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Archívy Euromontagna

Gaisberg, Osterreich Berg Grand Prix




1. 6Edgar Barth/DPorsche 8/2000[718-047]08:33,34004:11,5401. gr. Sphoto
2. 7Herbert Müller/CHElva Porsche[70P-038]08:44,48004:21,3602. gr. Sphoto
3. 2Charles Vögele/CHLotus Monte Carlo[-]08:49,9303. gr. Sphoto
4. 20Heini Walter/CHPorsche 904GTS[904-033]08:53,3401. gr. GTphoto
5. 21Michel Weber/DPorsche 904GTS[904-029]08:54,15004:26,1002. gr. GTphoto
6. 12Karl Foitek/CHLotus 23[-]08:54,4104. gr. Sphoto
7. 22André Knörr/CHPorsche 904GTS[904-079]09:04,9903. gr. GTphoto
8. 9Peter Westbury/GBLotus BRM[-]09:06,6405. gr. Sphoto
9. 3Fritz Baumann/CHLotus ATS[-]09:06,7406. gr. Sphoto
10. 16Walter Schatz/ALotus S23[-]09:09,1207. gr. Sphoto
11. 26Paolo Colombo/IPorsche 904GTS[-]09:16,2504. gr. GTphoto
12. 33Dimitri Nebokov/USAAlfa Romeo DZ[-]09:16,9805. gr. GTphoto


KL70Ernst Furtmayr/DAlfa Romeo Giulia Ti[-]- TCphoto
KL77John Terry/GBMorris Cooper S[-]- TCphoto
KL94Michael Endress/DAutounion DKW F12[-]- TCphoto
KL61Josef W. Schnitzer/DBMW 1800 Ti[-]1. gr. TCphoto
KL24Werner Brockhaus/DPorsche 904GTS[904-030]6. gr. GTphoto
KL25J.R. Stoop/GBPorsche 904GTS[904-045]7. gr. GTphoto
KL34Lanzo Wamboldt/DPorsche Carrera[-]8. gr. GTphoto
KL32Klaus Seuffert/DPorsche Carrera[-]9. gr. GTphoto


