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Euromontagna Archives

Trento Bondone

Trento Bondone/I



1. 94Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche Bergspyder 8-cyl[-]11:17,5301. gr. B6/7
2. 100Lodovico Scarfiotti/IFerrari Dino Spyder 2.0[0842]11:29,4402. gr. B6/7
3. 104Peter Schetty/CHAbarth Turbolare[-]11:52,0703. gr. B6/7
4. 92Günther Klass/DFerrari Dino Spyder 2.0[00466]11:55,0304. gr. B6/7
5. 96Johannes Ortner/AAbarth[-]11:55,9505. gr. B6/7
6. 56Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]12:03,2701. gr. Gr.4
7. 58Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:06,6702. gr. Gr.4
8. 54Carlo Facetti/IPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:17,6803. gr. Gr.4
9. 62Alex Soler-Roig/EPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:24,1904. gr. Gr.4
10. 60Antonio Zadala/IPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:35,7105. gr. Gr.4
11. 64Helmuth Leuze/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]12:59,8706. gr. Gr.4
12. 302Richard Gerin/APorsche 911T b6 1991cc[-]13:09,4202. gr. Gr.2
13. 272Ignazio Giunti/IAlfa Romeo Giulia s4 1570cc[-]13:09,4201. gr. Gr.2
14. 274Michel Weber/DAlfa Romeo Giulia s4 1570cc[-]13:12,3703. gr. Gr.2
15. 178Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911S[-]13:19,2501. gr. Gr.3
16. 306Hans Peter Nueffeler/CHPorsche 911T b6 1991cc[-]13:30,3704. gr. Gr.2
17. 30Franco Pilone/IFiat-Abarth 1300OT[-]13:30,8007. gr. Gr.4
18. 286 "Shangry-la"/IAlfa Romeo Giulia s4 1570cc[-]13:31,0005. gr. Gr.2
19. 26Karl Federhofer/DFiat-Abarth 1300OT[-]13:31,5208. gr. Gr.4
20. 192Tullio Sergio Marchesi/IFerrari 275GTB[-]13:32,5902. gr. Gr.3
21. 182Malte Huth/DPorsche 911S[-]13:32,6303. gr. Gr.3
22. 190Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHFerrari 275GTB[-]13:36,3204. gr. Gr.3
23. 280Alessandro Moncini/IAlfa Romeo Giulia s4 1570cc[-]13:40,8606. gr. Gr.2
24. 168Werner Ruefenacht/CHLotus Elan[-]13:45,2205. gr. Gr.3
25. 304Eugenio Bonomelli/IPorsche 911T b6 1991cc[-]13:47,2807. gr. Gr.2
26. 184Sten Frodhe/SPorsche 911S[-]13:48,5106. gr. Gr.3
27. 88Enzo Buzzetti/IFiat-Abarth 1000SP[-]13:49,4006. gr. B6/7
28. 28 "Nicor"/IFiat-Abarth 1300OT[-]13:50,1809. gr. Gr.4
29. 22Carlo Zuccoli/IFiat-Abarth 1300OT[-]14:04,36010. gr. Gr.4
30. 150Ruggero Parpinelli/ILancia Fulvia HF Rallye[-]14:04,5507. gr. Gr.3
31. 282Stelio Cocconcelli/IAlfa Romeo Giulia s4 1570cc[-]14:04,7808. gr. Gr.2
32. 196Franco Failli/IFerrari 275GTB[-]14:09,4008. gr. Gr.3
33. 154Cesare Poretti/ILancia Fulvia HF Rallye[-]14:10,3409. gr. Gr.3
34. 84Jean-Claude Favre/CHHillman Imp Sport[-]14:10,3607. gr. B6/7
35. 240Marco Crosina/ILancia Fulvia HF Coupé s4 1298cc[-]14:10,5609. gr. Gr.2
36. 236Spartaco Dini/IAlfa romeo Giulia GTA Junior s4 1290cc[-]14:10,57010. gr. Gr.2
37. 260Silvano Pittini/IMorris Mini Cooper S s4 1275cc[-]14:11,43011. gr. Gr.2
38. 222Johann Abt/DFiat-Abarth 1000TC s4 982cc[-]14:11,60012. gr. Gr.2
39. 32Silvio Morero/IFiat-Abarth 1300OT[-]14:12,01011. gr. Gr.4
40. 10Everardo Ostini/IFiat-Abarth 1000OT Bialbero[-]14:15,94012. gr. Gr.4
41. 242Rosadele Facetti/ILancia Fulvia HF Coupé s4 1298cc[-]14:16,97013. gr. Gr.2
42. 142Enrico Romanini/ILancia Fulvia HF Rallye[-]14:21,38010. gr. Gr.3
43. 294Piero Conte/IAlfa Romeo Giulia s4 1570cc[-]14:22,22014. gr. Gr.2
44. 146Roberto Angiolini/ILancia Fulvia HF Rallye[-]14:24,56011. gr. Gr.3
45. 258Giuseppe Giacomini/IRenault 8 Gordini s4 1255cc[-]14:24,75015. gr. Gr.2
46. 74Roland Stierli/CHFiat-Abarth 1000SP[-]14:26,1108. gr. B6/7
47. 204Claudio Margoni/IFiat-Abarth 850TC s4 847cc[-]14:26,68016. gr. Gr.2
48. 220Umberto Grano/IFiat-Abarth 1000TC s4 982cc[-]14:27,80017. gr. Gr.2
49. 244Dieter Delle Karth/AMorris Mini Cooper S s4 1275cc[-]14:29,39018. gr. Gr.2
50. 256Alfred Krohe/DMorris Mini Cooper S s4 1275cc[-]14:29,89019. gr. Gr.2
51. 152Girolamo Capra/ILancia Fulvia HF Rallye[-]14:33,75012. gr. Gr.3
52. 206Franco Galli/IFiat-Abarth 850TC s4 847cc[-]14:35,29020. gr. Gr.2
53. 202Vittorio Tabacchi/IFiat-Abarth 850TC s4 847cc[-]14:38,00021. gr. Gr.2
54. 194Renzo Sinibaldi/IFerrari 275GTB[-]14:44,98013. gr. Gr.3
55. 224Alessanfro Marcon/IFiat-Abarth 1000TC s4 982cc[-]14:45,15022. gr. Gr.2
56. 276Bartolomeo Badii/IAlfa Romeo Giulia s4 1570cc[-]14:47,80023. gr. Gr.2
57. 208 "Opicina"/IFiat-Abarth 850TC s4 847cc[-]14:48,82024. gr. Gr.2
58. 326Artur Gerster/AChevrolet camaro SS v8 4785cc[-]14:51,85025. gr. Gr.2
59. 132Michael Endress/DNSU 1000TTS s4 996cc[-]14:54,14026. gr. Gr.2
60. 210Fulvio Tandoi/IFiat-Abarth 850TC s4 847cc[-]14:55,90027. gr. Gr.2
61. "Sergio"/Porsche 911T b6 1991cc[-]14:59,23028. gr. Gr.2
62. F. Solci/Lancia Flavia Coupé Zagato s4 1800cc[-]14:59,50029. gr. Gr.2
63. 322Alessandro Ragazzi/IAlfa Romeo 2600 Sprint s6 2584cc[-]14:59,74030. gr. Gr.2
64. 156Alberto Girardini/ILancia Fulvia HF Rallye[-]15:00,68014. gr. Gr.3
65. 130Joe Kretschi/CHNSU 1000TTS s4 996cc[-]15:06,71031. gr. Gr.2
66. 80Dino Dolcetti/IBandini 1000 Sport Fiat[-]15:21,3209. gr. B6/7
67. "S.L."/Lancia Flavia Coupé Zagato s4 1800cc[-]15:22,41032. gr. Gr.2
68. 330Mario Tommasini/IAlfa Romeo 2600 Sprint s6 2584cc[-]16:30,42033. gr. Gr.2
69. 128Paolo Brambilla/IFiat-Abarth 1000OTS[-]16:52,91015. gr. Gr.3
70. 296Pietro Longoni/IAlfa Romeo Giulia s4 1570cc[-]17:58,18034. gr. Gr.2
71. 250Walter Dona/IMorris Mini Cooper S s4 1275cc[-]19:04,92035. gr. Gr.2


