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Euromontagna Archives

30. Int. Bergrennen Trento-Bondone, Montevideo

Trento Bondone/I


1. 74Antonio Zadra/IFiat Abarth 2000 PT[-]11:43,4701. gr. Gr.7
2. Franco Pilone/IFiat Abarth 2000S SE010[-]11:48,8201. gr. Gr.5
3. "Riccardone"/IFiat Abarth 2000S SE010[-]11:50,2902. gr. Gr.5
4. Luigi Taramazzo/IFiat Abarth 2000S SE010[-]11:50,5303. gr. Gr.5
5. Piero Botalla/IFiat Abarth 2000 PT SE015[-]12:10,1102. gr. Gr.7
6. "Gi-Bi"/IFiat Abarth 2000S SE010[-]12:18,3804. gr. Gr.5
7. Aldo Bardelli/IAlfa Romeo P 33[-]12:29,7503. gr. Gr.7
8. 170Claude Haldi/CHPorsche 911 S[-]12:33,9801. gr. Gr.4
9. Mauro Nesti/IFiat Abarth 1000 PT[-]12:35,2704. gr. Gr.7
10. 358Jochen Mass/DFord Capri 2400[-]12:38,3401. gr. Gr.2
11. Ernst Furtmayr/DBMW 2800CS[-]12:39,2702. gr. Gr.2
12. Eugenio Bonomelli/IPorsche 911 S[-]12:43,6702. gr. Gr.4
13. Sepp Greger/DPorsche 914-6 VW[-]12:50,0803. gr. Gr.4
14. Piero Monticone/IPorsche 906[-]12:52,0305. gr. Gr.7
15. Karl Federhofer/DAbarth 1300 Sport[-]12:55,4905. gr. Gr.5
16. Dieter Schmid/DBMW 2002 Ti[-]12:56,2803. gr. Gr.2
17. Luigi Moreschi/IFiat-Abarth 1300 Sport[-]12:58,2706. gr. Gr.5
18. Giancarlo Rondanini/IPorsche 914-6 VW[-]12:59,7604. gr. Gr.4
19. Giancarlo Galimberti/ILancia Fulvia Rallye HF[-]13:12,3105. gr. Gr.4
20. Antonio Nicodemi/IPorsche 907[907-030]13:13,0906. gr. Gr.7
21. Peter Mattli/CHBMW 2002 Ti[-]13:13,9404. gr. Gr.2
22. Augusto De Paoli/IOpel GT1900[-]13:14,8006. gr. Gr.4
23. Ricciardo Ricci/IBMW 2002 Ti[-]13:24,7805. gr. Gr.2
24. Ugo Locatelli/IAMS[-]13:25,4807. gr. Gr.7
25. Luigi Pozzo/IAlfa Romeo 1300GTA[-]13:26,5506. gr. Gr.2
26. C. Ferretti/IPorsche 911[-]13:26,8607. gr. Gr.4
27. Silvano Frisori/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]13:27,8108. gr. Gr.4
28. Hermann Neureuther/DPorsche Carrera[-]13:30,2609. gr. Gr.4
29. Luigi Cecchini/IAlfa Romeo GTA M[-]13:30,3207. gr. Gr.2
30. Aldo Bersano/IFiat Abarth[-]13:31,1207. gr. Gr.5
31. Ruggero Parpinelli/IAlfa Romeo 1300GTA[-]13:35,4608. gr. Gr.2
32. Rosadele Faccetti/ILancia Fulvia HFR[-]13:37,88010. gr. Gr.4
33. Jean G Bellin/FFiat Abarth[-]13:40,9708. gr. Gr.5
34. Maurizio Zanetti/IAlfa Romeo 1300GTA[-]13:41,9809. gr. Gr.2
35. Horst Floth/DBMW 2002 Ti[-]13:46,20010. gr. Gr.2
36. "Patricia"/IAMS[-]13:51,4508. gr. Gr.7
37. Crippa/ILancia Fulvia SZ[-]13:51,67011. gr. Gr.4
