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XXXe Course de Cote Turckheim - Trois Epis



1. 1Marcel Tarrés/FMartini MK45[-]05:08,2391. gr. E
2. 4Christian Debias/FMartini MK43[-]05:10,1602. gr. E
3. 5Michel Arbeit/FMarch 802[-]05:12,7403. gr. E
4. 36Fréderic Roland/FLola T297[T297/HU92]05:17,8501. gr. Gr.6
5. 37Gerard Xiberras/FTOJ[-]05:19,1802. gr. Gr.6
6. 45Andres Vilariňo/ELola T298[T298/HU102]05:22,8303. gr. Gr.6
7. 40Herbert Stenger/DOsella BMW[PA5-054]05:23,9704. gr. Gr.6
8. 41Philippe Darbellay/CHLola T298[-]05:27,5005. gr. Gr.6
9. 44Alain Schick/FLola T298[-]05:27,9806. gr. Gr.6
10. 50Henri Paul Magnan/FLola T298 BMW[-]05:28,4507. gr. Gr.6
11. 39Dominique Lacaud/FLola Handy Bag[-]05:29,9608. gr. Gr.6
12. 9Josef Zajelsnik/DJDZ[-]05:33,7204. gr. E
13. 42Patrick Dupuis/FTOJ BMW[-]05:33,8409. gr. Gr.6
14. 49Christophe Lenys/FLola T298[-]05:35,57010. gr. Gr.6
15. 63Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHAudi Quattro[-]05:46,3701. gr. B
16. 43Luigi Bormolini/IOsella BMW[PA9-130/85]05:46,70011. gr. Gr.6
17. 64Giovanni Rossi/FBMW M1[-]05:48,9002. gr. B
18. 20Philippe Graby/FLola F2[-]05:50,1305. gr. E
19. 7Alain Dorier/FMartini MK46[-]05:50,8606. gr. E
20. 26Thierry Parriaux/FChevron B48[-]05:52,5707. gr. E
21. 66Rolf Göring/DBMW M1[4301041/79]05:53,3503. gr. B
22. 47Christian Brauer/DLola T296[T296/HU86]05:53,99012. gr. Gr.6
23. 11Adelbert Brutsche/DRalt RT1[-]05:56,8208. gr. E
24. 35Daniel Trameson/FSthemo[_SMC2]05:57,08013. gr. Gr.6
25. 67Gerard Paquet/FRenault 5 Maxi Turbo[-]05:58,3104. gr. B
26. 54Philippe Guelat/FLola T490[-]06:01,30014. gr. Gr.6
27. 10Georges Benet/FMartini JB2[-]06:01,4009. gr. E
28. 52Jean-Pierre Mathieu/FGrac MT20[-]06:04,81015. gr. Gr.6
29. 19Jacques Martin/FJB Ford[-]06:05,31010. gr. E
30. 68Nicolas Claude Bührer/CHPorsche 930 Turbo[-]06:10,6005. gr. B
31. 24Jean-Michel Schildknecht/FMartini MK20[-]06:11,35011. gr. E
32. 8Michel Mengel/FAGS Handy Bag[-]06:12,49012. gr. E
33. 90Philippe Leclerc/FBMW 635 Csi[-]06:15,7901. gr. A
34. 89Michel Pignard/FBMW 635 Csi[-]06:18,7702. gr. A
35. 27Francis Billat/FMartini MK18[-]06:23,43013. gr. E
36. 30Christian Ducellier/FMartini MK20[-]06:23,67014. gr. E
37. 75Jean Paul Becker/FRenault 5 Tour Corse[-]06:24,0806. gr. B
38. 33Georges Mathis/FMartini MK11[-]06:28,45015. gr. E
39. 92Herbert Hürter/DVolvo 240 Turbo[-]06:28,5603. gr. A
40. 25Christian Jost/FTOJ MSV1[-]06:29,22016. gr. E
41. 56Jacky Hoffert/FARC MF2 Mercure[-]06:31,60016. gr. Gr.6
42. 91Jean Paul Grohens/FBMW 528i[-]06:31,9704. gr. A
43. 88Francis Dosieres/FBMW 635CSi[-]06:34,0005. gr. A
44. 58Jean-Luc Wendling/FARC MF3[-]06:36,81017. gr. Gr.6
45. 71Paul Blind/FOpel[-]06:38,8707. gr. B
46. 102Jean-Jacques Sichler/FVW Golf Gti 2[-]06:42,3606. gr. A
47. 98Andre Porte/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]06:49,5207. gr. A
48. 76Christian Champvert/FRenault 5 Tour Diac[-]06:50,5008. gr. B
49. 125Henri Vuillermoz/FBMW 325I[-]06:50,8201. gr. N
50. 107Henri Fessmann/FVW Golf Gti[-]06:52,5008. gr. A
51. 137Bernard Etienne Grobot/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]06:53,5702. gr. N
