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Rampa da Falperra

Rampa da Falperra/P


1. Andres VilariÚo/ELola T298[T298/HU102]04:04,98802:02,2731. gr. C3
2. Herbert Stenger/DSachs Sporting C3SPR[ES891]04:07,18302:03,1892. gr. C3
3. Walter Pedrazza/APRC[M89_]04:12,66302:05,9603. gr. C3
4. Luigi Bormolini/IOsella BMW[PA9-130/85]04:22,46302:09,9034. gr. C3
5. Adriano Parlamento/IMarch Sport[75S-5]04:25,25202:11,8705. gr. C3
6. Antonio Rodrigues/PFord Sierra RS500[-]04:32,88902:15,8761. gr. A
7. Pequepe/PBMW M3[-]04:36,45102:18,0782. gr. A
8. Jorge Petiz/PBMW M3[-]04:39,45002:19,4663. gr. A
9. Ni Amorim/OFord Sierra RS Cosworth[-]04:39,46802:18,9444. gr. A
10. Christian Melville/PFord Sierra RS500[-]04:41,95602:20,2025. gr. A
11. Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]04:42,71402:20,8806. gr. A
12. Siegfried Pust/APRC[M88-1_]04:43,95002:21,0636. gr. C3
13. Manuel Mendes Fernandes/PBMW 635 CSi[-]04:45,97802:21,9047. gr. A
14. Fernando Peres/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]04:52,73502:26,2941. gr. N
15. AntonŪn Charouz/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[-]04:58,69702:28,8322. gr. N
16. Jose Peres/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:01,56502:30,6093. gr. N
17. Jose Carlos Macedo/PRenault 5GT Turbo[-]05:10,82202:35,2468. gr. A
18. Cristina Santos/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:10,85102:34,3224. gr. N
19. JŁrgen Jakob/DFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:13,57702:36,4615. gr. N
20. Luis Macedo/PRenault 5GT Turbo[-]05:14,68602:36,9479. gr. A
21. Gabriel Barros/PRenault 5GT Turbo[-]05:16,93402:38,41210. gr. A
22. Ilja Tchoubrikov/BGPeugeot 205 T16[-]05:17,53002:36,7211. gr. B
23. Jose Pinto/PRenault 5GT Turbo[-]05:18,82402:38,6916. gr. N
24. Vasco Campos/PRenault 5GT Turbo[-]05:19,44202:39,35411. gr. A
25. Helder Silva Valente/PRenault 5GT Turbo[-]05:20,64702:40,1787. gr. N
26. Rui Lages/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:21,26702:40,54512. gr. A
27. Manuel de Melo Breyner/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:21,40302:40,27513. gr. A
28. Mario Silva/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:22,57202:40,95314. gr. A
29. Antonio Baptista/PRenault 5GT Turbo[-]05:23,00402:41,36415. gr. A
30. Paulo Rodrigues/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:23,25102:41,2921. gr. TCC
31. A. Fernando Rodrigues/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:23,98902:41,6202. gr. TCC
32. Carlos Marta/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:24,62902:41,9173. gr. TCC
33. Manuel Rodrigues/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:24,79302:41,9934. gr. TCC
34. David Rodrigues/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:25,12602:42,1545. gr. TCC
35. Francisco Esperto/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:25,20502:42,3186. gr. TCC
36. Rufino Fontes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:25,20602:42,23316. gr. A
37. Cunha Guimaraes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:25,28502:42,18917. gr. A
38. Pedro Melo Breyner/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:25,42002:42,45218. gr. A
39. Antonio Cardeano/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:25,53302:42,2607. gr. TCC
40. Sande E. Castro/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:26,16302:40,64419. gr. A
41. Adriano Barbosa/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:26,27702:42,8458. gr. TCC
42. Manuel Veloso Amaral/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:26,29702:43,11120. gr. A
43. Alvaro Parente/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:26,38402:42,8639. gr. TCC
44. Fernando Barosso/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:27,04402:43,40710. gr. TCC
45. Joao Vasco/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:27,28202:43,58921. gr. A
46. Fernando Aires/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:27,29302:43,45422. gr. A
47. Celestino Araujo/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:28,27202:43,46711. gr. TCC
48. Ernesto Portugal/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:29,56302:43,90223. gr. A
49. Emilio Marta/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:30,03902:44,86812. gr. TCC
50. L. M. Da Silva/PBMW 635 CSi[-]05:30,81302:43,26424. gr. A
51. Jorge Carpinteiro/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:31,24502:45,39825. gr. A
