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Euromontagna Archives

Course Internationale de cote du Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux/F


1. Willy Peter Daetwyler/CHMaserati 200SI[-]12:39,5001. gr. S
2. 43Umberto Maglioli/IPorsche RSK 1.5[-]12:51,0002. gr. S
3. 44Edgar Barth/DPorsche RSK 1.5[-]12:53,6003. gr. S
4. Attilio Mennato Boffa/IMaserati 200SI[-]13:27,7004. gr. S
5. Giulio Cabianca/IOsca MT4 1500[-]13:28,8005. gr. S
6. Camillo Luglio/IFerrari 250GT[-]13:34,8001. gr. GT
7. 20Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche RS[-]13:44,5006. gr. S
8. Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 250GT[0539GT56]13:45,0002. gr. GT
9. Peter Monteverdi/CHFerrari Testa Rosa[-]13:51,1007. gr. S
10. Andrť Wicky/CHMaserati[-]13:56,4008. gr. S
11. Jover/EMaserati Spider[-]14:04,8009. gr. S
12. Michel Testut/FOsca MT4 1500[-]14:20,00010. gr. S
13. Fontaine/CHMercedes 300SL[-]14:24,0003. gr. GT
14. Armando Filippa/IAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]14:26,4004. gr. GT
15. 30Heini Walter/CHPorsche[550-016]14:30,10011. gr. S
16. Luc Descollanges/FOsca 4500G F1[-]14:34,50012. gr. S
17. 236Siegfried GŁnther/DPorsche Carrera Spider[-]14:37,8005. gr. GT
18. "Rety"/FOsca MT4 1500[-]14:48,10013. gr. S
19. Michel Pignard/FOsca MT4 1500[-]14:56,50014. gr. S
20. Maccarini/IMaserati A6 GCS[-]14:58,80015. gr. S
21. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]15:00,3006. gr. GT
22. Giorgio Acutis/IFiat 8V Zagato[-]15:02,0007. gr. GT
23. 17Ludwig Fischer/DPorsche spider[-]15:05,00016. gr. S
24. 9 Margulies/GBLotus 11[-]15:12,20017. gr. S
25. Galluzzi/IAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]15:13,7008. gr. GT
26. Jean du Beualieu/FTriumph TR2[-]15:19,7009. gr. GT
27. Marcel Stern/CHAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]15:20,00010. gr. GT
28. Gotelli/IAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]15:20,60011. gr. GT
29. Zepherin Miani/FOsca MT4 1350[-]15:21,80018. gr. S
30. Regis Fraissinet/FAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]15:46,90012. gr. GT
31. Midana/IAlfa Romeo Giullietta Coupe Bertone[-]15:47,10013. gr. GT
32. Elio Zagato/IFiat 8V Zagato[-]15:47,70014. gr. GT
33. OīMara Taylor/GBTriumph TR2[-]15:57,00015. gr. GT
34. "Palfar"/CHFerrari 250GT[-]16:03,20016. gr. GT
35. Andre Georges/FOsca MT4 1100[-]16:08,10019. gr. S
36. Tergoin/FJaguar XK140[-]16:13,70017. gr. GT
37. Peterson/FCitroŽn 15/6[-]16:17,2001. gr. TC
38. Carriere/FDB Panhard[-]16:20,50018. gr. GT
39. Lanzo Cussini/IFiat Abarth[-]16:25,50019. gr. GT
40. Guiraud/FPeugeot 203[-]16:26,1002. gr. TC
41. Suttel/FDB Panhard[-]16:38,00020. gr. GT
42. Bernard Bianchi/CHMG A[-]16:49,90021. gr. GT
43. 178 Briffaud/CHAlfa Romeo Ti[-]16:50,4003. gr. TC
44. Josef Jeger/CHAlfa Romeo Ti[-]16:51,1004. gr. TC
45. Ermanno Gonella/IFiat Abarth[-]17:00,10022. gr. GT
46. Luino/IFiat Abarth[-]17:04,00023. gr. GT
47. Mario Poltronieri/IFiat Abarth[-]17:05,40024. gr. GT
48. De Saint Auban/FPanhard ZI[-]17:10,2005. gr. TC
49. Gianni Manelli/IFiat Manelli Spider Spl[-]17:22,70020. gr. S
50. Werner Charles Lier/CHFiat Abarth[-]17:24,30025. gr. GT
51. Franco Dari/IAlfa Romeo Ti[-]17:24,5006. gr. TC
52. Repetto/IAlfa Romeo Ti[-]17:32,5007. gr. TC
53. G.H. Hartwell/GBSinger[-]17:59,1008. gr. TC
54. Girolamo Capra/IFiat 103[-]18:02,7009. gr. TC
55. Cuin/FPanhard ZI[-]18:05,30010. gr. TC
56. Clarou/FRenault 1062[-]18:10,10011. gr. TC
57. Bernard/FCitroŽn ID 19[-]18:11,0001. gr. T
58. Gattini/FCitroŽn DS 19[-]18:11,1002. gr. T
59. Cafiero/IFiat[-]18:39,50026. gr. GT
60. Bouillon/FRenault 1062[-]18:44,00012. gr. TC
61. Mauro Argenti/IFiat 600[-]18:45,10013. gr. TC
62. Gaston Ferrier/FPanhard ZI[-]19:10,00014. gr. TC
63. J. Rossiaud/CHRenault Dauphine[-]19:38,20015. gr. TC
64. De Saint Auban/FPanhard Z 6[-]19:44,8003. gr. T
65. Schmidt/FPanhard Zl[-]19:49,5004. gr. T
66. Brouchon/FMercedes 190 SL[-]19:53,10027. gr. GT
67. Chaix/FPanhard X 86[-]19:58,40016. gr. TC
68. J. Verge/FPanhard X 87[-]20:19,0005. gr. T
69. Chocquel/FRenault Dauphine[-]20:43,2006. gr. T
70. Musso/IFiat 600[-]21:10,60017. gr. TC
71. Meysson/FPanhard ZI[-]22:16,5007. gr. T
72. Alain Cattin/CHFiat[-]22:46,60018. gr. TC
73. Matheron/FCitroŽn 2 CV AZ[-]23:42,10019. gr. TC
74. 223Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche Carrera[-]24:11,80028. gr. GT
75. Pagnon/FCitroŽn 2 CV AZ[-]29:10,3008. gr. T
76. Charaia/FCitroŽn DS 19[-]42:26,4009. gr. T
77. Berlie/FPanhard ZI[-]01:06:08,50010. gr. T
78. Fezzardi/IFiat 8V[-]01:19:39,40029. gr. GT


