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Archívy Euromontagna

ADAC Bergrekord Freiburg - Schauinsland




1. 106Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS1600[-]14:21,70007:09,4001. gr. SportsCarsphoto
2. 112Harry Zweifel/CHLotus Monte-Carlo[-]14:35,20007:13,7002. gr. SportsCars
3. 101Franz Albert/APorsche RSK1500[-]14:36,00007:15,6003. gr. SportsCars
4. 113Gianni Balzarini/ICooper Maserati[-]14:37,40007:11,9004. gr. SportsCars
5. 108Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche RSK1600[718-076]14:37,80007:18,6005. gr. SportsCars
6. 100Sepp Greger/DPorsche RS[718-Greger]14:43,30007:10,7006. gr. SportsCarsphoto
7. 107Karl Orthuber/APorsche 1600 RS[-]14:43,90007:18,8007. gr. SportsCars
8. 110Milivoj Božič/YUPorsche 1600 RS[-]14:48,30007:21,6008. gr. SportsCarsphoto
9. 64Heinz Schiller/CHPorsche Carrera[-]15:01,60007:30,2001. gr. GT
10. Karl Federhofer/DPorsche Carrera[-]15:32,90007:46,0002. gr. GT
11. 86Eberhard Mahle/DMercedes-Benz 300SL[-]15:41,00007:49,9003. gr. GT
12. Karl Heinz Panowitz/DPorsche Carrera[-]15:46,60007:52,9004. gr. GT
13. 90Walter Schneider/DBMW 700RS[-]15:49,60007:52,1009. gr. SportsCarsphoto
14. 87Sergio Bettoja/IFerrari 250 GTO[-]15:52,90007:54,0005. gr. GT
15. 69Karl-Ernst Heinkel/DPorsche Carrera[-]16:02,40007:54,6006. gr. GT
16. 96Ernesto Prinoth/IAbarth[-]16:07,00010. gr. SportsCars
17. Lothar Bender/Alfa Romeo[-]--08:02,1007. gr. GT
18. Robert Huber/CHLotus[-]--8. gr. GT
19. George R. Kreisel/DLotus[-]--9. gr. GT
20. 105Patsy Burt/GBPorsche[-]16:36,80008:14,00011. gr. SportsCars
21. 93Hans Kater/DBMW 700S Coupe[-]17:42,60012. gr. SportsCars
22. 94Hubert Hahne/DBMW 700S Coupe[-]17:52,30013. gr. SportsCars
23. 109Rolf Schild/CHSauter DKW[-]18:05,90008:14,00014. gr. SportsCars
24. 92Richard Lichtenberg/DBMW 700S Coupe[-]18:30,70015. gr. SportsCars


KL120Andre Periat/CHCooper T52 BMC[-]8. gr. Rennw.
KL132Peter Monteverdi/CHMBM Ford[-]9. gr. Rennw.
KL133Otto Lux/DLotus 18 Ford[-]10. gr. Rennw.
KL139Helmut Fabian/DLola Mk2 Ford[-]11. gr. Rennw.
KL130Philipp Meub/DAU Meub Spezial DKW[-]12. gr. Rennw.
KL135Herbert Ott/DMitter 59 DKW[-]13. gr. Rennw.


AB58Wolfgang Steidle/DPorsche[-]- GT
AB103Tommy Spychiger/CHPorsche[-]- SportsCars
AB95Franz Müller/DBMW 700S[-]- SportsCars
AB91Herbert Linge/DBMW[-]- SportsCars
AB68Josef Bendl/DPorsche[-]- GT
AB27Bruno Runte/DAU[-]- GT
NC137Kurt Ahrens/DCooper Stanguellini[-]3. gr. Rennw.
NC128Heinz Melkus/DDRMelkus 61 Wartburg[-]7. gr. Rennw.
NC52Werner Brockhaus/DPorsche[-]- GT
NC Peter Ruby/DDKW[-]- GT
NC63Paul Enrst Strähle/DPorsche[-]- GT
NC65Siegfried Günther/DPorsche[-]- GT
NC Karl-Günther Bechem/DBMW[-]- GT
NC61Wolf-Dieter Metzler/DDKW[-]- GT
NC20Roland Stierli/CHAbarth[-]- GT
NC Joseph Arnold/CHAbarth[-]- GT
NC Ernst Furtmayr/DAlfa Romeo[-]- GT
NC Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo[-]- GT
NC Heinz Eppelein/DBMW[-]- GT
NC60Sepp Greger/DPorsche[-]- GT
NC124Robert Frank/DCooper T45 DKW[-]6. gr. Rennw.
NC134Karl Foitek/CHLotus 20 Ford[-]5. gr. Rennw.
NC127Robert Küderlin/CHGermini 3A Ford[-]4. gr. Rennw.
NC138Gerhard Mitter/DLotus 18 DKW[-]2. gr. Rennw.
NC Franco Bettoja/IFerrari[-]1. gr. Rennw.
NC88Günther Lotsträter/DFerrari[-]- GT
NC77Betty Haig/GBAC Bristol[-]- GT
NC76Engelbert Möll/CHAC Bristol[-]- GT
NC79Jim B. Banbury/GBMorgan[-]- GT
NC Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DBMW[-]- GT
NC Martin Mühlbauer/DAustin Healey[-]- GT
P78André-Francois Bungener/CHTriumph[-]- GT
P102Bruno Runte/DPorsche RS61[-]- SportsCars
P104Gottfried Köchert/APorsche RS61[-]- SportsCars
P111Odoardo Govoni/IMaserati[-]- SportsCars
P57Friedrich Leinenweber/DPorsche[-]- GT
P55Roger Meier/CHBorgward[-]- GT
ST62Ernst Pflugbeil/DPorsche[-]- GT
ST53Heinz Egon Buse/DPorsche 356A[-]- GT
ST54Manfred Kunze/DPorsche 1600[-]- GT
ST85Helmut Felder/DFerrari 250GT[-]- GT
ST80Bill C. Walton/Triumph[-]- GT
ST70Eberhard Rank/DPorsche[-]- GT
ST59Karl Heinz Panowitz/DPorsche[-]- GT
ST67Ludwig Walter/DPorsche[-]- GT
ST66Armin von Freyberg/DPorsche[-]- GT
ST56Ernst Städeli/CHBorgward[-]- GT

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