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Euromontagna Archives

Cesana Sestrieres



1. 25Andres Vilariňo/ELola T298 BMW Repsol[T298/HU102]04:35,6901. gr. C3
2. 5Mauro Nesti/IOsella PA9/86[PA9-142/86]04:35,9202. gr. C3
3. 9Philippe Darbellay/CHLucchini S289[059-S289]04:41,5903. gr. C3
4. 26Herbert Stenger/DStenger C3 Sprint[ES902]04:45,3104. gr. C3
5. 4Pasquale Irlando/IOlmas Sport[-]04:45,5805. gr. C3
6. 11Horst Fendrich/DOsella PA9[PA9-143/86]04:49,6306. gr. C3
7. 28Maurizio Roasio/IOsella PA12 BMW[PA12-04]04:50,0707. gr. C3
8. 16Vincenzo Zanini/IOsella PA9[-]04:52,2508. gr. C3
9. 3Heinz Steiner/CHLola T298[T298-Darbellay]04:54,5909. gr. C3
10. 21Rodolfo Aguzzoni/IOsella PA9[-]04:55,71010. gr. C3
11. 22Giuseppe Tambone/ISymbol[-]04:57,59011. gr. C3
12. 23Pasquale Anastasio/IOsella PA9[-]04:58,28012. gr. C3
13. 15Adriano Parlamento/IMarch[75S-5]04:59,73013. gr. C3
14. 27Luigi Bormolini/IOsella PA9[PA9-130/85]05:00,00014. gr. C3
15. 7Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA9[PA9-125/84]05:03,63015. gr. C3
16. 8Hermann Waldy/ATiga Yamaha C3[1985/0025]05:04,05016. gr. C3
17. 13Janos Toth/HOsella Waltham[PA9-133/85]05:11,31017. gr. C3
18. 378Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[10670/90]05:18,5701. gr. A
19. 19Renzo Napione/ILucchini[044-S288]05:19,03018. gr. C3
20. 2Fausto Bormolini/IStenger C3[ES861]05:20,52019. gr. C3
21. 422Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta S4[-]05:22,6701. gr. B
22. 391Luigi Pozzo/ILancia Delta Integrale[-]05:24,0102. gr. A
23. 386Maurizio Iacoangeli/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]05:26,6603. gr. A
24. 385Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3[40221851/89]05:27,0804. gr. A
25. 1Italo Travagin/IAMS[-]05:28,30020. gr. C3
26. 207Walter Santos/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:31,3101. gr. N
27. 208Giacomo Botti/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:33,7402. gr. N
28. 211Antonín Charouz/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[125/86]05:37,1103. gr. N
29. 421Raimund Hahn/DPorsche 944 Turbo[N104080/88]05:39,3602. gr. B
30. 398Antonio Andreoli/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]05:42,1605. gr. A
31. 209Giovanni Regis/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:42,3404. gr. N
32. 413Emilio Corio/IRenault R5[-]05:44,0003. gr. B
33. 349Luigiano Odorizzi/IVW Golf 16V[-]05:44,7006. gr. A
34. 212Manfred Tschida/AFord Wolf Cosworth[-]05:45,8605. gr. N
35. 419Hartmut Böhme/DPorsche 944 Turbo[N101763]05:46,3604. gr. B
36. 217Peter Moczar/HFord Wolf Cosworth[-]05:46,7806. gr. N
37. 374Casimiro Barbieri/IBMW M3[-]05:48,4507. gr. A
38. 393Raniero Tinetto/IFord Cosworth[-]05:48,5308. gr. A
39. 354 "Peter"/IVW Golf 16V[-]05:49,5809. gr. A
40. 381Giuseppe Zarpellon/IBMW M3[-]05:51,52010. gr. A
41. 384Hubert Gasser/IBMW M3[-]05:51,94011. gr. A
42. 345Josef Venc/CZToyota Corolla[-]05:53,86012. gr. A
43. 395Andrea Perego/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:56,29013. gr. A
44. 204Hans-Dieter Meckel/DBMW M3[-]05:56,4607. gr. N
45. 201Günther Borzek/DBMW M3[-]05:56,9708. gr. N
46. 215Mauro Nani/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:57,6709. gr. N
47. 379 "Padimatteo"/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]05:57,92014. gr. A
48. 200Péter Takácz/HBMW M3[43874402361/87]05:57,93010. gr. N
49. 192Massimo Bosetto/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]05:58,18011. gr. N
50. 348Luca Scieghi/IToyota Corolla[-]05:58,25015. gr. A
51. 372Elio Baldi/IFiat Ritmo 130A[-]05:58,51016. gr. A
52. 173G. Carlo Martino/IOpel Kadett Gsi[-]05:58,80012. gr. N
