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Archívy Euromontagna

XXVI. Rampa Da Falperra

Rampa da Falperra/P


1. 1Rüdiger Faustmann/DFaust P 94 Opel[002/Faust/]04:21,31202:07,4061. gr. C3
2. 3Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA20/S[PA20S-31/96]04:28,29202:07,9451. gr. CN
3. 10Jiří Mičánek/CZLucchini P3-95M[111-P3-95M]04:29,53802:10,7392. gr. CN
4. 2Andres Vilariňo/ENorma BMW[-]04:33,58102:11,8533. gr. CN
5. 7Renzo Napione/IOsella BMW[PA20S-27/96]04:48,74402:17,5954. gr. CN
6. 9Josef Krečmer/CZLucchini P3-96M[124-P3-96M]04:48,98502:17,4125. gr. CN
7. 6Rolf Köppel/DPRC M91[M91-03]04:49,97502:21,5222. gr. C3
8. 5Adriano Parlamento/IMarch[75S-5]04:52,35402:19,3413. gr. C3
9. 46Fernando Peres/PFord Escort Cosworth[-]04:53,72102:24,6271. gr. A
10. 45Jaromír Malý/CZFord Escort Cosworth[1022/1996]04:58,35702:27,7672. gr. A
11. 47Otakar Krámský/CZBMW M3 Sport Evo[66556013/97]04:59,98102:23,3643. gr. A
12. 1Jorge Petiz/PBMW M3[-]05:07,61502:30,5121. gr. N-P
13. 3Alcides Petiz/PBMW M3[-]05:09,18402:32,0992. gr. N-P
14. 2Miguel Ramos/PBMW M3[-]05:14,24302:34,6383. gr. N-P
15. 60Petr Vojáček/CZFord Escort Cosworth[WR199307/93]05:17,23802:34,2261. gr. N
16. 25Pedro Rodrigues/PToyota Carina E[-]05:17,48402:34,3161. gr. Carina
17. 99Paulo Pereira/PToyota Carina E[-]05:18,15902:35,1902. gr. Carina
18. 50Manuel Teixeira/PToyota Carina E[-]05:18,88402:36,2303. gr. Carina
19. 30Carlos Borges/PToyota Carina E[-]05:18,89802:35,4904. gr. Carina
20. 40Jobo Ramos/PToyota Carina E[-]05:20,88902:35,7835. gr. Carina
21. 22Rui Castro Lopo/PToyota Carina E[-]05:21,01402:35,6916. gr. Carina
22. 29Pedro Moura/PToyota Carina E[-]05:21,91202:36,5327. gr. Carina
23. 48Antonio Barros/PBMW M3 Sport Evo[-]05:22,18302:39,1484. gr. A
24. 13Filipe Miranda/PToyota Carina E[-]05:23,54402:38,5428. gr. Carina
25. 1Luis Veloso/PToyota Carina E[-]05:23,60902:37,4189. gr. Carina
26. 51Patrick Cunha/PToyota Carina E[-]05:23,70602:38,12310. gr. Carina
27. 6Hermano Sobral/PToyota Carina E[-]05:23,85702:39,27011. gr. Carina
28. 4David Rodrigues/PBMW M3[-]05:24,76902:35,6864. gr. N-P
29. 59Ferreira Silva/PFord Escort Cosworth[-]05:31,56202:42,9812. gr. N
30. 44Alvaro Figueira/PToyota Carina E[-]05:31,80102:41,81612. gr. Carina
31. 97Manuel F. Martins/PToyota Carina E[-]05:34,97902:45,12313. gr. Carina
32. 61Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Escort Cosworth[NS96071/93]05:36,77202:37,0273. gr. N
33. 7Jose Rodrigues/PBMW M3[-]05:39,05402:48,2105. gr. N-P
34. 8Adriano Barbosa/PAlfa Romeo 145[-]05:41,82302:50,2556. gr. N-P
35. 55Renato Barros/PCitroën Saxo Cup[-]05:43,17002:48,8285. gr. A
36. 50Antonio Baptista/PRenault Clio[-]05:46,30602:48,1506. gr. A
37. 20Luis Sousa/PToyota Carina E[-]05:46,32802:47,87414. gr. Carina
38. 5Victor Costa/PBMW[-]05:50,92702:54,9067. gr. N-P
39. 9Paulo Guimarkes/PRenault Clio[-]06:00,47903:00,1348. gr. N-P
40. 56José Araudo/PNissan Micra[-]06:00,63602:57,5757. gr. A
41. 10Jorge Meira/PCitroën AX GTi[-]06:03,31503:00,4309. gr. N-P
42. 12Francisco Amorin/PFord RS 2000[-]06:06,54303:01,17310. gr. N-P
43. 54Jorge Meira/PCitroën Saxo Cup[-]06:09,40002:47,7338. gr. A
44. 51Paula Freitas/PRenault Clio Coupe[-]06:15,21403:04,8499. gr. A
45. 52Antonio Freitas/PCitroën AX GTi[-]06:18,85003:07,61610. gr. A
46. 57Antonio Ribeiro/PFiat Cinquecento[-]06:32,70703:10,98611. gr. A
47. 11Carlos Lopes/PVW Golf GTi[-]06:42,07103:20,86411. gr. N-P



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