52. Luis Madeira Rodrigues/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:31,29602:45,62926. gr. A
53. Guilherme Castro/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:32,52702:45,87227. gr. A
54. Rui Meireles/PToyota Corolla GTi-16V[-]05:32,73202:46,25213. gr. TCC
55. Luis Correia De Barros/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:34,15102:46,43628. gr. A
56. Helder Abrantes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:34,54202:46,86029. gr. A
57. Fernando Rodrigues/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:34,92102:47,08630. gr. A
58. Otakar KrŠmskż/CZäkoda 136L Favorit[98392/90]05:35,09002:47,36231. gr. A
59. Celestino Pereira/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:35,40202:47,07232. gr. A
60. Miguel Lacerda/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:35,61802:47,60633. gr. A
61. Pedro Carvalho/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:35,73302:47,52734. gr. A
62. Costa Afonso/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:36,22102:47,22035. gr. A
63. Alcino Ferreira/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:36,99102:48,04336. gr. A
64. Hernani Lopo/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:39,08102:48,95637. gr. A
65. Jorge Molina/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:40,47502:49,84838. gr. A
66. Alexandre Marques/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:42,30502:51,07939. gr. A
67. Pedro Azeredo/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:43,65102:51,4611. gr. TSC
68. Paulo Rompante/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:43,97302:51,7982. gr. TSC
69. Fernando Pereira/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:45,12402:52,1253. gr. TSC
70. Alberto Rola/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:45,60302:51,89740. gr. A
71. Gervasio Fernandes/POpel Manta 2000E[-]05:47,71102:52,42441. gr. A
72. Pedro Barroso/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:47,75302:53,6814. gr. TSC
73. Marco Matutino/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:48,13602:53,9145. gr. TSC
74. Jose Luis Macedo/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:49,08802:53,9666. gr. TSC
75. Ana Ferreira/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:49,24302:54,0187. gr. TSC
76. Rui Salgado/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:49,33202:54,3088. gr. TSC
77. Jorge Loures/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:49,43202:54,6839. gr. TSC
78. Laurent Missbauer/CHPorsche 911 SC 3.0[WPO222912BS102366]05:49,55602:52,5692. gr. B
79. Igreja De Carvalho/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:50,20102:54,79310. gr. TSC
80. Jose Magalhaes/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:50,44202:54,88411. gr. TSC
81. Ligia Albuquerque/PMercedes 190E 2.3-16[-]05:50,58702:48,2438. gr. N
82. Jose Montes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:50,71702:54,40342. gr. A
83. Jose Araujo/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:51,60102:54,87212. gr. TSC
84. Armando Rocha/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:52,83902:56,21313. gr. TSC
85. Miguel Bravo/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:53,23602:56,29414. gr. TSC
86. Joao Rainha/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:55,68502:54,99743. gr. A
87. Alberto Azevedo/PRenault 11 Turbo[-]05:55,73802:55,7479. gr. N
88. Armando Silva/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:57,01602:56,70015. gr. TSC
89. Joao Andrade/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:58,42802:59,19716. gr. TSC
90. Ricardo Cunha/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:58,96202:59,39517. gr. TSC
91. Joao Viana/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]05:59,57602:58,76218. gr. TSC
92. Manuel Gerardo/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]06:01,23403:00,20019. gr. TSC
93. Joao Carvalho/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:01,65202:50,67144. gr. A
94. Miguel Couceiro/PToyota Starlet 1.3-12V[-]06:02,03202:59,13020. gr. TSC
95. Jose Calazans/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:07,24103:03,55045. gr. A
96. Faria Da Silva/PToyota Starlet[-]06:10,81003:04,90910. gr. N
97. Jose Mendes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:29,19202:59,65746. gr. A
98. Antonio Vasconcelos/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]08:40,89702:44,07947. gr. A



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