53. 187Santo Dipano/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]05:58,92013. gr. N
54. 357Marco Lomartire/IOpel Kadett Gsi[-]05:59,83017. gr. A
55. 352Alessandro Turco/IOpel Kadett Gsi[-]06:00,43018. gr. A
56. 191Stefano Zuech/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:01,15014. gr. N
57. 383Renato Gallo/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:03,32019. gr. A
58. 412Graziano Pantaleoni/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:03,7705. gr. B
59. 202Guido Pogliotto/IFord Escort RST[-]06:04,48015. gr. N
60. 214Andrea Savio/ILancia Delta Integrale[-]06:05,33016. gr. N
61. 392Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta 4WD[-]06:06,12020. gr. A
62. 194Emilio Pugnante/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:07,31017. gr. N
63. 151Franco Mondino/IOpel Kadett Gsi[-]06:08,22018. gr. N
64. 373Ugo Giordanino/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:08,30021. gr. A
65. 325Otakar Krámský/CZŠkoda 136L Favorit[98392/90]06:08,43022. gr. A
66. 148Gianni Varese/IPeugeot 205[-]06:10,16019. gr. N
67. 378Aldo Giovazzini/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:10,47023. gr. A
68. 205Roland Wanek/DBMW M3[-]06:11,40020. gr. N
69. 359Barbara Napolitano/IPeugeot 205[-]06:13,14024. gr. A
70. 138Walter Guani/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:13,17021. gr. N
71. 189Andrea Bracaloni/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:13,64022. gr. N
72. 156Giorgio Tessore/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:13,67023. gr. N
73. 188Dario Pacchiotti/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:13,97024. gr. N
74. 195Valter Barberis/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:14,28025. gr. N
75. 147Sergio Bedin/IFiat Ritmo 130A[-]06:15,25026. gr. N
76. 396Othmar Rohregger/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]06:17,72025. gr. A
77. 353Pasquale Cilento/IPeugeot 309GTi[-]06:18,86026. gr. A
78. 149Mauro Scanavino/EPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:19,36027. gr. N
79. 146Rudi Bicciato/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:20,37028. gr. N
80. 343Piero Zampa/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:20,61027. gr. A
81. 197Attilio Mercadante/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:22,65029. gr. N
82. 415Franco Chiusano/IPorsche 911SC[-]06:23,2906. gr. B
83. 158Alberto Cotterchio/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:23,90030. gr. N
84. 181Guido Rispoli/IPeugeot 205[-]06:24,32031. gr. N
85. 323Massimo Rivoir/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:24,69028. gr. A
86. 334Pierfilippo Rissone/IFiat Uno 70SX[-]06:25,13029. gr. A
87. 329Marco Bianchi/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:25,62030. gr. A
88. 127Walter Russo/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:25,89032. gr. N
89. 139Franco Stefanelli/IHonda Civic[-]06:26,09031. gr. A
90. 333Roberto Pedrotti/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:26,64032. gr. A
91. 341Andrea Mordenti/IPeugeot 205[-]06:26,90033. gr. A
92. 124Stanislav Matějovský/CZSuzuki Swift[-]06:27,15033. gr. N
93. 184Franco Ostellino/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:27,37034. gr. N
94. 406Antonio Oddo/IFiat X1/9[-]06:27,9507. gr. B
95. 114Luigi Regis/IPeugeot 205[-]06:28,23035. gr. N
96. 394Angelo Corio/ILancia Delta 4WD[-]06:28,34034. gr. A
97. 126Andrea Fioravanti/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:28,49036. gr. N
98. 157Antonio G. Orla/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:28,73037. gr. N
