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XXVI. Subida Internacional Al Fito Memorial Angel MartŪnez Noriega

Al Fito/E


1. 64Aitor Zabaleta/ELola Cepsa[T298/Spain]05:19,01402:39,3801. gr. C3
2. 55Andres VilariÚo/EOsella PA20[PA20S-31/96]05:20,27302:39,9611. gr. CN
3. 54Luis Fuertes Martinez/ENorma[-]05:25,91202:42,6652. gr. CN
4. 56Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20/97[PA20S-27/96]05:41,47302:49,1553. gr. CN
5. 65Adriano Parlamento/IMarch Sport[75S-5]05:45,05202:52,4902. gr. C3
6. 49Giulio Regosa/IRebo BMW[004]05:58,10102:48,7074. gr. CN
7. 60Georg Olbrich/DRigol Sports C3[R-001]06:02,46903:00,9603. gr. C3
8. 62Victor Gutierrez Abraham/ETOJ BMW[_SC206-Fitter]06:02,95302:59,6354. gr. C3
9. 61Jose Gonzales Naredo/ESymbol BMW[-]06:12,71303:05,3065. gr. C3
10. 53Josť Ramon Fernandez/EBMW M3[-]06:13,76603:04,7141. gr. Gr.2
11. 52Javier Arias Voces/EBMW M3[-]06:16,06903:07,7562. gr. Gr.2
12. 44Roberto Cuervo Mendez/EFord Escort Cosworth[-]06:18,73803:09,3491. gr. A
13. 66Rolf KŲppel/DPRC M91[M91-03]06:19,86602:59,2206. gr. C3
14. 49Alberto Del Montes/ECitroen AX Sport[-]06:22,44703:10,9933. gr. Gr.2
15. 36Peter JureÚa/SKFord Escort Cosworth[94222/92]06:23,56103:11,7181. gr. N
16. 48Rafael Aparicio/ECitroen AX[-]06:25,10703:12,1264. gr. Gr.2
17. 35Antonio Herrero Hidalgo/EFord Escort Cosworth[-]06:25,53903:11,6872. gr. N
18. 45Bernardo J. Cardin/ELancia HF Integrale[-]06:30,14803:14,8102. gr. A
19. 51Sergio Glez Diaz/EBMW M3[-]06:32,69603:16,2925. gr. Gr.2
20. 26Ivan Suarez Martinez/ECitroen AX Sport[-]06:35,03903:17,0386. gr. Gr.2
21. 50Daniel Sordo/EBMW M3[-]06:36,45103:15,5467. gr. Gr.2
22. 43Adolfo Fino/ELancia HF Integrale[-]06:42,25203:20,4503. gr. A
23. 42Juan Carlos Diaz Mendez/EPeugeot 306 S16[-]06:48,80503:23,0294. gr. A
24. 29Roberto Solis Vega/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]06:49,01603:23,7073. gr. N
25. 19Alvaro Del Cueto/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]06:49,75503:24,5691. gr. S
26. 28Sergio Lopez Fombona/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]06:58,28803:28,5714. gr. N
27. 25Rene Sierra Garcia/ESelex Formula[-]07:00,74503:29,3182. gr. S
28. 8Mercelino Hevia/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]07:02,09303:30,8295. gr. N
29. 12Juan Manuel Piquero/EFiat Ritmo Abarth[-]07:03,05103:31,0213. gr. S
30. 4R. Enrique Fanjul/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]07:06,84203:33,2776. gr. N
31. 7Manuel A. Perez/EPeugeot 106 Xsi[-]07:08,68503:33,9567. gr. N
32. 21Josť Antonio Insausti/EOpel Kadett 1800[-]07:09,42103:34,5624. gr. S
33. 32Jose Luis A. Norniel/EPeugeot 205 GTi[-]07:11,08003:34,9388. gr. N
34. 11J. Diego Gomez Fernandez/ESimca Rallye[-]07:11,31903:35,5545. gr. S
35. 18Jorge A. Vega Prado/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]07:12,55503:36,2466. gr. S
36. 14Jose Luis Alvarez/ESeat 1430/2000[-]07:14,89703:36,7947. gr. S
37. 6Ruben Garcia Merino/ECitroen AX GTi[-]07:16,32903:35,8349. gr. N
38. 22Adolfo Vazquez Carba/EOpel Kadett GTE[-]07:25,11403:42,3068. gr. S
39. 40Braulio Martinez Sua/ECitroen AX GT[-]07:26,27003:43,2685. gr. A
40. 34Jose Blanco Rosales/ELancia HF Integrale[-]07:30,21603:35,28810. gr. N
41. 5Pedro Pablo Alvarez/ECitroen AX GTi[-]07:30,39203:44,49411. gr. N
42. 27»asto Ramos/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]07:32,00603:45,65412. gr. N
43. 41Ruben Garcia Garcia/ECitroen AX GTi[-]07:32,88603:45,7976. gr. A
44. 38Luis Manuel Pelaez/ERenault 4 GTL[-]07:59,02703:58,3427. gr. A
45. 16Juan Ramon Suarez/EFiat Abarth[-]08:02,62004:00,6129. gr. S
46. 2J. Alfredo Valle Vega/EOpel Corsa[-]08:15,85904:07,32810. gr. S
47. 1Carlos Martinez Fernandez/ESeat 127[-]08:17,95604:08,34311. gr. S
48. 3J. Luis Munoz Domingo/ERenault 5 GTL[-]08:46,64704:22,70112. gr. S


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