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Euromontagna Archives

23. Coppa Bruno Carotti



1. 273Mauro Nesti/IOsella PA9[PA9-129/84]06:00,9501. gr. C3
2. 274Ezio Baribbi/IOsella PA9[PA9-135/85]06:06,0492. gr. C3
3. 272Andres Vilari˛o/EOsella PA9[-]06:11,1093. gr. C3
4. 283Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA9[PA9-125/84]06:11,4194. gr. C3
5. 282Giuseppe Tambone/IOsella PA9[PA9-141/86]06:13,5395. gr. C3
6. 275Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA9[PA9-144/86]06:13,7706. gr. C3
7. 278Philippe Darbellay/CHLucchini[044-S288]06:14,1597. gr. C3
8. 293Herbert Stenger/DStenger[ES861]06:14,9408. gr. C3
9. 291Walter Pedrazza/APRC M88[M88-1_]06:20,9409. gr. C3
10. 277Corrado Canneori/IOsella PA9[-]06:25,32010. gr. C3
11. 271Uccio Magliona/IOsella PA9[-]06:29,21911. gr. C3
12. 286Stanislao Bielanski/IOsella PA9[PA9-148/86]06:33,28912. gr. C3
13. 266Giovanni Palmisano/IOsella[-]06:45,73913. gr. C3
14. 265Marco Poponi/ILola[-]06:47,82014. gr. C3
15. 241Oronzo Pezzolla/ILucchini[-]06:51,91915. gr. C3
16. 276Janos Toth/HOsella Waltham[PA9-133/85]06:53,70016. gr. C3
17. 244Renzo Maggiani/ILucchini[-]07:03,09017. gr. C3
18. 284Marco Heer/CHPRC M86[M866_]07:06,30918. gr. C3
19. 232Giovanni Rossi/FRenault 5 Maxi Turbo[RS1983025]07:08,8201. gr. B
20. 173Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]07:09,8691. gr. A
21. 231Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta S4[-]07:12,8202. gr. B
22. 175Rolf G÷ring/DBMW M3[-]07:13,4192. gr. A
23. 242Adriano Alcidi/IMarch[-]07:13,95019. gr. C3
24. 172Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3[-]07:19,0993. gr. A
25. 176Wolfgang B÷hme/DBMW M3[-]07:19,3204. gr. A
26. 178Giuseppe Zarpellon/IBMW M3[-]07:24,8495. gr. A
27. 237Ilja Tchoubrikov/BGPeugeot 205 Turbo 16[-]07:26,5703. gr. B
28. 261Ignazio Ruggieri/IOsella[-]07:29,09020. gr. C3
29. 191Maurizio Iacoangeli/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]07:29,6096. gr. A
30. 91Giacomo Botti/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:38,3301. gr. N
31. 182 "Giuseppe"/IAlfa Romeo 75[-]07:40,7107. gr. A
32. 93Michael Widmann/DFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:43,7002. gr. N
33. 221Attilio Salvatori/IRenault Turbo[-]07:43,8094. gr. B
34. 171Carlo Fabri/IMercedes 2.3[-]07:50,9508. gr. A
35. Ivan Butti/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]07:53,8593. gr. N
36. 161Rocco Aragona/IFiat Ritmo[-]07:54,5999. gr. A
37. 177Maurizio Pitorri/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]07:55,72910. gr. A
38. 154Luigi Santandrea/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]07:57,33011. gr. A
39. 152Walter Amato/IAlfa Romeo[-]07:57,50012. gr. A
40. 196Gigi Tommasi/IRenault 21Turbo[-]07:58,95013. gr. A
41. 95Mauriccio Ciccale/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]07:59,2394. gr. N
42. 164Angelo Iacovella/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]08:00,35914. gr. A
43. 99Fernando Antinozzi/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]08:01,7505. gr. N
44. 76Fabrizio Torbi/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]08:02,1306. gr. N
45. 234Roberto Tarquini/IPorsche[-]08:13,5495. gr. B
46. 73Claudio Giobbi/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]08:14,6197. gr. N
47. Riccardo Torchia/IOpel Manta[-]08:16,16915. gr. A
48. 98Giuseppe Gallucci/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]08:16,6608. gr. N
