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Gaisberg - EHC/A

Lenght: 8.6 km


1. 95Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[910-034]07:23,72003:41,5401. gr. P
2. 90Dieter Quester/ABMW Monti[T120_M]07:34,60003:45,9902. gr. Pphoto
3. 96Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[909-02]07:50,31003:52,7003. gr. Pphoto
4. 78Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[906-127]08:13,81004:05,2701. gr. S
5. 79Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]08:14,10004:05,1802. gr. S
6. 93Manfred Liebl/DBMW RS[-]08:16,37004:07,3104. gr. P
7. 61Peter Peter/APorsche Carrera 6[-]08:40,24004:17,6303. gr. S
8. 51Holger Zarges/DPorsche 911T[-]08:46,21004:21,5301. gr. GT
9. 50Malte Huth/DPorsche 911T[-]08:53,20004:25,9302. gr. GT
10. 1Ernst Furtmayr/DBMW 2002 Schnitzer[-]08:53,60004:26,7501. gr. TW
11. 15Spartaco Dini/IAlfa Romeo GTA[AR61305565]09:06,53004:33,2202. gr. TW
12. 84Willy König/DFerrari[-]09:06,63004:32,2004. gr. S
13. 3Sepp Mayer/DBMW 2002[-]09:11,92004:34,9103. gr. TW
14. 76Karl Federhofer/DAbarth OT[-]09:15,29004:37,5305. gr. S
15. 5Siegfried Pust/APorsche 911[-]09:16,38004:37,1804. gr. TW
16. 4Remi Peterelli/CHPorsche 911[-]09:23,73004:38,8805. gr. TW
17. 14Klaus Reisch/AAlfa Romeo GTA[-]09:25,27004:41,0606. gr. TW
18. 71Alfred Krohe/DAbarth OT[-]09:25,94004:41,9206. gr. S
19. 94Klaus Sterzinger/APorsche RS[-]09:28,54004:44,0905. gr. P
20. 52Hans Schachner/APorsche 911S[-]09:32,05004:44,6603. gr. GT
21. 24Martin Forster/DBMC Morris Cooper[-]09:39,00004:46,8807. gr. TW
22. 22Lambert Hofer/ABMC Cooper[-]09:45,77004:52,2508. gr. TW
23. 75Karl Schafranek/AAbarth[-]09:56,62004:54,6607. gr. S
24. 23Leopold von Bayern/DBMC Cooper[-]09:57,60004:57,4609. gr. TW
25. 26Johann Abt/DFiat Abarth[-]09:59,72004:59,36010. gr. TW
26. 17Oskar Mras/ALotus Cortina[-]10:04,06005:01,37011. gr. TW
27. 88Willi Forkel/DFord Shelby[-]10:10,28005:03,9608. gr. S
28. 40Heinz Liedl/DSteyr Puch[-]10:22,57005:10,24012. gr. TW
29. 34Hans Sommer/AAustin Cooper[-]10:25,81005:11,68013. gr. TW
30. 26Harald Neuschler/ABMC Cooper[-]10:40,54005:19,87014. gr. TW
31. 37Ewald Pauli/DNSU TTS[-]10:41,66005:20,00015. gr. TW
32. 10Walter Kritzinger/AAlfa Romeo[-]10:44,96005:21,76016. gr. TW
33. 42Karl Wendlinger/ASteyr Puch[-]10:48,92005:23,96017. gr. TW
34. 33Arthur Josl/ANSU TTS[-]10:49,72005:23,93018. gr. TW
35. 41Hans Fink/ASteyr Puch[-]10:58,18005:26,68019. gr. TW

Did not start

NS95Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[90901]0----- Pphoto


1Ernst Furtmayr/DBMW 2002 Schnitzer[-]TWKL
3Sepp Mayer/DBMW 2002[-]TWKL
4Remi Peterelli/CHPorsche 911[-]TWKL
5Siegfried Pust/APorsche 911[-]TWKL
10Walter Kritzinger/AAlfa Romeo[-]TWKL
14Klaus Reisch/AAlfa Romeo GTA[-]TWKL
15Spartaco Dini/IAlfa Romeo GTA[AR61305565]TWKL
17Oskar Mras/ALotus Cortina[-]TWKL
22Lambert Hofer/ABMC Cooper[-]TWKL
23Leopold von Bayern/DBMC Cooper[-]TWKL
24Martin Forster/DBMC Morris Cooper[-]TWKL
26Johann Abt/DFiat Abarth[-]TWKL
26Harald Neuschler/ABMC Cooper[-]TWKL
33Arthur Josl/ANSU TTS[-]TWKL
34Hans Sommer/AAustin Cooper[-]TWKL
37Ewald Pauli/DNSU TTS[-]TWKL
40Heinz Liedl/DSteyr Puch[-]TWKL
41Hans Fink/ASteyr Puch[-]TWKL
42Karl Wendlinger/ASteyr Puch[-]TWKL
50Malte Huth/DPorsche 911T[-]GTKL
51Holger Zarges/DPorsche 911T[-]GTKL
52Hans Schachner/APorsche 911S[-]GTKL
61Peter Peter/APorsche Carrera 6[-]SKL
71Alfred Krohe/DAbarth OT[-]SKL
75Karl Schafranek/AAbarth[-]SKL
76Karl Federhofer/DAbarth OT[-]SKL
78Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[906-127]SKL
79Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]SKL
84Willy König/DFerrari[-]SKL
88Willi Forkel/DFord Shelby[-]SKL
90Dieter Quester/ABMW Monti[T120_M]BMWPKL
91Hubert Hahne/DBMW Monti[T120_M]BMWPP
92Kurt Schille/ALotus 23 BMW[-]Elan Racing TeamPP
93Manfred Liebl/DBMW RS[-]PKL
94Klaus Sterzinger/APorsche RS[-]PKL
95Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[910-034]PorschePKL
95Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[90901]PorschePNS
96Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[909-02]PorschePKL

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