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Trento Bondone

Trento Bondone/I


1. Sepp Greger/DPorsche 718/RS-61 b4 1587cc[718-Greger]13:12,4001. gr. S
2. Gianni Balzarini/ICooper T49 Monaco Maserati s4 1994cc[-]13:16,7002. gr. S
3. 251Heini Walter/CHPorsche 718/RS-61 b4 1587cc[-]13:26,6003. gr. S
4. Franz Albert/APorsche 718/RS-60 b4 1587cc[-]13:34,0004. gr. S
5. Karl Orthuber/APorsche 718/RS-60 b4 1587cc[718-075]13:38,0005. gr. S
6. Herrmann Müller/CHPorsche 718/RS-60 b4 1587cc[718-076]13:39,9006. gr. S
7. Siegfried Günther/DPorsche 356B/1600GS Carrera b4 1587cc[-]13:59,1001. gr. GT
8. Ernesto Prinoth/IFiat-Abarth 1000 Sport s4 982cc[-]14:09,8007. gr. S
9. Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/IFerrari 250GT v12 2953cc[-]14:11,4002. gr. GT
10. Umberto Bini/IO.S.C.A. 1000S s4 998cc[-]14:12,9008. gr. S
11. Armando Zampiero/IMaserati 200SI s4 1994cc[-]14:17,1009. gr. S
12. Giorgio Cecchini/IBandini Sport Fiat s4 998cc[-]14:17,80010. gr. S
13. Gianfranco Stanga/IO.S.C.A. 1000S s4 998cc[-]14:20,00011. gr. S
14. Karl Federhofer/DPorsche 356B/1600GS Carrera b4 1587cc[-]14:25,9003. gr. GT
15. Luciano Conti/IFerrari 250GT v12 2953cc[-]14:27,7004. gr. GT
16. Sesto Leonardi/IO.S.C.A. 1000S s4 998cc[-]14:33,50012. gr. S
17. Herbert Demetz/AFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero s4 982cc[-]14:42,8005. gr. GT
18. Giuseppe Della Torre/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]14:43,2006. gr. GT
19. Herbert Nosek/APorsche 356B/1600GS Carrera b4 1587cc[-]14:56,1007. gr. GT
20. "Noris"/IMaserati A6G Zagato s6 1985cc[-]14:58,6008. gr. GT
21. Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DBMW 700 Sport s2 697cc[-]14:59,20013. gr. S
22. Oddone Sigala/IFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero s4 982cc[-]15:02,1009. gr. GT
23. Günther Schwarz/Porsche 356B/1600GS Carrera b4 1587cc[-]15:03,30010. gr. GT
24. Enzo Buzzetti/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]15:10,00011. gr. GT
25. Serra Di Cassano/Fiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero s4 982cc[-]15:10,50012. gr. GT
26. Peter Westbury/GBLotus 14 Elite Coventry-Climax FWE s4 1219cc[-]15:12,10013. gr. GT
27. "Peter Pan"/Fiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero s4 982cc[-]15:16,70014. gr. GT
28. Cesare Toppetti/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero s4 697cc[-]15:16,80015. gr. GT
29. "Kim"/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]15:18,40016. gr. GT
30. Gianfranco Bonetto/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]15:25,00017. gr. GT
31. Fernando Wissel/CHFerrari 250GT v12 2953cc[-]15:27,90018. gr. GT
32. Gianfranco Buffoli/Maserati A6G Zagato s6 1985cc[-]15:31,00019. gr. GT
33. Michele Allegrini/Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]15:32,40020. gr. GT
34. Gianni Bulgari/Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato[-]15:33,40021. gr. GT
35. Silvano Frisori/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero s4 697cc[-]15:37,60022. gr. GT
36. Helmut Meyer/Austin-Healey 3000 s6 2912cc[-]15:42,50023. gr. GT
37. Ermanno Gonella/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero s4 697cc[-]15:42,80024. gr. GT