Did not classified


Fezzardi/IFiat 8V[-]GT
Meysson/FPanhard ZI[-]T
Chocquel/FRenault Dauphine[-]T
J. Verge/FPanhard X 87[-]T
Schmidt/FPanhard Zl[-]T
De Saint Auban/FPanhard Z 6[-]T
Pagnon/FCitroŽn 2 CV AZ[-]T
Peterson/FCitroŽn 15/6[-]TC
G.H. Hartwell/GBSinger[-]TC
Franco Dari/IAlfa Romeo Ti[-]TC
Josef Jeger/CHAlfa Romeo Ti[-]TC
Alain Cattin/CHFiat[-]TC
Girolamo Capra/IFiat 103[-]TC
Guiraud/FPeugeot 203[-]TC
J. Rossiaud/CHRenault Dauphine[-]TC
Gaston Ferrier/FPanhard ZI[-]TC
Cuin/FPanhard ZI[-]TC
Berlie/FPanhard ZI[-]T
Bernard/FCitroŽn ID 19[-]T
Gattini/FCitroŽn DS 19[-]T
Brouchon/FMercedes 190 SL[-]GT
OīMara Taylor/GBTriumph TR2[-]GT
Bernard Bianchi/CHMG A[-]GT
Midana/IAlfa Romeo Giullietta Coupe Bertone[-]GT
Regis Fraissinet/FAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]GT
Gotelli/IAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]GT
Marcel Stern/CHAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]GT
Galluzzi/IAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]GT
Werner Charles Lier/CHFiat Abarth[-]GT
Mario Poltronieri/IFiat Abarth[-]GT
Luino/IFiat Abarth[-]GT
Ermanno Gonella/IFiat Abarth[-]GT
Tergoin/FJaguar XK140[-]GT
"Palfar"/CHFerrari 250GT[-]GT
Charaia/FCitroŽn DS 19[-]T
De Saint Auban/FPanhard ZI[-]TC
Musso/IFiat 600[-]TC
Chaix/FPanhard X 86[-]TC
Armando Filippa/IAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]GT
Suttel/FDB Panhard[-]GT
Lanzo Cussini/IFiat Abarth[-]GT
Carriere/FDB Panhard[-]GT
Gianni Manelli/IFiat Manelli Spider Spl[-]S
Attilio Mennato Boffa/IMaserati 200SI[-]Scuderia Racing Club 19S
Luc Descollanges/FOsca 4500G F1[-]S
Zepherin Miani/FOsca MT4 1350[-]S
Michel Pignard/FOsca MT4 1500[-]S
"Rety"/FOsca MT4 1500[-]S
Michel Testut/FOsca MT4 1500[-]S
Andre Georges/FOsca MT4 1100[-]S
Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 250GT[0539GT56]GT
Camillo Luglio/IFerrari 250GT[-]GT
Giulio Cabianca/IOsca MT4 1500[-]S
F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo Giullietta SV[-]GT
Giorgio Acutis/IFiat 8V Zagato[-]GT
Mauro Argenti/IFiat 600[-]TC
Bouillon/FRenault 1062[-]TC
Clarou/FRenault 1062[-]TC
Maccarini/IMaserati A6 GCS[-]S
Repetto/IAlfa Romeo Ti[-]TC
Jover/EMaserati Spider[-]S
Andrť Wicky/CHMaserati[-]S
Willy Peter Daetwyler/CHMaserati 200SI[-]MaseratiS
Jean du Beualieu/FTriumph TR2[-]GT
Elio Zagato/IFiat 8V Zagato[-]GT
Fontaine/CHMercedes 300SL[-]GT
Matheron/FCitroŽn 2 CV AZ[-]TC
Peter Monteverdi/CHFerrari Testa Rosa[-]S
9 Margulies/GBLotus 11[-]S
17Ludwig Fischer/DPorsche spider[-]S
20Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche RS[-]S
30Heini Walter/CHPorsche[550-016]S
43Umberto Maglioli/IPorsche RSK 1.5[-]PorscheS
44Edgar Barth/DPorsche RSK 1.5[-]PorscheS
178 Briffaud/CHAlfa Romeo Ti[-]TC
223Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche Carrera[-]GT
236Siegfried GŁnther/DPorsche Carrera Spider[-]GT

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