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Euromontagna Archives

Boris Krause/D

2007-10-07MickhausenOpel Astra V8 Norbert Brenner/D[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenOsella PA20S Evans Lanfranco/I[PA20S-88/02]
2007-10-07MickhausenLancia Delta Integrale Felix Pailer/A[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenLola Franco Perini/I[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenDallara F398 Hans-Ruedi Debrunner/CH[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenOsella PA16 Erich Öppinger/D[PA16-10/92]
2007-10-07MickhausenReynard 95D Fausto Bormolini/I[95D-005]
2007-10-07MickhausenFerrari 575 GTC Leonardo Isolani/I[F131MGT2202]
2007-10-07MickhausenReynard 01L László Szász/H[01L-006]
2007-10-07MickhausenLancia Delta S4 Bruno Ianniello/CH[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenMartini MK77 Marcel Steiner/CH[MK77-01]
2007-10-07MickhausenLancia Delta S4 Christof Beck/A[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenReynard 01L Lionel Regal/F[01L-009]
2007-10-07MickhausenPorsche GT2 Herbert Pregartner/A[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenOsella PA20S Jörg Weidinger/D[PA20S-86/02]
2007-10-07MickhausenMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenOsella PA20S Bernd Simon/D[PA20S-78/00]
2007-10-07MickhausenLola B99/50 Marietto Nalon/I[B99/50-HU04]
2007-10-07MickhausenMartini MK69 Jean-Jacques Dufaux/CH[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenOpel Kadett C Josef Koch/CH[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenMercedes Benz 190E RM1 EVO Reto Meisel/CH[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenArgo JM21 Urs Müller/CH[JM21-139-C3]
2007-10-07MickhausenReynard 94D Hermann Waldy/A[94D-025]
2007-10-07MickhausenOpel Kadett Holger Hovemann/D[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenBMW 320 V8 Georg Plasa/D[-]


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