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Euromontagna Archives

Brno, Bohemo Grand Prix



1. 7Charles Agg/GBMcLaren M8F[M8F-72-10]2041:16,290-
2. 8Richard Eyre/GBMcLaren M8F[M8F-72-09]2041:31,160- A
3. 1Chris Chiles/GBMcLaren M6B[M6B-50-16]2041:35,140-
4. 20Manfred Dolata/DMcLaren M6B[M6B-50-17]2041:53,050- A
5. 61John Burton/GBChevron B19[-]2042:17,750-
6. 42Ian Barrowman/GBMartin BM 8[_BM8-1]2042:18,410-
7. 64Helen Bashford/GBChevron B19[B19-71-124]2042:34,460-
8. 56Kent Abrahamsson/SChevron B19[C14-011]2043:33,270- C
9. 51Bernt Andersson/SLola T212[T212-32]2044:07,540- C
10. 95Christian Bultiauw/BLola T292[-]2044:30,600- E
11. 23Walter Steding/GBLola T70[SL76-109]2045:29,130-
14. 50Bernd Seidler/DMartin BM 7[_BM7-1]1943:12,170- C
15. 67André Wanty/BChevron B19[-]1943:25,960-
16. 28Chris O´Neill/GBLola T70[SL76-137]1943:35,860- B
17. 99Wolfgang Mathai/DLola T290[T290/HU02]1943:54,000-
18. 79Andrew Jackson/GBChevron B6[-]1841:37,030-
19. 75Peter Lee/GBChevron B8[B8-DBE32/1968]1842:15,040-
20. 26J. Keith Martin/GBDulon Porsche[LD11-41]1842:59,270-
21. 82Stig Johnsson/SChevron B8[-]1843:36,270-
22. 76Gosta Petterson/SChevron B6[-]1843:43,730-
23. 101Nick Snoeck/NLSauber C3[C03.003]1744:21,480- E
12. 65Jonas Qvarnström/SChevron B19[-]1940:16,110-
13. 52Mike Wrigley/GBChevron B19[-]1940:23,040-
24. 103Richard Evans/GBChevron B26[B26-24-12]1633:27,420-
25. 22Trevor Needham/GBGinetta G16[G16-003]1533:46,930-
26. 66Victor Myette/USALola T212[T212-18]1431:58,820-
27. 2Jürgen Weiler/DMcLaren M6C[M8C/D-30-25]1226:42,990- A
28. 100Jan van Straaten/NLLola T292[-]905:20:48,730- E
29. 57Jan Brunstedt/SChevron B19[-]805:17:03,490-
30. 40David Gathercole/GBColdwell C14[-]105:02:13,070-
31. 5Jost Kalisch/DBRM P154[-]105:02:31,970-


Did not classified

NS92Jean Blaton/BLola T282[-]-
P91Lawrence Rose/GBOsella[PA4-039]-
P93Peter Beckhauser/DChevron B21[B21-72-45]- E
P96Rolf Lamberty/DChevron B23[-]- E

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