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Euromontagna Archives

Josep Arch/


1967-05-21MontsenyFerrari 206S Dino Spyder Mario Casoni/I[02467]
1967-05-21MontsenyPorsche Carrera 6 Ruedi Lins/A[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyPorsche 911S Malte Huth/D[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyLotus Mk.26R Elan Werner Ruefenacht/CH[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyFerrari 275 GTB Siegfried Zwimpfer/CH[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyPorsche 911 Hans-Peter Nyffeler/CH[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyAbarth 1300 Peter Maron/CH[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyJaguar Sebastián Perello/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyPorsche 904 Francisco Alemany/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyAbarth 1000 Juan Francisco Cerveto/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyAlpine 1300 Paulette Delcros/F[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyLotus Elan "Pachy"/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyFiat Abarth Nuria Viňas/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyBMC Cooper S Jose Maria Juncadella/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyAlpine Michel Billard/F[-]


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