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1. 335Gianni Varese/IOsella PA6[PA4-044]03:32,2001. gr. Gr.6photo
2. Adriano Gozzi/IChevron B27[-]03:44,9002. gr. Gr.6
3. 337 "Bloody Black Tiger"/IOsella PA8[-]03:45,3003. gr. Gr.6photo
4. 334Pierugo Prati/IMarch 75S[75S-Prati80-81]03:47,9004. gr. Gr.6photo
5. 326Gian Carlo Chiampo/IOsella PA6[-]03:53,9005. gr. Gr.6photo
6. 328Mario Cangelli/IOsella PA5[-]03:54,1006. gr. Gr.6photo
7. Uccio Magliona/IOsella PA6[-]03:58,5007. gr. Gr.6
8. "Domingo"/IOsella PA8[-]03:59,8008. gr. Gr.6
9. 332Giuseppe Bottura/IMarch 75 AS[75S-Bottura78-81]04:00,7009. gr. Gr.6photo
10. 315Franco Breschi/ILola[-]04:02,20010. gr. Gr.6photo


KL331Mauro Nesti/ILola[T298/HU98]- Gr.6
KL Ernesto Saccomanno/ILancia Stratos[-]1. gr. Gr.5photo
KL293 "Kabibo"/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]1. gr. Gr.4photo
KL311Ricciardo Ricci/IBMW 2002 Schnitzer[-]2. gr. Gr.5photo
KL296Salvatore Ronca/IDallara X 1/9[-]3. gr. Gr.5photo
KL Bruno Simoncelli/IFiat 128[-]4. gr. Gr.5
KL Ermanno Bocca/IFord Escort[-]5. gr. Gr.5photo
KL309Hansy Rainer/IFiat 124 Spider[-]6. gr. Gr.5photo
KL307Italo Garattoni/IBMW 2200[-]7. gr. Gr.5photo
KL "Pipino"/IMini Cooper[-]8. gr. Gr.5
KL Garoia/Alfa GT[-]9. gr. Gr.5
KL Mauro Stigliano/IGiannini 700[-]10. gr. Gr.5
KL318Antonio Rossetto/IAMS[-]11. gr. Gr.6photo
KL Rodolfo Aguzzoni/IChevron B26[-]12. gr. Gr.6
KL "Zani"/Chevron B23[-]13. gr. Gr.6
KL Mario Faggioli/ILola T290[-]14. gr. Gr.6photo
KL316Luigi Rubaudo/ILola T290[-]15. gr. Gr.6photo
KL Ildo Gonfiotti/IAMS[-]16. gr. Gr.6
KL Guido Tribbia/IChevron B21[-]17. gr. Gr.6photo
KL313Romano De Gan/IA 112 Abarth[-]18. gr. Gr.6photo


ST Alberto Albanti/I[-]- Gr.6photo
ST236Adriano Parlamento/IFiat Ritmo[-]- photo
ST211Roberto Biasioli/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]- photo
ST Mauro Bormolini/IFiat 128[-]- Gr.2photo
ST Stefano Bettoni/I?[PA6-071]- Gr.6
ST323 - Chevron[-]- Gr.6photo

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Ernesto Saccomanno/ILancia Stratos[-]Gr.5
Uccio Magliona/IOsella PA6[-]Gr.6
"Domingo"/IOsella PA8[-]Gr.6
Rodolfo Aguzzoni/IChevron B26[-]Gr.6
"Zani"/Chevron B23[-]Gr.6
Mario Faggioli/ILola T290[-]Gr.6
Ildo Gonfiotti/IAMS[-]Gr.6
Guido Tribbia/IChevron B21[-]Gr.6
Stefano Bettoni/I?[PA6-071]Gr.6
Mauro Bormolini/IFiat 128[-]Gr.2
Alberto Albanti/I[-]Gr.6
Adriano Gozzi/IChevron B27[-]Gr.6
Ermanno Bocca/IFord Escort[-]Gr.5
"Pipino"/IMini Cooper[-]Gr.5
Mauro Stigliano/IGiannini 700[-]Gr.5
Bruno Simoncelli/IFiat 128[-]Gr.5
Garoia/Alfa GT[-]Gr.5
211Roberto Biasioli/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]
236Adriano Parlamento/IFiat Ritmo[-]
293 "Kabibo"/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]Gr.4
296Salvatore Ronca/IDallara X 1/9[-]Gr.5
307Italo Garattoni/IBMW 2200[-]Gr.5
309Hansy Rainer/IFiat 124 Spider[-]Gr.5
311Ricciardo Ricci/IBMW 2002 Schnitzer[-]Gr.5
313Romano De Gan/IA 112 Abarth[-]Gr.6
315Franco Breschi/ILola[-]Gr.6
316Luigi Rubaudo/ILola T290[-]Gr.6
318Antonio Rossetto/IAMS[-]Gr.6
323 - Chevron[-]Gr.6
326Gian Carlo Chiampo/IOsella PA6[-]Gr.6
328Mario Cangelli/IOsella PA5[-]Gr.6
331Mauro Nesti/ILola[T298/HU98]Gr.6
332Giuseppe Bottura/IMarch 75 AS[75S-Bottura78-81]Gr.6
334Pierugo Prati/IMarch 75S[75S-Prati80-81]Gr.6
335Gianni Varese/IOsella PA6[PA4-044]Gr.6
337 "Bloody Black Tiger"/IOsella PA8[-]Gr.6

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