52. 131Jean Pierre Large/FFord RS Turbo[-]06:53,6603. gr. N
53. 84Roland Burtin/FSamba Rallye[-]06:54,2109. gr. B
54. 138Alain Chapuis/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]06:54,2404. gr. N
55. 130Daniel Bourgeon/FBMW 325I[-]06:55,5205. gr. N
56. 134Olivier Virlat/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]06:56,1406. gr. N
57. 126J. Hughes Hazard/BMW 325I[-]06:56,5307. gr. N
58. 135Stephane Mougel/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]06:57,1608. gr. N
59. 81Francis Ulmann/FCitroen Visa Chrono[-]06:57,72010. gr. B
60. 136Hubert Rochelle/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]06:57,9909. gr. N
61. 84Francois Klipfel/FSamba Rallye[-]06:58,39011. gr. B
62. 32Benoit Meny/FGrac MT10[-]06:59,81017. gr. E
63. 80Daniel Demare/FCitroen Visa 1000 Pistes[-]07:01,09012. gr. B
64. 77Robert Guery/FRenault 5 Tour[-]07:02,77013. gr. B
65. 31Winfrid Korkel/DKaimann[-]07:03,10018. gr. E
66. 129Anton Fischhaber/DBMW 325i[-]07:03,67010. gr. N
67. 139Patrick Zimmermann/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]07:03,80011. gr. N
68. 105Christophe Valdenaire/FVW Golf Gti[-]07:05,8509. gr. A
69. 93Klaus Pfannschmidt/DChevrolet Camaro[-]07:07,94010. gr. A
70. 111Olivier Scherberich/FPeugeot 205 Gti[-]07:12,17011. gr. A
71. 116Francois Gasser/FSamba Rallye[-]07:16,31012. gr. A
72. 22Margaret Baux/FMartini MK17[-]07:18,44019. gr. E
73. 150Georges Orre/FVW Golf Gti[-]07:19,20012. gr. N
74. 115Paul Miclo/FSamba Rallye[-]07:20,19013. gr. A
75. 127Bernard Renck/FAudi 200 T Quattro[-]07:21,94013. gr. N
76. 154Claude Pain/FPeugeot 205 Gti[-]07:22,08014. gr. N
77. 108Bernard Vogel/FVW Golf Gti[-]07:25,23014. gr. A
78. 141Jean Luc Baillet/Fiat Uno Turbo[-]07:25,57015. gr. N
79. 149Alexandre Glembock/FVW Golf Gti[-]07:26,78016. gr. N
80. 143Bruno Couet/FRenault R5 GT Turbo[-]07:27,81017. gr. N
81. 153Jürgen Jakob/DFord Escort Rsi[-]07:32,91018. gr. N
82. 151Thierry Schildknecht/FPeugeot 205 Gti[-]07:34,78019. gr. N
83. 148Michel Mourer/FPeugeot 205 Gti[-]07:35,19020. gr. N
84. 144Nadine Bruat/FVW Golf Gti[-]07:41,64021. gr. N
85. 152Remy Fritz/FPeugeot 205 Gti[-]07:43,57022. gr. N
86. 109Eric Rallet/FTalbot Sunbeam[-]07:43,72015. gr. A
87. 121Pascal Masson/FFiat 127 Sport[-]07:43,91016. gr. A
88. 155Robert Eisele/FVW Golf Gti[-]07:44,51023. gr. N
89. 161Jean Marie Thomas/FSamba Rallye[-]07:46,61024. gr. N
90. 160Sylvain Remy/FSamba Rallye[-]07:48,25025. gr. N
91. 159Jean-Paul Baradel/FSamba Rallye[-]07:48,70026. gr. N
92. 158Jean Marc Renaudin/FSamba Rallye[-]07:58,78027. gr. N
93. 112Werner Riegler/DFord Fiesta XR2[-]08:01,27017. gr. A
94. 122Aurelio Monteiro/Fiat 127 Sport[-]08:01,77018. gr. A
95. 163Michel Lutaud/FSamba Rallye[-]08:03,51028. gr. N
96. 167Michel Hartmann/FA 112 Abarth[-]08:23,87029. gr. N
97. 156Maurice Stempfle/FA 112 Abarth[-]08:24,04030. gr. N
98. 119Gérard Cartier/FFiat Uno 55S[-]08:36,16019. gr. A
99. 168Phillipe Marion/FFiat 127 Sport[-]09:02,78031. gr. N


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