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Trento Bondone

Trento Bondone/I



1. 416Lodovico Scarfiotti/IFerrari 196SP Dino 2.0 Spider[0804]12:25,9001. gr. SportsCars
2. 422Heini Walter/CHPorsche 718 W-RS Spyder[-]12:29,1002. gr. SportsCarsphoto
3. Odoardo Govoni/IMaserati Tipo 60[-]12:40,0003. gr. SportsCars
4. Sepp Greger/DPorsche 718/RS-61[718-Greger]12:55,8004. gr. SportsCars
5. Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche 718 W-RS Spyder[718-076]13:16,2005. gr. SportsCars
6. Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 250 GTO[-]13:21,1001. gr. GT
7. Herbert Müller/CHPorsche 718/RS-61[-]13:37,5006. gr. SportsCars
8. 390Ada Pace/IOsca 1000S[-]13:47,6007. gr. SportsCars
9. Sesto Leonardi/IOsca 1000S[-]14:02,9008. gr. SportsCars
10. Siegfried Günther/DPorsche Carrera GT[-]14:03,2002. gr. GT
11. Hans Kühnis/CHPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]14:06,2003. gr. GT
12. Karl Federhofer/DPorsche Carrera GT[-]14:07,7004. gr. GT
13. Werner Brockhaus/DPorsche Carrera Abarth[-]14:08,2005. gr. GT
14. Tommy Spychiger/CHFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]14:12,9006. gr. GT
15. Carlo Peroglio/ILotus 9 Coventry-Climax[-]14:19,6009. gr. SportsCars
16. Michel Weber/DPorsche 356B/1600GS Carrera[-]14:22,0007. gr. GT
16. Hellfried Kiwisch/Porsche 356B/1600GS Carrera[-]--- GT
16. Ferruccio Zanardelli/IFerrari 250GT[-]--- GT
17. Bruno Donato/IFiat-Abarth 1000S[-]14:22,20010. gr. SportsCars
18. Hans Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 356B/1600GS Carrera[-]14:24,8008. gr. GT
19. Vittorio Venturi/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]14:29,6009. gr. GT
20. Leo Cella/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]--- GT
20. Carlo Facetti/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]14:30,00010. gr. GT
21. Herbert Demetz/AFiat-Abarth 1000S[-]14:33,70011. gr. SportsCars
22. Gerhart/Porsche 356B/1600GS Carrera[-]14:35,00011. gr. GT
23. Giampiero Biscaldi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]14:39,00012. gr. GT
24. Hans Illert/CHFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]14:42,00013. gr. GT
25. Oddone Sigala/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]14:58,10014. gr. GT
26. Giuseppe Della Torre/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]15:10,3001. gr. TC
27. Silvano Stefani/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]15:18,10015. gr. GT
28. Luigi Baldini/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]15:21,20016. gr. GT
29. Beppino/Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]15:23,10017. gr. GT
30. Franco Patria/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]15:23,20018. gr. GT
30. Ugo Bagnasacco/ILancia Appia Zagato[-]--- GT
31. Falvio Sapia/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]15:26,10019. gr. GT
32. Florio Gori/Fiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]15:28,0002. gr. TC
33. Egidio Nicolosi/IFerrari 250GT[-]15:28,00020. gr. GT
34. "Gunar"/Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]15:28,1003. gr. TC
35. Alberto Antoniucci/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]15:28,10021. gr. GT
36. Romolo Rossi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]15:29,2004. gr. TC
37. Teodoro Zeccoli/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]15:32,50022. gr. GT
38. Alfred Höber/DVolvo PV544[-]15:34,5005. gr. TC
39. Jochen Rindt/Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]15:35,0006. gr. TC
40. "Mec"/Fiat 1500[-]15:40,0007. gr. TC
41. Ugo De Giorgio/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]15:41,6008. gr. TC
42. Renato Salvetta/IAlfa Romeo 1900 T.I.[-]15:42,7009. gr. TC
43. Achilie Minen/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]15:45,00023. gr. GT
44. Alex von Falkenhausen/DBMW 700 Sport Coupé[-]15:47,10010. gr. TC
45. Romano Ferretti/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]15:47,30011. gr. TC
46. Giovanni Ferrero/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]15:47,30012. gr. TC
47. Jacopo Trivellato/IAlfa Romeo 1900 T.I.[-]15:49,00013. gr. TC
48. "Felice"/Fiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]15:53,40024. gr. GT
49. Eraldo Olivari/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]15:54,30014. gr. TC
50. Martino Schenk/Fiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]15:55,10015. gr. TC
51. "Kangaroo"/Fiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero[-]15:55,90025. gr. GT
52. Augusto De Paoli/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]15:56,50016. gr. TC
