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Euromontagna Archives

10. Cesana-Sestriere, Torino



1. 462Arturo Merzario/IAbarth[-]05:03,6001. gr. Gr.7
2. 400Johannes Ortner/AAbarth SE014 Fiat[SE014/001]05:07,4001. gr. Gr.5
3. Franco Pilone/IFiat Abarth[-]05:12,6002. gr. Gr.5
4. "Pogo"/IFiat Abarth[-]05:13,0003. gr. Gr.5
5. Luigi Taramazzo/IFiat Abarth[-]05:16,3004. gr. Gr.5
6. "Gi-Bi"/IAbarth 2000[-]05:20,1005. gr. Gr.5
7. Vittorio Venturi/ITecno[-]05:31,7001. gr. R
8. Piero Monticone/IPorsche 906[-]05:34,3002. gr. Gr.7
9. 344Claude Haldi/CHPorsche 911 S[-]05:37,3001. gr. Gr.4
10. 244Ernst Furtmayr/DBMW 2800[-]05:38,2001. gr. Gr.2
11. Eris Tondelli/IChevron B16 Ford[B16-DBE-19]05:39,8003. gr. Gr.7
12. Armando Truffo/IRaymond[-]05:40,6002. gr. R
13. Eugenio Bonomelli/IPorsche[-]05:40,9002. gr. Gr.4
14. Giuseppe Piazzi/IBWA Ford[-]05:41,9003. gr. R
15. 328Sepp Greger/DPorsche 904-6 VW[-]05:43,7003. gr. Gr.4
16. Jochen Mass/DFord Capri[-]05:44,0002. gr. Gr.2
17. Mauro Nesti/IFiat Abarth[-]05:45,3004. gr. Gr.7
18. Alberto Rosselli/IAlfa Romeo 1750 GTAM[-]05:45,6003. gr. Gr.2
19. Gianni Varese/IFiat Abarth[-]05:46,0006. gr. Gr.5
20. Mario Ilotte/IPorsche 911[-]05:47,6004. gr. Gr.4
21. Ugo Locatelli/IAMS[-]05:48,6005. gr. Gr.7
22. 206Paul Keller/CHBMW 2002[-]05:48,9004. gr. Gr.2
23. Paolo De Leonibus/IAlfa Romeo 1750 GTAM[-]05:54,8005. gr. Gr.2
24. Renzo Ruspa/IAlfa Romeo 1600GTA[-]05:56,3005. gr. Gr.4
25. Genta/Porsche 911[-]05:56,5006. gr. Gr.4
26. "White"/Fiat Abarth[-]05:57,5007. gr. Gr.5
27. Paolo De Leonibus/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]05:59,5007. gr. Gr.4
28. Luigi Moreschi/IFiat Abarth 1300[-]06:00,0008. gr. Gr.5
29. Piergiorgio Pellegrin/IFiat Abarth[-]06:01,5006. gr. Gr.7
30. "Gap"/BMW 2002[-]06:04,3006. gr. Gr.2
31. Donato Merletti/IBMW 2002[-]06:04,4007. gr. Gr.2
32. Gabriele Gottifredi/IPorsche[-]06:05,5008. gr. Gr.4
33. Giancarlo Galimberti/ILancia Fulvia HF[-]06:06,1009. gr. Gr.4
34. Piergiorgio Pellegrin/IMini Cooper[-]06:06,6008. gr. Gr.2
35. Aldo Bersano/IFiat Abarth[-]06:07,3009. gr. Gr.5
36. Luigi Pozzo/IAlfa Romeo[-]06:08,8009. gr. Gr.2
37. Silvano Frisori/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:10,10010. gr. Gr.4
38. Maurizio Campanini/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:11,70010. gr. Gr.2
39. Kremer/DPorsche[-]06:12,90011. gr. Gr.4
40. Rosadele Facetti/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:13,10012. gr. Gr.4
41. Mario Regis/IBMW 2002[-]06:13,60011. gr. Gr.2
42. Tavolacci/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:13,70013. gr. Gr.4
43. Federico Cipriani/IBMW 2002[-]06:14,10012. gr. Gr.2
44. Franco Berruto/IPorsche[-]06:15,20014. gr. Gr.4
45. Flegl/Alfa Romeo GTA[-]06:15,20015. gr. Gr.4
46. Guido Fossati/IPorsche[-]06:15,80016. gr. Gr.4
47. Ettore Rovida/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:16,50017. gr. Gr.4
48. Pietro Bonfanti/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:20,30018. gr. Gr.4
49. "Ro"/Alpine[-]06:20,50019. gr. Gr.4
50. "Manuel"/IPorsche[-]06:20,70020. gr. Gr.4
51. Neglia Benedetto/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:20,90021. gr. Gr.4
52. Pasquale Anastasio/ILancia Fulvia[-]06:21,90022. gr. Gr.4
53. Antonio Invernizzi/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:23,40013. gr. Gr.2
54. Aladino Stefanelli/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:23,60014. gr. Gr.2
55. Carlo Belli/IFord[-]06:24,10015. gr. Gr.2
56. Felice Marenco/IFiat Abarth[-]06:26,70010. gr. Gr.5
57. Achille Soria/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:26,70016. gr. Gr.2
