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Archívy Euromontagna

XVII Trofeo Coppa Citta di Potenza



1. 153Mauro Nesti/IOsella PA9[PA9-129/84]08:16,69004:06,2301. gr. C3
2. 148Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA9[PA9-125/84]08:19,43004:07,9102. gr. C3
3. 149Benny Rosolia/IOsella[-]08:25,80004:11,3703. gr. C3
4. 152Ezio Baribbi/IOsella PA9[-]08:26,19004:10,1904. gr. C3
5. 143Carlo Scola/IOsella PA5[-]08:27,16004:11,1205. gr. C3
6. 150Romano Casasola/IOsella[-]08:34,43004:15,0206. gr. C3
7. 139Antonio Ritacca/IOsella PA6[-]08:34,98004:16,3207. gr. C3
8. 140Domenico Scola/IOsella PA9[-]08:35,83004:15,5508. gr. C3
9. 139Philippe Darbellay/CHLucchini S288[044-S288]08:36,58004:16,1909. gr. C3
10. 145Giovanni Loffredo/IOsella PA8[-]08:42,73004:19,85010. gr. C3
11. 129Oronzo Pezzolla/ILucchini[009-S283]08:44,80004:20,93011. gr. C3
12. 146Janos Toth/HOsella[PA9-133/85]09:02,38004:29,94012. gr. C3
13. 136Giovanni Palmisano/IOsella PA9[-]09:03,58004:28,10013. gr. C3
14. 122Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta S4[-]09:05,73004:32,0401. gr. B
15. 134Ignazio Ruggieri/IOsella[-]09:10,77004:32,27014. gr. C3
16. 109Rolf Göring/DBMW M3[-]09:20,82004:36,6601. gr. A
17. 111Wolfgang Böhme/DBMW M3[-]09:23,56004:41,0902. gr. A
18. 106Giuseppe Zarpellon/IBMW M3[-]09:28,66004:43,9303. gr. A
19. 57Antonio La Vecchia/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:33,53004:46,7401. gr. N
20. 59Mauriccio Ciccale/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:35,19004:47,1902. gr. N
21. 103Rocco Aragona/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]09:36,25004:46,8504. gr. A
22. 112Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3[-]09:38,50004:45,7205. gr. A
23. 58Giacomo Botti/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:38,75004:48,3803. gr. N
24. 70Georg Eichelle/DFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:38,88004:48,6204. gr. N
25. 141Luigi Ermes Norino/IOsella PA5[-]09:42,53004:48,25015. gr. C3
26. 102Teodoro Franzese/IFiat Ritmo[-]09:42,71004:50,5306. gr. A
27. 71Michael Widmann/DFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:45,84004:52,4205. gr. N
28. 72Zoltán Barka/HFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:50,64004:54,3206. gr. N
29. 118Gennaro Laudato/IFiat X1/9[-]09:56,62004:57,8002. gr. B
30. 39Carlo Gisonte/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]09:56,64004:56,8007. gr. N
31. 42Angelo Boccia/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]09:59,97004:57,4908. gr. N
32. 108Sante Cormidi/IRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]10:03,47004:59,1207. gr. A
33. 50Felice Romano/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:03,82005:00,6509. gr. N
34. 34Antonio Sileo/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:04,36005:01,63010. gr. N
35. 36Giancarlo Dubla/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:05,77005:01,29011. gr. N
36. 41Giuseppe Scavone/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:06,55005:02,36012. gr. N
37. 100Maurizio Perrotta/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint[-]10:06,70005:03,1508. gr. A
38. 38Nicola Icuchi/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:08,21005:03,40013. gr. N
39. 35Donato Tricarico/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:08,31005:03,39014. gr. N
40. 115Gigi Tommasi/IRenault 21[-]10:09,55005:04,2709. gr. A
41. 40Luigi Santulli/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:11,31005:04,87015. gr. N
42. 51Giuseppe Fiorello/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:14,35005:06,68016. gr. N
43. 33Alfonso Bove/IPeugeot 205[-]10:19,67005:09,75017. gr. N
44. 117Giovanni Mezzasalma/IFiat X1/9[-]10:23,34005:10,4203. gr. B