53. Giancarlo Galimberti/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]16:00,20017. gr. TC
54. Salvatore Calascibetta/IFiat 600[-]16:00,30018. gr. TC
55. Fulvio Sestili/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]16:01,40026. gr. GT
56. Riccardo Di Bona/Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]16:04,30019. gr. TC
57. Mariano Mestriner/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:06,00020. gr. TC
58. Otto H. Karger/AVolvo P1800 Sport[-]16:07,30021. gr. TC
59. Gert König/ASteyr-Puch 700C[-]16:14,70022. gr. TC
60. Girolamo Capra/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero[-]16:15,50027. gr. GT
61. Donato Longato/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]16:16,90028. gr. GT
62. Marco Crosina/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:22,10023. gr. TC
63. Giacomo Gaggioli/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:22,20024. gr. TC
64. Giacomo Pescarin/IFiat-Abarth 1000S[-]16:22,50012. gr. SportsCars
65. Theo Klinck/Austin Mini Cooper[-]16:24,00025. gr. TC
66. Silvio Moser/CHAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]16:25,00026. gr. TC
67. Rudolf Thuner/BMW 700 Sport Coupé[-]16:27,30027. gr. TC
68. Giulio Sterrella/Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]16:27,50028. gr. TC
69. Luciano Galli/Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]16:29,00029. gr. GT
70. Angelo Bonaccorsi/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]16:31,30030. gr. GT
71. Giorgio Boitano/IFiat 1100 Turismo Veloce[-]16:38,30029. gr. TC
72. Odoardo Guerrieri-Gonzaga/ISicma 1000[-]16:39,70030. gr. TC
73. "Doge"/Fiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:42,10031. gr. TC
74. Hans Peter Tunner/Volvo PV544[-]16:43,20032. gr. TC
75. Ruggero Parpinelli/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:49,20033. gr. TC
76. Demetrio Santinello/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:49,50034. gr. TC
77. Giorgio Petrarca/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:50,40035. gr. TC
78. Antonio Donin/Simca 1000[-]16:51,40036. gr. TC
79. Alessandro Trevisan/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]16:52,00037. gr. TC
80. Benito Cappellari/ISteyr-Puch 500[-]16:52,10038. gr. TC
81. Abramo Zanardelli/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:52,20039. gr. TC
82. Alfredo Marazia/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI[-]16:53,10040. gr. TC
83. "Acnalam"/Fiat 1100 Turismo Veloce[-]16:54,00041. gr. TC
84. Adolf Graf/AD.K.W. Junior[-]16:54,40042. gr. TC
85. Paolo Bosello/Fiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]16:56,80043. gr. TC
86. Fritz Schlögel/Steyr-Puch 500[-]16:57,00044. gr. TC
87. Walter Roser/ASteyr-Puch 500[-]17:00,00045. gr. TC
88. Arrigo Cocchetti/IFiat 1100 Turismo Veloce[-]17:01,90046. gr. TC
89. Aldo Alba/IFiat 1100 Turismo Veloce[-]17:03,20047. gr. TC
90. Willi Nessling/DAustin Mini Cooper[-]17:04,70048. gr. TC
91. Luciano Massoni/ISteyr-Puch 500[-]17:05,90049. gr. TC
92. Luciano Jermi/ISimca 1000[-]17:12,80050. gr. TC
93. Carlo Hirschberg/Fiat 600[-]17:17,00051. gr. TC
94. Alma Cacciandra/Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]17:33,80031. gr. GT
95. "Gaggianaja"/Fiat 1100 Turismo Veloce[-]17:38,10052. gr. TC
96. Letterio Consolo/Fiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]17:49,10053. gr. TC
97. Arnaldo Trantino/IFiat 1100 Zagato[-]17:50,80032. gr. GT
98. Giuseppe Lombardi/ISteyr-Puch 500[-]17:54,50054. gr. TC
99. "Pippo"/Fiat 600[-]17:59,00055. gr. TC
100. Giuseppe Ippolito D´Ippolito/IFiat 500[-]17:59,50056. gr. TC
101. Gianni Rota/BMW 700 Sport Coupé[-]18:04,10057. gr. TC
102. Luigi Ogna/Fiat 500[-]18:11,10058. gr. TC
103. Annbiale Cecconi/Fiat 500[-]18:29,30059. gr. TC
104. Angela Fontana/Fiat 500[-]18:36,50060. gr. TC
105. Alessandro Braga/Fiat 500[-]18:40,50061. gr. TC
106. Domenico Romanello/Fiat 500[-]19:43,30062. gr. TC
107. Alberto Bononi/IFiat 500[-]19:43,30063. gr. TC
108. Paolo Salerno/IFiat 600[-]19:55,20064. gr. TC
109. Silvano Pasini/IFiat 500[-]19:56,30065. gr. TC
110. Antonio Marzorati/IFiat-Abarth 850 Turismo Corsa[-]20:14,00066. gr. TC
111. "Perez"/Fiat 500[-]20:20,60067. gr. TC
112. Pierluigi Bonera/Fiat 500[-]20:50,40068. gr. TC
113. Luigi Petri/IBMW 700 Sport Coupé[-]24:00,30069. gr. TC
114. Gianni Varese/IFiat 1100 Zagato[-]25:22,00033. gr. GT


KL Harry Zweifel/CHLotus Maserati[-]- SportsCars

Did not classified

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