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Bagnols Sabran

Bagnols Sabran/F


1. Daniel Boccard/FMartini Mk 56[-]02:43,1131. gr. E
2. Christian Debias/FMartini Mk 56[-]02:45,5062. gr. E
3. Bernard Chamberod/FTOJ SC206[SC206-001]02:49,1271. gr. C3
4. Patrick Dupuis/FLucchini[050-S288]02:52,6522. gr. C3
5. Gérard Petit/FTOJ SC206[_SC206-F-a]02:55,6523. gr. C3
6. Serge Vidal/FLola T296[T298/HUVoisin]02:59,9584. gr. C3
7. Frédéric Prudent/FMartini Mk 46/56[-]03:01,9223. gr. E
8. Cyrille Frantz/FMartini M 01[-]03:07,3834. gr. E
9. Robert Bourelly/FMartini Mk 14[-]03:08,9265. gr. E
10. Sonia Reynouard/FPhega C 85[-]03:09,9626. gr. E


KL Milesi/FAudi Quattro[-]1. gr. B
KL Bernard Etienne Grobot/FFord Escort[-]1. gr. N
KL Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]1. gr. A
KL Jean-Louis Reboul/FPorsche 911[-]1. gr. F
KL Vautrin/FPorsche 935[-]3. gr. F
KL Henri Vuillermoz/FMerlin C3[-]5. gr. C3
KL Daniel Roudet/FMecaredan[-]6. gr. C3
KL Luc Chassigneux/FARC[-]7. gr. C3
KL Henri Adami/FGeri RB 6[-]8. gr. C3
KL Christian Martin/FRT 01[-]9. gr. C3

Did not classified


Daniel Boccard/FMartini Mk 56[-]E
Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]A
Bernard Etienne Grobot/FFord Escort[-]N
Milesi/FAudi Quattro[-]B
Henri Vuillermoz/FMerlin C3[-]C3
Daniel Roudet/FMecaredan[-]C3
Luc Chassigneux/FARC[-]C3
Henri Adami/FGeri RB 6[-]C3
Christian Martin/FRT 01[-]C3
Jean-Louis Reboul/FPorsche 911[-]F
Sonia Reynouard/FPhega C 85[-]E
Christian Debias/FMartini Mk 56[-]Liqui MolyyellowE
Bernard Chamberod/FTOJ SC206[SC206-001]C3
Patrick Dupuis/FLucchini[050-S288]C3
Gérard Petit/FTOJ SC206[_SC206-F-a]C3
Serge Vidal/FLola T296[T298/HUVoisin]C3
Frédéric Prudent/FMartini Mk 46/56[-]E
Cyrille Frantz/FMartini M 01[-]E
Robert Bourelly/FMartini Mk 14[-]E
Vautrin/FPorsche 935[-]F

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