Did not classified

AB34Bruno Hofmann/DAbarth[-]- Gr.4
AB22Carlo Zuccoli/IAbarth[-]- Gr.4
AB110Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 206S Dino Spyder[02867]- B6/7
AB108Mario Casoni/IFerrari 206 S Dino Spyder[0911GT58]- B6/7
AB12Pompilio Scantimburgo/IAbarth[-]- Gr.4
AB8 "Ubvar"/Abarth[-]- Gr.4
AB102Dieter Quester/ALola T120 BMW[T120_M]- B6/7photo
AB6Mauro Baldo/IAbarth[-]- Gr.4
AB4Sergio Caldart/IAbarth[-]- Gr.4
AB116Peter Crossley/GBBrabham[-]- B6/7
AB82Vittorio Maroni/IAbarth[-]- B6/7
AB76Marco Macciantelli/IDe Sanctis[-]- B6/7
AB42Aldo Bardelli/IAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.4
AB252Hartmut Hoheisel/DAustin Cooper[-]- Gr.2
AB46Aldo Bersano/IAlfa Romeo[-]- Gr.4
AB262Armando Furian/IAustin Cooper[-]- Gr.2
AB230Luigi Valler/IAbarth[-]- Gr.2
AB228Augusto De Paoli/IAbarth[-]- Gr.2
AB98Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche Bergspyder 8-cyl[-]- B6/7
AB226Maurizio Zanetti/IAbarth[-]- Gr.2
AB212Ubaldo Smittarello/IAbarth[-]- Gr.2
AB170Sebastian Helliel/DLotus Elan[-]- Gr.3
AB136Ottorino Zarattin/INSU[-]- Gr.3
AB134Giuseppe Trombetta/IAbarth[-]- Gr.3
AB180Mario Facca/IPorsche[-]- Gr.3
AB66 "Gano"/Porsche[-]- Gr.4

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