99. 199Oscar Morello/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:29,72038. gr. N
100. 347Gualtiero Fogliatti/IAlfa Romeo[-]06:30,26035. gr. A
101. 193Mauro Vozza/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]06:32,86039. gr. N
102. 113Pierangelo Maffiodo/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:33,58040. gr. N
103. 213Walter Burzio/ILancia Delta 16V[-]06:33,66041. gr. N
104. 179Francesco Caruso/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:35,12042. gr. N
105. 136Alberto Depetris/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:36,04043. gr. N
106. 317Celestino Morisi/IA112 Abarth[-]06:36,09036. gr. A
107. 377Gabriele Crotti/IRenault 11 Turbo[-]06:36,77037. gr. A
108. 346Donato Angelillo/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]06:37,00038. gr. A
109. 324Tommaso De Martino/IPeugeot[-]06:37,45039. gr. A
110. 134Marco Canavoso/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:38,08044. gr. N
111. 311Valerio Cariglio/IA112 Abarth[-]06:38,12040. gr. A
112. 155P. Luigi Fenoglio/IPeugeot 309GTi[-]06:38,16045. gr. N
113. 154Giampaolo Barison/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:38,34046. gr. N
114. 144Walter Moiso/IOpel Corsa Gsi[-]06:38,43047. gr. N
115. 118Alessio Tosini/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:38,93048. gr. N
116. 178Alfonso Mangani/IOpel Kadett Gsi[-]06:38,95049. gr. N
117. 143Fabio Carpeneto/IFord Fiesta XR2[-]06:41,54050. gr. N
118. 303Matteo Minischetti/IA112 Abarth[-]06:42,00041. gr. A
119. 171Enzo Nigra/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:42,09051. gr. N
120. 142Elio Bovolenta/IPeugeot 205GTi[-]06:44,29052. gr. N
121. 306Paolo Falco/IA112 Abarth[-]06:46,51042. gr. A
122. 314Giuseppe Cravotta/IA112 Abarth[-]06:46,72043. gr. A
123. 408Sergio De Martini/IFiat X1/9[-]06:47,0008. gr. B
124. 116Peter Frenes/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:47,04053. gr. N
125. 308Danilo Camia/IA112 Abarth[-]06:48,21044. gr. A
126. 305Andrea Domanda/IA112 Abarth[-]06:49,95045. gr. A
127. 175Dante Banchio/IFiat 130 Abarth[-]06:51,34054. gr. N
128. 107Marco Gnan/IA112 Abarth[-]06:53,17055. gr. N
129. 336Carlo Veglio/IFiat Uno 70SX[-]06:55,52046. gr. A
130. 304Renat Trevisan/IA112 Abarth[-]06:56,21047. gr. A
131. 312Raffaele Terlizzi/IA112 Abarth[-]06:56,99048. gr. A
132. 342Franco Albrile/IFord XR3J[-]06:57,28049. gr. A
133. 125Danilo Cerrato/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:57,98056. gr. N
134. 122Mauro Turco/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:58,86057. gr. N
135. 103Vittorio Doniscontro/IA112 Abarth[-]07:02,13058. gr. N
136. 318Giovanni Baldi/IA112 Abarth[-]07:02,17050. gr. A
137. 129Erwin Morandell/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]07:07,33059. gr. N
138. 335Giuseppe Massocco/IFiat Uno 70SX[-]07:08,64051. gr. A
139. 307Ottavio Dazzan/IA112 Abarth[-]07:09,97052. gr. A
140. 106Girgio Verdiglione/IA112 Abarth[-]07:13,02060. gr. N
141. 123Cinzia Collo/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]07:13,35061. gr. N
142. 102Daniele Long/IA112 Abarth[-]07:17,34062. gr. N
143. 119Graziella Balsamo/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]07:21,42063. gr. N
144. 128Roberto Pennone/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]07:21,98064. gr. N
145. 319Luciano Pons/IA112 Abarth[-]07:22,15053. gr. A
146. 104Massimo Chiapino/IA112 Abarth[-]07:26,58065. gr. N
147. 109Laura Cragnaz/IA112 Abarth[-]07:38,09066. gr. N
148. 135Gregor Reinalter/IFord Fiesta XH2[-]07:40,34067. gr. N
149. 108Massimiliano Cipolla/IA112 Abarth[-]07:48,81068. gr. N


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