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Archívy Euromontagna

Grosser Bergpreis von Österreich Rechberg




1. 116Walter Pedrazza/APRC M87 BMW[M787_]05:40,1681. gr. C3photo


KL58Manfred Lahvice/AVW Golf GTi[-]- A
KL76Willy Siller/ABMW M3[-]1. gr. A
KL80Francis Dosieres/FBMW 635CSi[-]2. gr. A
KL75Rolf Göring/DBMW M3[-]3. gr. A
KL72Wolfgang Böhme/DBMW 325i[-]4. gr. A
KL71Rainer Fink/DBMW 325i[-]5. gr. A
KL74Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3[-]6. gr. A
KL81Peter Moczar/HBMW 635CSi[-]7. gr. A
KL73Tamas Szabo/HBMW 325i[-]8. gr. A
KL68Willy Penzinger/AVW Golf[-]9. gr. A
KL64Gerhard Donner/AVW Golf GTi[-]10. gr. A
KL87Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHAudi Quattro A2[-]1. gr. B
KL89Giovanni Rossi/FRenault 5 Turbo[RS1983025]2. gr. B
KL88Ilja Tchoubrikov/BGPeugeot 205T16[-]3. gr. B
KL85Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia 037[-]4. gr. B
KL84Wilhelm Rinne/DPorsche 911SC[118206/76/1977]5. gr. B
KL86Ferdinand Gander/AAudi Quattro A2[-]6. gr. B
KL113Andres Vilariňo/ELola T298[T298/HU102]2. gr. C3photo
KL118Philippe Darbellay/CHLola T298[T298-Darbellay]3. gr. C3photo
KL115Mauro Nesti/IOsella[PA9-129/84]4. gr. C3photo
KL120Janos Toth/HTOJ BMW[79-02-206-S]5. gr. C3photo
KL119Adriano Parlamento/IMarch[75S-5]6. gr. C3photo
KL Andreas Patthani/APeugeot 205GTi[-]- N
KL38Hannes Wurm/ARenault 5GT[-]- N
KL30Wolfgang Baum/DPeugeot 205GTi[-]- N
KL31Bernhard Gassler/AToyota Corolla[-]- N
KL29Karl-Heinz Kerschensteiner/DFord Fiesta[-]- N
KL32Hans Zwahlen/CHVW Golf GTi[-]- N
KL56Wolfgang Treml/AFord Sierra Cosworth[-]1. gr. N
KL54Heinz Vöhringer/DFord Sierra Cosworth[-]2. gr. N
KL48Giacomo Botti/IBMW M3[-]3. gr. N
KL52Günther Gabat/AFord Sierra Cosworth[-]4. gr. N
KL51André Millet/FFord Sierra Cosworth[-]5. gr. N
KL46Michael Gaiseiter/DBMW 325i[-]6. gr. N
KL50Péter Takácz/HBMW M3[43874402361/87]7. gr. N
KL39Armin Gassner/ARenault 5GT[-]8. gr. N
KL35Günther Ziessler/APeugeot 205GTi[-]9. gr. N
KL44Erich Weger/AFord Escort RS[-]10. gr. N


ST121Ramon Kofler/AChevron B36[-]- C3
ST114Luigi Bormolini/IOsella PA9[-]- C3
ST111Claudio Callela/IOsella PA6/9[-]- C3
ST117Christophe Lenys/FLola[-]- C3photo
ST112Herbert Stenger/DES[ES861]- C3photo
ST108Sepp Manhalter/ABMW M1[-]- Hphoto
ST107Willi Rabl/APorsche 935[-]- Hphoto
ST98Peter Moser/ABMW 320[-]- Hphoto
ST152Rolf Brandl/DPRC M85-02[M85-02]- E

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