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Euromontagna Archives

Walter Gottardi & Roberto Bergami/I


1971-07-04Trento BondoneChevron B19 Gianfranco Bonetto/I[-]
1971-07-04Trento BondoneChevron B19 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1971-07-04Trento BondoneChevron B19 Carlo Facetti/I[-]
1972-07-02Trento BondoneChevron B21 Pasquale Anastasio/I[-]
1972-07-02Trento BondoneChevron B21 Eris Tondelli/I[-]
1972-07-02Trento BondoneChevron B19 Cyr Febbraio/E[B19-70-10]
1973-07-01Trento BondoneChevron B23 Stefano Bettoni/I[-]
1973-07-01Trento BondoneChevron B21 Giovanni Morelli/I[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneLola T294 Mauro Nesti/I[T294-HU68]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneGipsy Sandro Cattaneo/I[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneMarch 73S Mario Nardari/I[73S-8]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneDallara "John John"/I[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneOsella PA3 Gianni Varese/I[PA2-016]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneSK 001 Wilhelm Schmid/D[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneFiat Abarth 1000 Romano De Gan/I[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneAMS Sergio Campedelli/I[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneBagnoli T103 Umberto Bagnoli/I[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneGrac MT14S Hans Rudolf Urech/CH[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneOsella PA3 Franco Pilone/I[PA3-027]
1975-07-13Bolzano MendolaAMS Rahan/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RSR Wilhelm Bartels/D[9114609116]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B31 Pasquale Anastasio/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Ubaldo Smittarello/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneOpel Kadett Helmut Mander/D[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneAlpine A110 Mario Caliceti/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneFord Escort Martino Finotto/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B36 Giuseppe Ranzolin/I[B36-76-03]
1976-07-10Trento BondonePorsche 914/6 Carlo Rebai/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B31 Stefano Bettoni/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneGipsy Gianni Mercandino/I[-]
1977-07-10Trento BondonePorsche 934 Angelo Pallavicini/I[-]
1977-07-10Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RSR Turbo Willi Rabl/A[-Rabl77]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneOpel Kadett GTE Harald Freitag/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneKöbo B80 Ferruccio Botti/A[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneOsella PA8 "Bloody Black Tiger"/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneLola T290 Mario Faggioli/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneOsella PA7 Pasquale Anastasio/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneOsella PA7 Ruggero Parpinelli/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneChevron B36 Roberto Curatolo/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondonePorsche 910-8 Coupé Sepp Greger/D[910-016]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneMarch 75S Adriano Parlamento/I[75S-5]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneOsella PA8 "Giani"/[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneGi.Pi. Alfio Frasson/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneBrixner BS1300 Miroslav Adámek/CZ[BS-0177-1977]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneRebo 003 Sport Angelo Zampieri/I[003]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneMTX 2-03 Petr Bold/CS[2-03.208]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneFiat Dallara X/1 9 Salvatore Ronca/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneAMS 176 Caldieri Melchiore/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneMarch 75S Salvatore Ferlito/I[75S-ferlito81-86]
1983-09-04La Roche-La BerraOsella PA9 Fredy Baer/CH[PA9-105/81]


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