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Euromontagna Archives

Florent Puget/F

1975VuillafansMarch 75S Michel Pignard/F[75S-3]
1975VuillafansLola T292 Jean G Bellin/F[-]
1975VuillafansMarch 732 Adriano Parlamento/I[-]
1975-08-17St. UrsanneDangel Christian Blanc/CH[-]
1975-08-17St. UrsannePorsche Carrera Wilhelm Bartels/D[-]
1975-08-17St. UrsanneAlpine Jean Ortelli/F[-]
1975-08-17St. UrsanneLola André Chevalley/CH[-]
1975-08-17St. UrsanneMarch 75S Fredy Lienhard/CH[75S-4]
1975-08-17St. UrsanneMarch 752 Pierre Maublanc/F[-]
1976VuillafansLola T390 Jean-Louis Bos/F[T390/HU02?]
1977-08-21St. UrsannePorsche Turbo Jacques Alméras/F[-]
1977-08-21St. UrsanneChevron B36 Jacques Henry/F[-]
1978TurckheimChevron B36 Fred Stalder/F[-]
1978-04-09AmpusAlpine A441 Jean Ortelli/F[A441-0]
1978-04-09AmpusOsella PA5 Gianni Varese/I[PA4-044]
1978-04-09AmpusRalt RT1 Jimmy Robert Mieusset/F[-]
1978-04-09AmpusPorsche 935 Wilhelm Bartels/D[-]
1979-04-01AmpusLola T298 Jean-Louis Bos/F[T298/HU93]
1979-04-01AmpusOsella PA7 Mario Casciaro/I[PA7-081]
1979-04-01AmpusFord Escort RS Herbert Stenger/D[-]
1986-08-10Mont DoreBMW Michel Pignard/F[-]
1988-08-07Mont DoreBMW M3 Francis Dosieres/F[-]


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