49. 75Antoniogi Menegoni/IRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]08:20,8499. gr. N
50. 148Luigino Ciogli/IAlfa Romeo[-]08:20,91916. gr. A
51. 163Sergio Veneziani/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]08:21,88017. gr. A
52. 151Janos Klink/HToyota Corolla[-]08:25,33018. gr. A
53. 51Mario Cangelli/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]08:25,42910. gr. N
54. 212Gennaro Laudato/IFiat X 1/9[-]08:28,0806. gr. B
55. 167Antonio Forti/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]08:28,79919. gr. A
56. 247Francesco Di Nicola/IOsella[-]08:31,03921. gr. C3
57. 155Renzo Pellegrini/IAlfa Romeo[-]08:36,57020. gr. A
58. 223Gabriele Pazienza/IAlfa Romeo GTV 6[-]08:37,0807. gr. B
59. 213Giovanni Mezzasalma/IFiat X 1/9[-]08:37,0908. gr. B
60. Sabatino Giannantonio/ILola[-]08:44,45022. gr. C3
61. 198Giuseppe Tocci/IAustin Rover[-]08:44,77021. gr. A
62. 121Attilio Broccolini/IA 112[-]08:45,46022. gr. A
63. 86Sergio Moscone/IFord[-]08:49,36911. gr. N
64. 211Giovanni Corsi/IFiat X 1/9[-]08:53,0209. gr. B
65. 61Massimo Baliva/IDaihatsu[-]08:56,60912. gr. N
66. 129Silvestro Savoia/IA 112[-]08:57,38023. gr. A
67. 199Ferdinando Munzi/IAustin Rover[-]09:00,65924. gr. A
68. 153Piero Limonta/IAlfa Romeo[-]09:05,09025. gr. A
69. 166Luigi Foschi/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]09:05,86926. gr. A
70. 127Roberto Tomassetti/IA 112[-]09:07,14027. gr. A
71. 47Giovanni Di Stefano/IAlfa Sud Ti[-]09:10,03013. gr. N
72. 42Alessandro Cocchetti/ICitroŰn AX Sport[-]09:14,19014. gr. N
73. 131Luigi Blasi/IA 112[-]09:14,72928. gr. A
74. 23Fangio Stefani/IA 112[-]09:15,05915. gr. N
75. 64Claudio Palma/IFiat Ritmo[-]09:15,69016. gr. N
76. 6Silvio Di Casimiro/IA 112[-]09:17,53017. gr. N
77. 101Hartmut B÷hme/DFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:17,94018. gr. N
78. 53Benito Mauro Bianchi/IFord Escort[-]09:18,84919. gr. N
79. 128Giancarlo Mocci/IA 112[-]09:25,26029. gr. A
80. 29Enrico Diletti/IA 112[-]09:26,55920. gr. N
81. 7Giuseppe Ramacci/IA 112[-]09:27,95021. gr. N
82. 3Giuseppe Papa/IA 112[-]09:29,03022. gr. N
83. 65Guglielmo Pepi/IFiat Ritmo 125 Abarth[-]09:30,77023. gr. N
84. 12Alberto Nepi/IA 112[-]09:34,09024. gr. N
85. 28Giovanni Cuccioloni/IA 112[-]09:34,53925. gr. N
86. 192Mauro Perini/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]09:35,40030. gr. A
87. 16Fabrizio Fattorini/IA 112[-]09:36,21026. gr. N
88. 26Mario Armuzzi/IA 112[-]09:39,75027. gr. N
89. 31Giorgio Sospetti/IA 112[-]09:39,83028. gr. N
90. 157Francesco Lopez/IPeugeot 205 GTi[-]09:41,50031. gr. A
91. 33Fabio Fabbri/IA 112[-]09:41,84029. gr. N
92. 111Massimo Tirabassi/IFiat Panda[-]09:46,08032. gr. A
93. 165Gaetano Alicata/IOpel Manta[-]09:46,21033. gr. A
94. 22Celaia Elio Cianfarano/IA 112[-]09:50,73930. gr. N
95. 54Pietro Ris. Graziano/IAlfa Romeo[-]09:52,13031. gr. N
96. 21Domenico Di Costanzo/IA 112[-]09:52,94032. gr. N
97. 32Gionni Ciancetta/IA 112[-]09:53,73933. gr. N
98. 34Camillo Febbo/IA 112[-]09:53,83034. gr. N
99. Giuseppe Chioccia/IFiat Panda[-]09:56,79934. gr. A
100. 4Giancarlo Di Giuseppe/IA 112[-]10:00,76035. gr. N
101. 18Fabrizio Fogliani/IA 112[-]10:02,63036. gr. N
102. 25Domenico Pinori/IA 112[-]10:14,15937. gr. N
103. 27Jader Manente/IA 112[-]10:19,30938. gr. N
104. Libero Mario Conte/IAMS[-]10:55,20923. gr. C3
105. 2Gregoriana Tomei/IA 112[-]10:55,40039. gr. N
106. 19Alberto Falcinelli/IA 112[-]11:39,54040. gr. N
107. 112Enzo Salvati/IFiat Panda[-]13:25,00035. gr. A


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