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Euromontagna Archives





1. Peter Stürtz/DMarch F2 BMW[-]06:29,66003:13,9901. gr. E
2. Mauro Nesti/IOsella[PA9-129/84]06:31,4901. gr. Gr.6
3. Michel Arbeit/FMarch BMW[-]06:36,0502. gr. E
4. Herbert Stenger/DOsella[PA5-054]06:36,4702. gr. Gr.6
5. Claudio Callela/ILola T298[-]06:39,8803. gr. Gr.6
6. Franz jun. Engstler/DOsella PA7[PA7-Germany_]06:40,3004. gr. Gr.6
7. Fraska/Martini BMW[-]06:41,2403. gr. E
8. Ruedi Schurter/CHMartini F3[-]06:46,7264. gr. E
9. Fréderic Roland/FLola BMW[T297/HU92]06:48,2905. gr. Gr.6
10. Roberto Curatolo/IOsella BMW[-]06:48,9706. gr. Gr.6


KL Rolf Rypka/DOpel[-]1. gr. A
KL Philippe Leclerc/FBMW 635 CSi[-]2. gr. A
KL Fritz Müller/DBMW 635 CSi[-]3. gr. A
KL Hans-Jürgen Heinrich/DBMW[-]4. gr. A
KL Heinz Vöhringer/DFiat[-]5. gr. A
KL Tommy Suchazka/VW[-]6. gr. A
KL Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 635 CSi[15882/83]7. gr. A
KL Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHAudi Quattro[-]1. gr. B
KL Rolf Göring/DBMW M1[4301041/79]2. gr. B
KL Antonín Charouz/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]6. gr. B
KL Luigi Bormolini/IOsella[PA9-130/85]7. gr. Gr.6
KL Janos Toth/HTOJ[79-02-206-S]8. gr. Gr.6
KL Harald Ulmen/D?[T297/HU89_]9. gr. Gr.6
KL Deszö Kiss/HOsella[PA3/5-019/027/1978]10. gr. Gr.6
KL Hartmut Böhme/DRenault 5GT Turbo[-]1. gr. N
KL "Gordon"/IRenault 5GT Turbo[-]2. gr. N
KL - BMW[-]3. gr. N
KL - Peugeot[-]5. gr. N
KL - VW[-]7. gr. N
KL - Fiat[-]8. gr. N
KL - Ford[-]9. gr. N

Did not classified

ST48Marcel Pipek/CSBaghira Škoda[TK6051/76-Baghira_]- Gr.6photo
ST Herbert Hürter/DVolvo 240 Turbo[-]- A
ST Fredy Amweg/CHF2[-]-
ST Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo GTV6[-]- A
ST Andreas Kövesdan/HBMW 323i[-]- A
ST Hubert Faller/DVW Golf Gti[-]- A

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