AB10Anton Fischhaber/DLotus S23 BMW[-]- Sphoto
AB11Harry Zweifel/CHLotus 23[-]- Sphoto
P15Adolf Kern/AAlbert Sport[-]- S
P35H. junior Gaudenzi/APorsche Carrera[-]- GT
P23 - Porsche 904GTS[-]- GT
P8Sepp Greger/DElva Porsche[-]- S
P41R. Bergsleithner/AMGA 1600[-]- GT
P14Sidney Charpilloz/CHElva 7S BMW[-]- S
P46Theo Hofer/CHAbarth 1000 Bialbero[-]- GT
P47 - Abarth 1000[-]- GT
P30Hans Kühnis/CHAbarth 2000GT[-]- GT
ST71Peter Friedhuber/AFord Cortina GT[-]- TCphoto
ST84A. Daneder/AGlas 1207 TS[-]- TCphoto
ST72S. Hilpold/AFord Cortina GT[-]- TCphoto
ST76Josef Chalupa/AMorris Cooper S[-]- TCphoto
ST78Walter Pöltinger/AMorris Cooper S[-]- TCphoto
ST79F.X. Schmöllerl/AMorris Cooper S[-]- TCphoto
ST80Karl Ritter/AMorris Cooper S[-]- TCphoto
ST81L. Wiener/AGlas 1207 TS[-]- TCphoto
ST82Falco Jansen/DGlas 1207 TS[-]- TCphoto
ST83Josef Javurek/AGlas 1207 TS[-]- TCphoto
ST85F. Wilde/AVW 11 Luxus[-]- TCphoto
ST90Georg Kaufmann/AAutounion DKW F12[-]- TCphoto
ST106Bertram Schurich/ASteyr Puch 500[-]- TCphoto
ST105J. Schohleitner/ASteyr Puch 500[-]- TCphoto
ST102H. Schneider/ABMW 700 Sp.[-]- TCphoto
ST101 - [-]- TCphoto
ST99Karl senior Wendlinger/AAbarth 1000[-]- TCphoto
ST98Helfried von Kiwisch/AAbarth 850TC[-]- TCphoto
ST97Fritz Baumgartner/AMorris Cooper[-]- TCphoto
ST96E. Raimund/AAustin Cooper[-]- TCphoto
ST95Alfred Gaberszik/ASaab 96[-]- TCphoto
ST104Sepp Liebl/DSteyr Puch 500 TR[-]- TCphoto
ST93A. Grannersberger/AAutounion DKW F12[-]- TCphoto
ST92H.A. Stock/AAutounion DKW F12[-]- TCphoto
ST91Johann Abt/DAutounion DKW Junior[-]- TCphoto
ST107J. Stöger/ASteyr Puch 500[-]- TCphoto
ST66Gerhart Greil/AFord Lotus[-]- TCphoto
ST50Richard Lichtenberg/DBMW 700S[-]- GTphoto
ST37Robert Rojkowski/APorsche 356 B/S90[-]- GTphoto
ST38Toni Niedermaier/APorsche 356 B/S90[-]- GTphoto
ST39Franz Plöckinger/APorsche 356 SC[-]- GTphoto
ST40Walter Surtmann/APorsche 356 SC[-]- GTphoto
ST42Renato Maggiorini/CHSimca Abarth 1300[-]- GTphoto
ST43J.P. Moser/AAlfa Romeo GSZ[-]- GTphoto
ST31W. Rümmele/AMG "B"[-]- GTphoto
ST29A. Bohlen-Halbach/AJaguar E[-]- GTphoto
ST28Malte Huth/DJaguar E[-]- GTphoto
ST27G. Placheta/AFerrari Berlinetta[-]- GTphoto
ST49Wolfgang Stumpf/AAustin Healey Sp.[-]- GTphoto
ST48 "Driver"/AAbarth 1000[-]- GTphoto
ST65 "Pierre"/AFord Lotus[-]- TCphoto
ST62E. Benedikt/AVolvo 122S[-]- TCphoto
ST60R. Müller/ABMW 1800 Ti[-]- TCphoto
ST59Hans Michael Walleczek/AVolvo 122S[-]- TCphoto
ST58Otto H. Karger/AVolvo 122S[-]- TCphoto
ST57G. Klein/AVolvo 122S[-]- TCphoto
ST55Pius Zünd/CHChevrolet Impala SS[-]- TCphoto
ST54Karl Egger/AJaguar Mark II[-]- TCphoto
ST53Peter Hamann/DMercedes 300 SE[-]- TCphoto
ST103Johannes Ortner/ASteyr Puch 500 TR[-]- TCphoto
ST36Rolf Markl/ALotus Elan[-]- GTphoto
ST1Gottfried Köchert/AFerrari 250 LM[-]- Sphoto

