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Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux/F



1. 2Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche Bergspyder 8-cyl[-]10:53,9001. gr. Gr.7
2. Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche Bergspyder 8-cyl[-]11:20,9002. gr. Gr.7
3. 4Dieter Quester/ALola BMW Monti[T120_M]11:21,0003. gr. Gr.7photo
4. Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]11:46,2001. gr. Gr.4+6
5. Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:07,1002. gr. Gr.4+6
6. Jean Faure/Jefa Alfa Romeo[-]12:27,000-
7. Jean Clement/FPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:42,7003. gr. Gr.4+6
8. Robert Neyret/FFerrari GTO[-]12:58,1004. gr. Gr.4+6
9. Jean-Pierre Hanrioud/FPorsche 911S[-]12:58,8001. gr. Gr.3
10. Ignazio Giunti/IAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]13:06,2001. gr. Gr.2+5
11. Vic Elford/GBPorsche 911S[-]13:11,0002. gr. Gr.3
12. Martial Chevillon/FPorsche 904[-]13:13,7005. gr. Gr.4+6
13. Lucien Bianchi/BAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]13:14,0002. gr. Gr.2+5
14. Malte Huth/DPorsche 911S[-]13:15,6003. gr. Gr.3
15. Alex Soler-Roig/EPorsche Carrera 6[-]13:27,9006. gr. Gr.4+6
16. Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911S[-]13:31,1004. gr. Gr.3
17. Karl Federhofer/DAbarth 1300[-]13:31,9007. gr. Gr.4+6
18. Cornillac/FLotus Super Seven[-]13:39,7001. gr. Gr.8
19. Antonio Zadala/IPorsche Carrera 6[-]13:40,8008. gr. Gr.4+6
20. Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHFerrari GTB[-]13:47,5005. gr. Gr.3
21. Jérémy Richardson/GBLotus Super Seven[-]13:49,8002. gr. Gr.8
22. Cyr Febbraio/EPorsche 904[-]13:52,6009. gr. Gr.4+6
23. Hans-Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 911[-]13:54,4003. gr. Gr.2+5
24. Sten Frodhe/SPorsche 911S[-]14:02,8006. gr. Gr.3
25. Larrieu/FLotus Elan S 2 cabriolet[-]14:04,00010. gr. Gr.4+6
26. Robert Neyret/FFord Mustang[-]14:07,2001. gr. Gr.1
27. Claude Bouscary/FPorsche 911S[-]14:17,0007. gr. Gr.3
28. Patrick Perrier/FPorsche 911[-]14:18,8004. gr. Gr.2+5
29. Nicolas/FBMC Cooper S[-]14:24,0005. gr. Gr.2+5
30. Claude Danse/FCooper Lotus Cosworth[-]14:24,8003. gr. Gr.8
31. Francis Tomas/FFord Mustang[-]14:26,6002. gr. Gr.1
32. Mellot/FAlpine A 110[-]14:28,40011. gr. Gr.4+6
33. Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFord GT 40[-]14:30,70012. gr. Gr.4+6
34. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Veloce[-]14:32,3003. gr. Gr.1
35. André Wicky/CHPorsche 911[-]14:32,3006. gr. Gr.2+5
36. Ottavi/FAlpine A 110[-]14:37,50013. gr. Gr.4+6
37. Comy/FPorsche 911[-]14:44,8007. gr. Gr.2+5
38. Maurin/FFord Cortina Lotus[-]14:45,7004. gr. Gr.1
39. Franck Alesi/FBMC Cooper S[-]14:51,3005. gr. Gr.1
40. Jean-Pierre Hanrioud/FFord Mustang[-]14:53,0006. gr. Gr.1
41. Guy Mousset/FPorsche 911[-]14:53,5008. gr. Gr.2+5
42. Wybo/FRenault R 1135[-]14:56,7009. gr. Gr.2+5
43. Christiane Petit/FPorsche 911S[-]14:59,7008. gr. Gr.3
44. Lucien Bianchi/BAlfa Romeo GT Veloce[-]15:01,9007. gr. Gr.1
45. Helliel/DLotus Elan coupé[-]15:05,4009. gr. Gr.3
46. Joscilyn/GBPorsche 911S[-]15:16,50010. gr. Gr.3
47. Jean Ortelli/FAlpine A110 1100[-]15:20,60011. gr. Gr.3
48. Crescenzi/IAlfa Romeo Giulia GTV[-]15:36,1008. gr. Gr.1
49. Michel Billard/FAlpine A108[-]15:36,50012. gr. Gr.3
50. Kenny Allen/GBLotus Elan coupé[-]15:38,00013. gr. Gr.3
51. Bouillard/FBMC Cooper S[-]15:40,60010. gr. Gr.2+5
52. Dusson/FMorris-Cooper[-]15:50,4009. gr. Gr.1
53. Serda/FMatra sport MB 8 S[-]15:52,80014. gr. Gr.3
54. Peter Richardson/GBLotus Elite[-]15:54,30015. gr. Gr.3
55. Mouren/FAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]15:54,50011. gr. Gr.2+5
56. Andre Aknin/FFerrari GTO[-]15:56,10014. gr. Gr.4+6
57. Raphael Marquet/FRenault R 8[-]15:56,90012. gr. Gr.2+5
58. Canin/FAlfa Romeo 1600 GT[-]16:03,00010. gr. Gr.1
59. "Cyprien"/FMatra MS8[-]16:04,00015. gr. Gr.4+6
60. Hartmut Hoheisel/DAustin Cooper S[-]16:08,10013. gr. Gr.2+5
61. Marquerite Accarie/FRenault R 1135[-]16:10,80014. gr. Gr.2+5
62. Merckx/BAustin BMC[-]16:15,90015. gr. Gr.2+5
63. Carlier/FCWC barquette[-]16:15,90017. gr. Gr.4+6
64. Colin Starley/GBAustin-Healey Sprite[-]16:15,90016. gr. Gr.4+6
65. Simon Segala/FAlfa Romeo GT Veloce[-]16:19,00011. gr. Gr.1
66. Ferreri/FRenault Dauphine[-]16:35,50018. gr. Gr.4+6
67. Daniel Rouveyran/FAlfa Romeo 2600 Sprint[-]16:47,70016. gr. Gr.2+5
68. Irene Sadron/FAlfa Romeo TI Super[-]16:49,10017. gr. Gr.2+5
69. "Dino"/ILotus Elan coupé[-]16:59,70016. gr. Gr.3
70. Terramorsi/FHonda S800[-]17:16,30017. gr. Gr.3
71. Javelly/FFiat 100 GC[-]17:20,50012. gr. Gr.1
72. Gaston Ferrier/FHonda S800[-]17:28,10018. gr. Gr.3
73. Nury/FBMC Cooper[-]17:34,60013. gr. Gr.1
74. Sylvain/FNSU 1000TT[-]29:11,10014. gr. Gr.1