58. Cesare Poretti/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]06:29,00023. gr. Gr.4
59. Pastorelli/Lotus[-]06:29,30024. gr. Gr.4
60. "Patrizia"/IAMS[-]06:31,8007. gr. Gr.7
61. Massimo Larini/IAlfa Romeo[-]06:32,30017. gr. Gr.2
62. "Ragastas"/IFiat Abarth[-]06:32,70011. gr. Gr.5
63. Michele Licheri/IPorsche[-]06:32,80025. gr. Gr.4
64. "Micci"/Lotus[-]06:34,70018. gr. Gr.2
65. Laurent Rotti/CHCR[-]06:35,1004. gr. R
66. Niclot/Fiat 124S[-]06:35,20026. gr. Gr.4
67. Gino Ravinale/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]06:35,80019. gr. Gr.2
68. Verne/Alfa Romeo GTA[-]06:37,30027. gr. Gr.4
69. Gianni Ghedini/INSU[-]06:38,50020. gr. Gr.2
70. Marco Magri/IFiat 128[-]06:39,40021. gr. Gr.2
71. Aldo Gunnella/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:41,00022. gr. Gr.2
72. Mario Barone/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:41,60023. gr. Gr.2
73. Samuele Valerio/IFiat 128[-]06:43,70024. gr. Gr.2
74. Romeo Galmozzi/IFiat 128[-]06:47,50025. gr. Gr.2
75. Di Rosa/Renault[-]06:47,70026. gr. Gr.2
76. Ermanno Pettiti/IMini Cooper[-]06:48,90027. gr. Gr.2
77. Galazzo/IAlfa Romeo[-]06:51,60028. gr. Gr.2
78. Pietrino Tali/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:53,10029. gr. Gr.2
79. Goffredo Larini/IFiat 128[-]06:53,60030. gr. Gr.2
80. Giuseppe Della Chiesa/IFiat 128[-]06:57,60031. gr. Gr.2
81. Giancarlo Galmozzi/IFiat Abarth[-]06:58,10028. gr. Gr.4
82. Aldo Tarasco/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:59,20032. gr. Gr.2
83. Giovanni Carena/IFiat Abarth 850[-]06:59,90033. gr. Gr.2
84. "Radec"/Lancia Fulvia[-]07:02,70029. gr. Gr.4
85. Richard Albanesi/CHMorris Cooper[-]07:03,80034. gr. Gr.2
86. Santo Famoso/IFiat Abarth[-]07:06,90035. gr. Gr.2
87. Sergio Scalabrini/IFiat Abarth 850[-]07:08,80036. gr. Gr.2
88. Cieloscuro/IRenault Gordini[-]07:11,20037. gr. Gr.2
89. Mario Tacchini/IFiat 124S[-]07:11,90038. gr. Gr.2
90. Camillo Spica/IFiat Abarth[-]07:14,00030. gr. Gr.4
91. Renato Mazzeschi/IFiat Abarth 595[-]07:15,50039. gr. Gr.2
92. Lucarelli/BMW[-]07:18,20040. gr. Gr.2
93. Rino Amighini/IFiat Abarth 595[-]07:18,40041. gr. Gr.2
94. Carlo Bettazzi/IFiat Abarth 595[-]07:18,90042. gr. Gr.2
95. Antonio Audisio/IFiat Abarth 695[-]07:20,30043. gr. Gr.2
96. Franco Cosentino/IBWA[-]07:22,3005. gr. R
97. Franco Piroli/IFiat Abarth 595[-]07:23,40044. gr. Gr.2
98. Gabriele Gatta/IFiat Abarth 595[-]07:26,00045. gr. Gr.2
99. Vittorio Pugliese/IFiat Giannini[-]07:30,30046. gr. Gr.2
100. Luciano Galluzzo/IFiat Abarth[-]07:34,20047. gr. Gr.2
101. Piero Lavazza/IFiat 500[-]07:38,90048. gr. Gr.2
102. Adolfo Corazza/IFiat Abarth[-]07:42,80049. gr. Gr.2
103. Francesco Cerulli-Irelli/IFiat 500 Giannini[-]07:44,00050. gr. Gr.2
104. "Emme"/Fiat 500 F[-]07:53,30051. gr. Gr.2
105. Tabacco/IFiat Abarth[-]07:54,40052. gr. Gr.2
106. Igino Re/IFiat 500 Giannini[-]07:54,60053. gr. Gr.2
107. "Sugar"/Fiat 500 Giannini[-]07:55,60054. gr. Gr.2
108. "Sanfilippo"/Fiat 500[-]07:56,20055. gr. Gr.2
109. Arnaldo Pieraccini/IFiat Abarth[-]07:56,70056. gr. Gr.2
110. Umberto Caneva/IFiat Abarth[-]08:00,80057. gr. Gr.2
111. Paolo Bernardi/IFiat 500 Giannini[-]08:01,70058. gr. Gr.2
112. Giorgio Pinardi/IFiat 500 Giannini[-]08:32,40059. gr. Gr.2
113. Gilberto Balocca/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]09:32,30031. gr. Gr.4
114. "Berman"/Fiat Abarth 1000[-]15:03,00060. gr. Gr.2


Did not classified

AB "Bloody Black Tiger"/IAlfa Romeo 2600[-]- Gr.2
ST Franco Capietti/IBLMC[-]- Gr.2
ST Maurizio Zanetti/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]- Gr.2

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