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Archívy Euromontagna




1. Martin Krisam jr./DOsella PA20[PA20S-02/94]2016:25,7501. gr. CN/4
2. Rainer Fink/DPRC S96[S96-02]2016:33,8102. gr. CN/4
3. Pierre-Alain Baudet/CHOsella PA16[-]2016:53,3301. gr. CN/2
4. Hansmarkus Huber/CHLola T298[T298/German]2016:55,2001. gr. C3
5. Andreas Tandl/ALucchini Alfa Romeo[-]2017:11,3492. gr. CN/2
6. Yann Pillonel/CHLucchini SP390[-]2017:15,6405. gr. CN
7. Max Geiser/CHLucchini SP90[077-SP90]1916:27,1903. gr. CN/2
8. Christian Grosjean/CHDebora[C393-Grosjean]1916:29,3503. gr. CN/4
9. Walter Fuchs/CHTiga SC91[-]1916:29,5304. gr. CN/2
10. Fredy Kueng/CHArgo JM 21[JM21-134-C3]1916:32,6205. gr. CN/2
11. Franco Foresti/CHArgo[JM21-138-C3]1916:33,5006. gr. CN/2
12. Josef Renauer/APRC Alfa Romeo[S93-01]1916:47,5207. gr. CN/2
13. Stephan Bockhorn/CHLucchini P2[-]1917:02,8308. gr. CN/2
14. Bruno Baur/CHTiga SC81[-]1816:44,9001. gr. Sports
15. Bettina Buess/CHCitroen AX Gti[-]1817:18,0602. gr. Sports
16. Franz Tandl/ATiga[-]1616:31,1403. gr. Sports



AB Martin Krisam sen./DURD BMW[C03-89-891]- C3
AB Josef Pfyl/CHDebora Alfa Romeo[C393-Grosjean]- CN/2
AB Hermann Ehrat/CHPRC BMW[SC97/98-011]- CN/4
AB Franz Schreiner/APRC[S97/98-Schreiner_]- CN/4
AB Heinz Steiner/CHMartini[MK77-01]- CN/4
AB Heinrich Fischer/DPRC Mugen[S97-01]- C3
NS Karl Fischlin/CHMartini[MK66-01]- CN/2

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