
76. Antonello Cavalcanti/IPeugeot 205[-]08:59,13041. gr. N
77. Albanucci/Peugeot 205[-]09:05,37042. gr. N
78. G. Konigsberg/IHonda Civic Hrx[-]09:27,9803. gr. B
79. C. De Felici/IFiat Uno 70[-]09:59,71017. gr. A


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