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Archívy Euromontagna





1. 154Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[-]10:52,97005:26,1301. gr. Pphoto
2. 156Dieter Quester/ABMW Monti[T120_M]10:59,05005:28,7802. gr. Pphoto
3. 155Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[-]11:00,22005:29,9303. gr. Pphoto
4. 143Helmuth Leuze/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:13,03006:05,1601. gr. S
5. 145Hans Kühnis/CHPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:23,87006:10,9002. gr. S
6. 148Sepp Greger/DPorsche[-]12:30,68006:13,5003. gr. S
7. 158Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo 33-2[-]12:42,17006:28,7504. gr. P
8. 159Pierre Soukry/FFiat Abarth[-]12:53,47006:29,4305. gr. P
9. 119Holger Zarges/DPorsche 911T[-]12:59,32006:29,9401. gr. GT
10. 122Malte Huth/DPorsche[-]12:59,67006:33,0702. gr. GT
11. 125Ferfried von Hohenzollern/DPorsche[-]13:04,1903. gr. GT
12. 76Ernst Furtmayr/DBMW 2002[-]13:06,4001. gr. TW
13. 123Walter Lehmann/DPorsche[-]13:07,2404. gr. GT
14. 132Pete Ettmüller/CHFerrari[-]13:13,1505. gr. GT
15. 135Karl Federhofer/DFiat Abarth[-]13:15,1904. gr. S
16. 139Heinz Wengert/DFiat Abarth[-]13:16,9405. gr. S
17. 120Werner Ruefenacht/CHPorsche[-]13:17,0506. gr. GT
18. 125Christian Rötzel/DPorsche[-]13:25,8607. gr. GT
19. 85Arthur Blank/CHPorsche[-]13:25,9302. gr. TW
20. 67Reinhardt Stenzel/DAlfa Romeo 1.6[-]13:29,9403. gr. TW
21. 137Roland Stierli/CHFiat Abarth[-]13:41,0406. gr. S
22. 66Michel Weber/DAlfa Romeo[-]13:41,0204. gr. TW
23. 89Fritz König/DPorsche[-]13:45,7505. gr. TW
24. 80Alfred Kling/DPorsche[-]13:46,9406. gr. TW
25. 129R. Göhring/DPorsche[-]13:50,2308. gr. GT
26. 133Willy König/DFerrari[-]13:53,8009. gr. GT
27. 82Lothar Dongus/DPorsche[-]13:54,7707. gr. TW
28. 86Emil Meier/DBMW[-]13:56,4908. gr. TW
29. 124Sven Frohde/SPorsche[-]13:56,55010. gr. GT
30. 160P. Schligler/FPorsche[-]14:02,8306. gr. P
31. 88P. Soeger/DPorsche[-]14:03,8309. gr. TW
32. 87A. Danzeisen/CHPorsche[-]14:05,10010. gr. TW
33. 74Fried Wiesang/CHFord[-]14:07,83011. gr. TW
34. 164Kurt Brixner/DNSU Spiess[-]14:08,5107. gr. P
35. 116Kurt Buess/CHLotus[-]14:08,58011. gr. GT
36. 140Hans Affentranger/CHFiat Abarth[-]14:10,3207. gr. S
37. 79Günther Hildebrand/DBMW[-]14:12,61012. gr. TW
38. 152Ric Weiland/DFerrari[-]14:24,0708. gr. S
39. 22Johann Abt/DFiat Abarth[-]14:24,73013. gr. TW
40. 100Siegfried Spiess/DNSU Wankel[-]14:29,64012. gr. GT



ST Karl von Wendt/DPorsche[-]- S
ST Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHPorsche[-]- S

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