38. Achille Soria/IFiat Abarth[-]13:51,79011. gr. Gr.2
39. Hansjörg Brunner/IAlfa Romeo 1300GTA[-]13:59,53012. gr. Gr.2
40. Vimercati/ILancia Fulvia HF[-]14:06,69012. gr. Gr.4
41. "Shangry-la"/IFiat 128[-]14:07,52013. gr. Gr.2
42. Stelanelli/Fiat Abarth[-]14:08,16014. gr. Gr.2
43. Dante Gargan/IFiat Abarth[-]14:09,24015. gr. Gr.2
44. Gianni Ghedini/INSU[-]14:14,89016. gr. Gr.2
45. Gino Ravinale/IFiat Abarth[-]14:19,23017. gr. Gr.2
46. Luigi Pellanda/IMini Cooper[-]14:19,62018. gr. Gr.2
47. Stelio Cocconcelli/IPorsche 911[-]14:23,65013. gr. Gr.4
48. Gian-Maria delte Castelli/IAlfa Romeo 2600[-]14:26,22019. gr. Gr.2
49. Claudio Margoni/IFiat Abarth[-]14:26,41020. gr. Gr.2
50. G. Carlo Mafezzoli/IFord Cortina Lotus[-]14:26,93021. gr. Gr.2
51. Angelino Lepri/IFiat 128[-]14:29,26022. gr. Gr.2
52. Gumozzi/IFiat 128[-]14:31,43023. gr. Gr.2
53. Weber/Fiat Abarth[-]14:36,60024. gr. Gr.2
54. Luciano Invernizzi/IAlfa Romeo 1300GTA J[-]14:36,98025. gr. Gr.2
55. Hermann Helbling/CHFord Mustang[-]14:38,07026. gr. Gr.2
56. Angelo Larini/IFiat 128[-]14:41,37027. gr. Gr.2
57. Ottorino Zarattin/IPorsche 911S[-]14:41,78014. gr. Gr.4
58. Alfredo Santulli/IAlfa Romeo 2600[-]14:43,58028. gr. Gr.2
59. Zanarotti/IBMW 2002 Ti[-]14:46,30029. gr. Gr.2
60. Cattane/Alfa Romeo 1300GTA J[-]14:47,81030. gr. Gr.2
61. Guido Sanetti/IFiat 128[-]14:50,43031. gr. Gr.2
62. "Berman"/Fiat Abarth[-]14:50,92032. gr. Gr.2
63. Luciano Smittarello/IFiat Abarth[-]14:55,00033. gr. Gr.2
64. Giuseppe Lombardi/IAlfa Romeo 2600[-]14:57,20034. gr. Gr.2
65. Giuseppe Zarpellon/IAlfa Romeo 2600[-]15:06,77035. gr. Gr.2
66. "Speedy"/IFiat 128[-]15:10,27036. gr. Gr.2
67. Adolfo Nesi/IAlfa Romeo 2600[-]15:22,60037. gr. Gr.2
68. Giuseppe Tarpani/IBMW 2800CS[-]15:25,92038. gr. Gr.2
69. Gatto/BMW 2002 Ti[-]15:26,45039. gr. Gr.2
70. Spataro/IOsca[-]15:34,9709. gr. Gr.7
71. Paolo Friso/IFiat Abarth[-]15:44,15015. gr. Gr.4
72. Plaro La Starza/IMorris Cooper[-]15:46,13040. gr. Gr.2
73. Martin Muhlbauer/Honda[-]15:57,84016. gr. Gr.4
74. "Gipsy"/Fiat Abarth[-]16:20,60041. gr. Gr.2
75. Paolo Brambilla/IFiat Abarth[-]16:24,13017. gr. Gr.4


Did not classified

AB Alberto Rosselli/IAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.2
AB Paul Keller/CHBMW[-]- Gr.2
AB Mario Casoni/IAbarth[-]- Gr.5

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