Seznam přihlášených

1Gottfried Köchert/AFerrari 250 LM[-]ÖASCS
2Charles Vögele/CHLotus Monte Carlo[-]Charles Vögele Racing TeamS
3Fritz Baumann/CHLotus ATS[-]S
6Edgar Barth/DPorsche 8/2000[718-047]Porsche System EngineeringS
7Herbert Müller/CHElva Porsche[70P-038]Scuderia FilipinettiS
8Sepp Greger/DElva Porsche[-]ÖASCS
9Peter Westbury/GBLotus BRM[-]S
10Anton Fischhaber/DLotus S23 BMW[-]S
11Harry Zweifel/CHLotus 23[-]S
12Karl Foitek/CHLotus 23[-]Squadra FoitekS
14Sidney Charpilloz/CHElva 7S BMW[-]Ecurie BienoiseS
15Adolf Kern/AAlbert Sport[-]S
16Walter Schatz/ALotus S23[-]ÖASCS
20Heini Walter/CHPorsche 904GTS[904-033]ÖASCGT
21Michel Weber/DPorsche 904GTS[904-029]Scuderia FilipinettiGT
22André Knörr/CHPorsche 904GTS[904-079]GT
23 - Porsche 904GTS[-]Scuderia FilipinettiGT
24Werner Brockhaus/DPorsche 904GTS[904-030]GT
25J.R. Stoop/GBPorsche 904GTS[904-045]GT
26Paolo Colombo/IPorsche 904GTS[-]GT
27G. Placheta/AFerrari Berlinetta[-]ÖASC/Ecurie ViennaGT
28Malte Huth/DJaguar E[-]W. MuthGT
29A. Bohlen-Halbach/AJaguar E[-]ÖASCGT
30Hans Kühnis/CHAbarth 2000GT[-]Ecurie BasiliskGT
31W. Rümmele/AMG "B"[-]VATC DambirnGT
32Klaus Seuffert/DPorsche Carrera[-]Scuderia HessenGT
33Dimitri Nebokov/USAAlfa Romeo DZ[-]GT
34Lanzo Wamboldt/DPorsche Carrera[-]GT
35H. junior Gaudenzi/APorsche Carrera[-]GT
36Rolf Markl/ALotus Elan[-]ÖASC/Ecurie ViennaGT
37Robert Rojkowski/APorsche 356 B/S90[-]ÖASCGT
38Toni Niedermaier/APorsche 356 B/S90[-]ÖASCGT
39Franz Plöckinger/APorsche 356 SC[-]GT
40Walter Surtmann/APorsche 356 SC[-]KATC KlagenfurtGT
41R. Bergsleithner/AMGA 1600[-]ZV MotorradGT
42Renato Maggiorini/CHSimca Abarth 1300[-]GT
43J.P. Moser/AAlfa Romeo GSZ[-]GT
46Theo Hofer/CHAbarth 1000 Bialbero[-]Squadra BodaniaGT
47 - Abarth 1000[-]Scuderia FilipinettiGT
48 "Driver"/AAbarth 1000[-]ÖASCGT
49Wolfgang Stumpf/AAustin Healey Sp.[-]The Vienna Sports Car ClubGT
50Richard Lichtenberg/DBMW 700S[-]ÖASCGT
53Peter Hamann/DMercedes 300 SE[-]TC
54Karl Egger/AJaguar Mark II[-]TC
55Pius Zünd/CHChevrolet Impala SS[-]TC
57G. Klein/AVolvo 122S[-]TC
58Otto H. Karger/AVolvo 122S[-]TC
59Hans Michael Walleczek/AVolvo 122S[-]TC
60R. Müller/ABMW 1800 Ti[-]TC
61Josef W. Schnitzer/DBMW 1800 Ti[-]TC
62E. Benedikt/AVolvo 122S[-]TC
65 "Pierre"/AFord Lotus[-]TC
66Gerhart Greil/AFord Lotus[-]TC
70Ernst Furtmayr/DAlfa Romeo Giulia Ti[-]TC
71Peter Friedhuber/AFord Cortina GT[-]TC
72S. Hilpold/AFord Cortina GT[-]TC
76Josef Chalupa/AMorris Cooper S[-]TC
77John Terry/GBMorris Cooper S[-]TC
78Walter Pöltinger/AMorris Cooper S[-]TC
79F.X. Schmöllerl/AMorris Cooper S[-]TC
80Karl Ritter/AMorris Cooper S[-]TC
81L. Wiener/AGlas 1207 TS[-]TC
82Falco Jansen/DGlas 1207 TS[-]TC
83Josef Javurek/AGlas 1207 TS[-]TC
84A. Daneder/AGlas 1207 TS[-]TC
85F. Wilde/AVW 11 Luxus[-]TC
90Georg Kaufmann/AAutounion DKW F12[-]TC
91Johann Abt/DAutounion DKW Junior[-]TC
92H.A. Stock/AAutounion DKW F12[-]TC
93A. Grannersberger/AAutounion DKW F12[-]TC
94Michael Endress/DAutounion DKW F12[-]TC
95Alfred Gaberszik/ASaab 96[-]TC
96E. Raimund/AAustin Cooper[-]TC
97Fritz Baumgartner/AMorris Cooper[-]TC
98Helfried von Kiwisch/AAbarth 850TC[-]TC
99Karl senior Wendlinger/AAbarth 1000[-]TC
101 - [-]TC
102H. Schneider/ABMW 700 Sp.[-]TC
103Johannes Ortner/ASteyr Puch 500 TR[-]TC
104Sepp Liebl/DSteyr Puch 500 TR[-]TC
105J. Schohleitner/ASteyr Puch 500[-]TC
106Bertram Schurich/ASteyr Puch 500[-]TC
107J. Stöger/ASteyr Puch 500[-]TC

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