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Archívy Euromontagna




1. 116Walter Pedrazza/APRC C3 BMW[M88-1_]03:35,70801:47,5561. gr. C3
2. 104Horst Fendrich/DMaurer BMW[MM86-006]03:39,91901:49,6591. gr. E
3. 103Erich Höhmann/DSpirit BMW[_201-04]03:42,50001:50,8982. gr. E
4. 102Paul Steindl/APRC BMW[M88/F2_]03:48,22101:52,0813. gr. E
5. 75Karl Wendlinger/ARalt RT 32 Alfa[-]03:50,89801:55,2504. gr. E
6. 111Helmut Kirchmeyer/DMarch 76 S[76S-2]03:54,51001:56,6562. gr. C3
7. 74Klaus Koch/DAnson SA4[-]03:54,960-
8. 71Franz Hilger/DChevron B38[B38/38-77-06]03:56,880-
9. 73Franz Graf/DRalt RT3[-]03:57,490-
10. 59Sepp Manhalter/ABMW M1[4301017]03:59,21001:59,1821. gr.
11. 58Willi Rabl/APorsche 935 Vaillant[9308700652]04:00,32001:59,3982. gr.
12. 52Klaus Böhm/DOpel Manta[-]04:03,8803. gr.
13. 108Hermann Waldy/ALola Sports 2000[-]04:04,52002:02,1593. gr. C3
14. 57Erich Öppinger/DBMW 2002[-]04:07,530-
15. 55Josef Seidler/ABMW 320i 16V[-]04:08,290-
16. 66Erich Zengerer/AMarch 803[-]04:09,550-
29. 110Siegfried Pust/APRC BMW Randlinger[M88-1_]04:18,52002:08,7444. gr. C3



NS107Martin Posch/AFord Cosworth[-]- C3

Seznam přihlášených

52Klaus Böhm/DOpel Manta[-]
55Josef Seidler/ABMW 320i 16V[-]
57Erich Öppinger/DBMW 2002[-]
58Willi Rabl/APorsche 935 Vaillant[9308700652]
59Sepp Manhalter/ABMW M1[4301017]
66Erich Zengerer/AMarch 803[-]
71Franz Hilger/DChevron B38[B38/38-77-06]
73Franz Graf/DRalt RT3[-]
74Klaus Koch/DAnson SA4[-]
75Karl Wendlinger/ARalt RT 32 Alfa[-]E
102Paul Steindl/APRC BMW[M88/F2_]E
103Erich Höhmann/DSpirit BMW[_201-04]E
104Horst Fendrich/DMaurer BMW[MM86-006]E
107Martin Posch/AFord Cosworth[-]C3
108Hermann Waldy/ALola Sports 2000[-]C3
110Siegfried Pust/APRC BMW Randlinger[M88-1_]C3
111Helmut Kirchmeyer/DMarch 76 S[76S-2]C3
116Walter Pedrazza/APRC C3 BMW[M88-1_]C3

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