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Euromontagna Archives

IV Subida al Montseny




1. 86Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche Bergspyder 8-cyl[-]09:59,5901. gr. Gr.6/7
2. 87Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche Bergspyder 8-cyl[-]10:04,9602. gr. Gr.6/7
3. 89Mario Casoni/IFerrari 206S Dino Spyder[02467]10:27,5803. gr. Gr.6/7photo
4. 78Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]10:34,1901. gr. Gr.4photo
5. 72Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]10:42,2902. gr. Gr.4
6. 75Juan Alfonso Fernandez/EPorsche Carrera 6[-]10:48,7603. gr. Gr.4
7. Michel Weber/DAlfa Romeo GTA[-]11:19,4301. gr. Gr.2
8. Ignazio Giunti/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]11:29,9802. gr. Gr.2
9. 56Malte Huth/DPorsche 911S[-]11:32,8401. gr. Gr.3photo
10. 55Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911S[-]11:38,6402. gr. Gr.3
11. 51Werner Ruefenacht/CHLotus Elan[-]11:41,3503. gr. Gr.3photo
12. 54Javier De Villar/EPorsche 911S[-]11:54,3504. gr. Gr.3
13. 79Francisco Alemany/EPorsche 904 GTS[-]11:55,1304. gr. Gr.4photo
14. 84Peter Maron/CHAbarth 1300[-]11:55,4304. gr. Gr.6/7photo
15. 46Hans Peter Nueffeler/CHPorsche 911[-]12:02,6003. gr. Gr.2photo
16. 40Jose Maria Juncadella/EBMC Cooper S[-]12:11,4004. gr. Gr.2photo
17. 66Karl Federhofer/DAbarth OT 1300[-]12:12,2805. gr. Gr.4
18. Manuel Juncosa/EFiat Abarth[-]12:18,4905. gr. Gr.2
19. 58Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHFerrari GTB[-]12:20,7305. gr. Gr.3photo
20. 63Juan Francisco Cerveto/EAbarth 1000[-]12:23,2006. gr. Gr.4photo
21. J.A. Gurrea/EFiat Abarth[-]12:31,7406. gr. Gr.2
22. 49Claude Bouscary/FAlpine A110[-]12:41,3106. gr. Gr.3
23. 70 "Pachy"/ELotus Elan[-]12:46,3507. gr. Gr.4photo
24. Artur Gerster/AChevrolet Camaro[-]12:49,7207. gr. Gr.2
25. 60S. Perello/EJaguar E[-]12:50,8307. gr. Gr.3photo
26. G. Moragas/EFiat Abarth[-]12:52,6208. gr. Gr.2
27. Jaime Juncosa/EFiat Abarth[-]13:06,7009. gr. Gr.2
28. F. Valles/EMorris Cooper S[-]13:08,84010. gr. Gr.2
29. Juan Enguix/EBMC Cooper S[-]13:09,3401. gr. Gr.1
30. "Jorge Chi"/EFiat Abarth[-]13:10,07011. gr. Gr.2
31. N. Bosch/ERenault 1135 Gordini[-]13:11,61012. gr. Gr.2
32. A. Saenz/EMorris Cooper S[-]13:15,0402. gr. Gr.1
33. I. De Ventos/EAustin Cooper S[-]13:16,4103. gr. Gr.1
34. Felix Serra/ESeat 600D[-]13:17,65013. gr. Gr.2
35. F. Tomas/FMustang[-]13:18,3904. gr. Gr.1
36. 68Paulette Delcros/FAlpine 1300[-]13:25,0708. gr. Gr.4photo
37. 67Guy Brel/FAbarth 1300[-]13:32,0709. gr. Gr.4
38. Mario Acquati/INSU 1000TT[-]13:44,8905. gr. Gr.1
39. Guy Chevalier/FAustin Cooper[-]13:51,0006. gr. Gr.1
40. 24Nuria Viňas/EFiat Abarth 850TC[-]14:05,41014. gr. Gr.2photo
41. A. Yborra/ESeat 600[-]14:17,48015. gr. Gr.2
42. Giannina Lepori/EMorris Cooper[-]14:36,97016. gr. Gr.2
43. Jorge Caton/ESeat 850[-]14:47,79017. gr. Gr.2
44. J. De Augustin/EAustin Cooper S[-]14:50,89018. gr. Gr.2
45. A. Bernaldo/ESeat 850[-]14:55,00019. gr. Gr.2
46. "Sauquet"/ESeat 850[-]14:55,10020. gr. Gr.2
47. 81Pillar Baturone/ESeat Abarth[-]15:22,6105. gr. Gr.6/7
48. 64Jose Teixido/EAlpine[-]15:31,26010. gr. Gr.4
49. R. Olle/ESeat 600[-]16:14,83021. gr. Gr.2
50. J.M. Quilez/ESimca 1000[-]16:38,93022. gr. Gr.2


Did not classified

ST48Michel Billard/FAlpine[-]- Gr.3photo
ST21Jorge Viňas/Abarth 1000TC[-]- Gr.2photo

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