Did not classified


Jean Faure/Jefa Alfa Romeo[-]
Christiane Petit/FPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
Claude Bouscary/FPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
Vic Elford/GBPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
Jean-Pierre Hanrioud/FPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
"Dino"/ILotus Elan coupé[-]Gr.3
Kenny Allen/GBLotus Elan coupé[-]Gr.3
Helliel/DLotus Elan coupé[-]Gr.3
Peter Richardson/GBLotus Elite[-]Gr.3
Serda/FMatra sport MB 8 S[-]Gr.3
Michel Billard/FAlpine A108[-]Gr.3
Jean Ortelli/FAlpine A110 1100[-]Gr.3
Gaston Ferrier/FHonda S800[-]Gr.3
Terramorsi/FHonda S800[-]Gr.3
Daniel Rouveyran/FAlfa Romeo 2600 Sprint[-]Gr.2+5
Guy Mousset/FPorsche 911[-]Gr.2+5
Comy/FPorsche 911[-]Gr.2+5
Joscilyn/GBPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
Mellot/FAlpine A 110[-]Gr.4+6
"Cyprien"/FMatra MS8[-]Gr.4+6
Claude Danse/FCooper Lotus Cosworth[-]Gr.8
Jérémy Richardson/GBLotus Super Seven[-]Gr.8
Cornillac/FLotus Super Seven[-]Gr.8
Andre Aknin/FFerrari GTO[-]Gr.4+6
Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFord GT 40[-]K.R.Gr.4+6
Robert Neyret/FFerrari GTO[-]Gr.4+6
Cyr Febbraio/EPorsche 904[-]Gr.4+6
Antonio Zadala/IPorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.4+6
Martial Chevillon/FPorsche 904[-]Gr.4+6
Jean Clement/FPorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.4+6
Ottavi/FAlpine A 110[-]Gr.4+6
Larrieu/FLotus Elan S 2 cabriolet[-]Gr.4+6
Karl Federhofer/DAbarth 1300[-]Gr.4+6
Ferreri/FRenault Dauphine[-]Gr.4+6
Colin Starley/GBAustin-Healey Sprite[-]Gr.4+6
Carlier/FCWC barquette[-]Gr.4+6
André Wicky/CHPorsche 911[-]Gr.2+5
Patrick Perrier/FPorsche 911[-]Gr.2+5
F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Veloce[-]Gr.1
Franck Alesi/FBMC Cooper S[-]Gr.1
Sylvain/FNSU 1000TT[-]Gr.1
Nury/FBMC Cooper[-]Gr.1
Javelly/FFiat 100 GC[-]Gr.1
Hans-Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 911[-]Gr.2+5
Ignazio Giunti/IAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]Gr.2+5
Sten Frodhe/SPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHFerrari GTB[-]Gr.3
Malte Huth/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3
Alex Soler-Roig/EPorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.4+6
Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.4+6
Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.4+6
Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche Bergspyder 8-cyl[-]PorscheGr.7
Maurin/FFord Cortina Lotus[-]Gr.1
Lucien Bianchi/BAlfa Romeo GT Veloce[-]Gr.1
Irene Sadron/FAlfa Romeo TI Super[-]Gr.2+5
Mouren/FAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]Gr.2+5
Lucien Bianchi/BAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA[-]Gr.2+5
Marquerite Accarie/FRenault R 1135[-]Gr.2+5
Hartmut Hoheisel/DAustin Cooper S[-]Gr.2+5
Wybo/FRenault R 1135[-]Gr.2+5
Nicolas/FBMC Cooper S[-]Gr.2+5
Bouillard/FBMC Cooper S[-]Gr.2+5
Merckx/BAustin BMC[-]Gr.2+5
Crescenzi/IAlfa Romeo Giulia GTV[-]Gr.1
Canin/FAlfa Romeo 1600 GT[-]Gr.1
Simon Segala/FAlfa Romeo GT Veloce[-]Gr.1
Robert Neyret/FFord Mustang[-]Gr.1
Francis Tomas/FFord Mustang[-]Gr.1
Jean-Pierre Hanrioud/FFord Mustang[-]Gr.1
Raphael Marquet/FRenault R 8[-]Gr.2+5
2Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche Bergspyder 8-cyl[-]PorscheGr.7
4Dieter Quester/ALola BMW Monti[T120_M]BMWGr.7

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