38. Ricciardo Ricci/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI s4 1290cc[-]15:48,6001. gr. TC
39. Romano Ferretti/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI s4 1290cc[-]15:51,8002. gr. TC
40. Silvano Stefani/ILancia Appia Zagato s4 1089cc[-]15:59,50025. gr. GT
41. Alex von Falkenhausen/DBMW 700 Sport Coupé s2 697cc[-]16:01,6003. gr. TC
42. Leo Cella/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero s4 697cc[-]16:08,00026. gr. GT
43. Erwin Gassler/AFiat-Abarth 1000GT Bialbero s4 982cc[-]16:13,80027. gr. GT
44. Girolamo Capra/IFiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero s4 697cc[-]16:15,00028. gr. GT
45. Federico Zanotti/IBMW 700 Sport Coupé s2 697cc[-]16:19,8004. gr. TC
46. "Mecki"/Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI s4 1290cc[-]16:28,2005. gr. TC
47. Maurizio Pinchetti/IFiat 600D s2 767cc[-]16:31,5006. gr. TC
48. Luciano Braccini/ILancia Appia Zagato s4 1089cc[-]16:32,80029. gr. GT
49. "Matich"/ILancia Appia Zagato s4 1089cc[-]16:33,20030. gr. GT
50. "Saruggia"/Fiat-Abarth 700GT Bialbero s4 697cc[-]16:33,80031. gr. GT
51. Luigi Malanca/IFiat 1100 Turismo Veloce s4 1089cc[-]16:41,9007. gr. TC
52. Romano Bacci/IFiat 600D s2 767cc[-]16:42,0008. gr. TC
53. Erminio Merlo/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI s4 1290cc[-]16:42,3009. gr. TC
54. Gerhart Greil/AD.K.W. Junior s3 741cc[-]16:47,20010. gr. TC
55. "Lupa"/Fiat 600S s2 633cc[-]16:47,40011. gr. TC
56. Johannes Ortner/ASteyr-Puch 500D b2 493cc[-]16:48,00012. gr. TC
57. Gabrio Della Torre/Fairthorpe Electron Coventry-Climax FWA s4 1098cc[-]16:51,00032. gr. GT
58. Franco Ghiozza/Lancia Appia Zagato s4 1089cc[-]16:54,00033. gr. GT
59. Lanzo Cussini/IFiat 600D s2 767cc[-]16:56,20013. gr. TC
60. Antonio Donin/Fiat 1100 Turismo Veloce s4 1089cc[-]16:57,40014. gr. TC
61. Paolo Scorzoni/Fiat 600S s2 633cc[-]17:00,40015. gr. TC
62. Franz Binder/AAuto-Union 1000 s3 981cc[-]17:01,20016. gr. TC
63. Sepp Rieser/AAuto-Union 1000 s3 981cc[-]17:02,20017. gr. TC
64. Giuseppe Adria/IFiat 1100 Turismo Veloce s4 1089cc[-]17:02,50018. gr. TC
65. Mario Casoni/IAlfa Romeo Giulietta TI s4 1290cc[-]17:08,00019. gr. TC
66. Gianpiero Bertazzi/Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI s4 1290cc[-]17:11,80020. gr. TC
67. Valentino Della Ricca/Fiat 600D s2 767cc[-]17:11,90021. gr. TC
68. Walter Schatz/ASteyr-Puch 500D b2 493cc[-]17:14,80022. gr. TC
69. "Pam"/IFiat 600S s2 633cc[-]17:15,00023. gr. TC
70. Eraldo Olivari/IFiat 600D s2 767cc[-]17:15,60024. gr. TC
71. Carlo Hirschberg/Fiat 600S s2 633cc[-]17:17,00025. gr. TC
72. Konrad Eckschlager/AD.K.W. Junior s3 741cc[-]17:17,70026. gr. TC
73. Mariano Mestriner/IFiat 600S s2 633cc[-]17:38,00027. gr. TC
74. Ugo Pagnotta/Fiat 1100 Turismo Veloce s4 1089cc[-]17:38,10028. gr. TC
75. Fritz Schlogl/Steyr-Puch 500D b2 493cc[-]17:44,00029. gr. TC
76. Walter Roser/ASteyr-Puch 500D b2 493cc[-]17:51,90030. gr. TC
77. Luciano Massoni/IFiat 500N s2 479cc[-]17:59,40031. gr. TC
78. Luigi Ogna/Fiat 500N s2 479cc[-]18:44,70032. gr. TC
79. Cesare Sangiorgi/IFiat 500N s2 479cc[-]19:09,80033. gr. TC



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