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Euromontagna Archives

National Rundstreckenrennen Dijon-Prenois




1. 59Karl Fischlin/CHMartini Mk.66 Alfa Romeo[MK66-01]1520:46,590- CN
2. 55Andreas Tandl/APRC BMW[S96-01/S94-004]1520:48,350- CN
3. 53Walter Fuchs/CHPRC BMW[S97-001]1521:20,700- CN
4. 57Erich Weber/APRC BMW[S95-02]1521:23,550- CN
5. 54Josef Pfyl/CHDebora Alfa Romeo[C393-Grosjean]1521:49,200- CN
6. 69Max Geiser/CHLucchini Alfa Romeo[077-SP90]1522:09,960- CN
7. 88Josef Binder/CHArgo JM Chevrolet[JM19D-128-C2]1421:19,820- C
8. 71Adolf Gärtner/CHArgo Alfa Romeo[JM21-139-C3]1421:23,400- CN
9. 68Beat Kohler/CHPRC Alfa Romeo[M92-02]1421:26,820- CN
10. 66Vlastimil Matouš/CZPRC Alfa Romeo[M92-03]1421:27,270- CNphoto
11. 83Martin Krisam sen./DURD BMW[C03-89-891]1421:32,270- C3
12. 61Gebhard Zeller/DPRC BMW[S94-02]1421:35,980- CN
13. 76Peter Hartmann/DURD BMW[C03-7-497]1421:41,870- C3photo
14. 75Franz Tandl/APRC Opel[S98-004]1320:53,630- CNphoto
15. 77Bruno Baur/CHTiga SC81[-]1321:08,850- Sports
16. 72Stephan Bockhorn/CHLucchini P2[-]1321:46,470- CN


Did not classified

AB65Jaroslav Vorel/CZPRC Alfa Romeo[S95-01]- CNphoto
AB60Christian Grosjean/CHOsella BMW[-]- CN
AB63Yann Pillonel/CHLucchini SP390[-]- CN
AB84Hermann Ehrat/CHPRC Mugen[SC97/98-011]- C3
AB81Emanuel Pedrazza/APRC BMW[SC97EM_]- C3photo
AB62Ruedi Seher/DPRC BMW[S96et95-01]- CN
AK85Florian Schnitzenbaumer/APRC Mugen[S97-01]- C3photo
AK51Martin Krisam jr./DOsella BMW[PA20S-02/94]- CNphoto
AK56Alexander Zajelsnik/DJAZ BMW[C97-002]- CN
NS82Josef Zajelsnik/DJAZ Mugen[C97-001]- C3
NS52Heinz Steiner/CHMartini Mk.77[MK77-01]- CN
NS58Kurt Iseli/CHOsella Alfa Romeo[PA20S-11/94]- CN
NS80Hansmarkus Huber/CHLola T290[-]- C3

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