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Euromontagna Archives

Mont Ventoux, Bedoin, Avignon

Mont Ventoux/F


1. 51Johannes Ortner/AAbarth 3000 V8[-]10:04,6001. gr. Gr.5-7
2. Ernst Furtmayr/DBMW 2800 CS[-]11:07,3001. gr. Gr.2
3. Jochen Mass/DFord Capri[-]11:11,3002. gr. Gr.2
4. Spartaco Dini/IAlfa Romeo 2000[-]11:17,3003. gr. Gr.2
5. Paul Keller/CHBMW 2002 Ti[-]11:38,4004. gr. Gr.2
6. Dieter Schmidt/DBMW 2002 Ti[-]11:47,4005. gr. Gr.2
7. 12Pierre Maublanc/FPygmée MDB12 Cosworth [MDB12-269]11:59,4001. gr. Gr.8+9
8. Johannes Ortner/AFiat Abarth 2000[-]12:00,8002. gr. Gr.5-7
9. Sepp Greger/DPorsche 914-6 VW[-]12:08,7001. gr. Gr.4
10. Michel Moga/FFord Mustang 427[-]12:16,0001. gr. Gr.1
11. Georges Benoit/FBMW 2002[-]12:17,7006. gr. Gr.2
12. Jean Ortelli/FAlpine Renault[-]12:25,9002. gr. Gr.4
13. Franck Alesi/FAlpine Renault[-]12:26,5003. gr. Gr.4
14. Sven Frohde/SPorsche 911 T[-]12:29,8004. gr. Gr.4
15. Jean Louis Staiano/FTecno F2[T00378]12:30,6002. gr. Gr.8+9
16. Alain Finkel/MCFiat Abarth 2000[-]12:34,9003. gr. Gr.5-7
17. Henri Balas/FPorsche 914-6 VW[-]12:46,5005. gr. Gr.4
18. Claude Haldi/CHPorsche 911 S[-]13:07,2006. gr. Gr.4
19. Michel Billard/FBMW 2002 TI[-]13:11,5002. gr. Gr.1
20. Jean-Marc Massoneri/FBMW 2800[-]13:11,8003. gr. Gr.1
21. Roland Larsson/SPorsche 911[-]13:22,4007. gr. Gr.4
22. J. Pierre Sauget/FBMW 2002 TI[-]13:30,9004. gr. Gr.1
23. Jean Clement/FPorsche Bergspider prototype[-]13:41,3004. gr. Gr.5-7
24. "Pogo"/IFiat Abarth 2000[-]13:56,3005. gr. Gr.5-7
25. Pompanon/NLMazda rotatif[-]14:23,6007. gr. Gr.2
26. Richard Albanesi/CHMorris-Cooper S[-]14:26,8008. gr. Gr.2
27. "Cyprien"/FFiat Abarth 1300[-]14:40,8006. gr. Gr.5-7
28. Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFerrari 275 GTB[-]14:52,4008. gr. Gr.4
29. Franck Alesi/FNSU 1200 TT[-]14:57,8005. gr. Gr.1
30. Peter Richardson/GBDaren Mk.II Ford[-]15:09,2007. gr. Gr.5-7
31. Irene Sadron/FChrysler Barracuda[-]17:45,2009. gr. Gr.2


Did not classified

AB Herve Bayard/FTecno 69/F2[T00306]- Gr.8+9
NS Andre Willem/BLotus F3[-]- Gr.8+9
NS Mario Casoni/IAbarth 2000[-]- Gr.5-7
ST Luigi Taramazzo/I[-]- Gr.5-7

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