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Archívy Euromontagna

ADAC Bergrekord Freiburg - Schauinsland




1. 99Heini Walter/CHPorsche RS60/1700[718-029]15:02,20007:30,7001. gr. Sphoto
2. 114Carlo Mario Abate/IMaserati 60/2000[-]15:33,50007:46,6002. gr. S
3. 113Harry Zweifel/CHCooper Monaco 2000[-]15:35,40007:45,9003. gr. S
4. 100Sepp Greger/DPorsche RSK1600[718-Greger]15:43,00007:46,1004. gr. S
5. 112Attilio Mennato Boffa/IMaserati 60/2000[-]15:43,40007:50,8005. gr. S
6. 98Tommy Spychiger/CHPorsche RS60/1700[-]15:45,20007:47,0006. gr. S
7. 111Odoardo Govoni/IMaserati 60/2000[-]15:45,40007:49,6007. gr. S
8. Wolfgang Seidel/DFerrari 250GT[-]16:26,00008:12,8001. gr. GT
9. 97Milivoj Božič/YUPorsche RS1500[-]17:06,70008:29,2008. gr. S
10. 92Andre Georges/FOsca 1100[-]18:24,40009:01,6009. gr. S
11. Joel Moyne/FAC Bristol 2000[-]18:36,1002. gr. GT
12. 91José Maugeri/IOsca 1100[-]18:55,90010. gr. S



NC Bernhard Nacke/DDKW Hartmann[-]- R
NC Gerhard Mitter/DLotus DKW Mitter[60/M-03/60]- R
NC Maurice Scemama/CHAC Bristol 2000[-]- GT
NC Sepp Greger/DPorsche[-]- GT
NC Peter Monteverdi/CHMBM[-]- R
NC Willy König/DElva[-]- R
NC Herbert Ott/DDKW Egb[59/M-01/59]- R
NC Willi Zimmermann/DDKW[-]- R
NC Robert Huber/CHLotus[-]- R
NC Andre Periat/CHCooper BMC[-]- R
NC Kurt Buess/CHSauter DKW[-]- R
NC Jakob Richi/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- GT
NC Arthur Blank/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- GT
NC Hans Joachim von Villiez Stuck/DBMW[-]- GTphoto
NC Joseph Egli/CHFiat Abarth[-]- GT
NC Roland Stierli/CHFiat Abarth[-]- GT
NC "Basilius"/CHFiat Abarth[-]- GT
NC Manfred Hönig/DAuto-Union[-]- GT
NC Karl Hasler/CHAuto-Union[-]- GT
NC Karl Foitek/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- GT
NC Hans Illert/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- GT
NC Ernst Schmid/CHAlfa Romeo[-]- GT
NC Hans-August Stausberg/DTCA[-]- R
P94Charles Vögele/CHLola[-]- S
P93René Hofmann/CHAuto-Union[-]- S

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