45. 96Antonio Gaccione/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint[-]10:24,58005:11,62010. gr. A
46. 89Gennaro Ciampa/IA 112 Abarth[-]10:29,32005:12,19011. gr. A
47. 86Giuseppe Caiazza/IA 112 Abarth[-]10:29,51005:13,56012. gr. A
48. 30Carmine Esposito/IPeugeot 205[-]10:29,62005:14,20018. gr. N
49. 132Donato Belmonte/IGP Ferraris[-]10:30,15005:08,27016. gr. C3
50. 91Donato Fezza/IA 112 Abarth[-]10:33,14005:14,14013. gr. A
51. 107Ignazio Schena/IRenault 11 Turbo[-]10:33,71005:14,02014. gr. A
52. 82Silvestro Savoia/IA 112 Abarth[-]10:34,03005:16,98015. gr. A
53. 37Paolo Bucci/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:37,72005:11,22019. gr. N
54. 99Paolo D´Amoico/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint[-]10:38,78005:18,94016. gr. A
55. 87Battistino Rotella/IFiat Uno[-]10:41,83005:20,71017. gr. A
56. 55Giuseppe Fanizzi/IRenault R5GT Turbo[-]10:42,10005:19,24020. gr. N
57. 32Vincenzo Lombardi/IPeugeot 205[-]10:44,52005:22,16021. gr. N
58. 92Vito Guarini/IOpel Kadett[-]10:56,41005:26,85018. gr. A
59. 8Giuseppe Mansi/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:00,07005:29,44022. gr. N
60. 85Giovanni di Tommaso/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:01,30005:29,37019. gr. A
61. 101Enrico Palumbo/IVW Golf Gti[-]11:02,35005:24,04020. gr. A
62. 79Antonio Laudato/IFiat Panda 45[-]11:02,41005:29,83021. gr. A
63. 11Pasquele Iannuzzi/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:08,24005:33,63023. gr. N
64. 27Francesco Pastore/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]11:10,33005:34,56024. gr. N
65. 94Luigi Bianco/IOpel Kadett[-]11:10,82005:34,16022. gr. A
66. 20Luigi D´Amanda/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:11,60005:34,32025. gr. N
67. 16Francesco Leogrande/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:12,91005:36,23026. gr. N
68. 29Franco Carnicella/IPeugeot 205[-]11:14,16005:36,18027. gr. N
69. 12Umberto Squillace/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:17,80005:37,91028. gr. N
70. 76Angelo Genghi/I[-]11:18,33005:38,88023. gr. A
71. 90Fioravante Calce/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:19,79005:26,00024. gr. A
72. 19Francesco Lione/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:20,17005:39,26029. gr. N
73. 14Onorato Trisciuzzi/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:20,36005:37,21030. gr. N
74. 75Mario Carrieri/IFiat Uno 45[-]11:22,34005:40,27025. gr. A
75. 5Michele Volini/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:23,28005:41,57031. gr. N
76. 7Carmine Capezza/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:26,89005:40,53032. gr. N
77. 25Francesco Gervasi/ICitroen Visa GT[-]11:27,32005:42,06033. gr. N
78. 116Francesco Ursetta/IFiat X1/9[-]11:28,05005:40,8104. gr. B
79. 74Mario Schiavone/IFiat Panda 45[-]11:28,72005:41,82026. gr. A
80. 24Vincenzo Santarsiero/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]11:31,00005:44,50034. gr. N
81. 120Piero Dell´Erba/IFiat X1/9[-]11:33,56005:44,2305. gr. B
82. 97Andrea Costa/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud TI[-]11:35,99005:44,86027. gr. A
83. 18Lorenzo Gianfrate/IA 112 Abarth[-]11:39,23005:48,41035. gr. N
84. 78Aldo Grandinetti/IFiat Panda 45[-]11:44,02005:46,58028. gr. A
85. 73Giacomo Petracca/IFiat Panda 45[-]11:44,48005:51,64029. gr. A
86. 31Francesco Graziano/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud TI QV[-]12:01,48005:53,72036. gr. N
87. 3Boris Beivi/IFiat Panda[-]12:11,67006:03,09037. gr. N
88. 81Rino Calabrese/IA 112 Abarth[-]12:14,54006:04,17030. gr. A
89. 1Nicola Amoroso/IFiat Panda[-]12:21,45006:10,17038. gr. N



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