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Euromontagna Archives

Jana Fikerová/CZ

2007-07-22BabaReynard 01L László Szász/H[01L-006]
2007-07-22BabaReynard 01L Renzo Napione/I[01L-005]
2007-07-22BabaOsella PA20S Otakar Krámský/CZ[PA20S-50/98]
2007-07-22BabaNorma M20 Andres Vilariňo/E[M20-Vilarino]
2007-07-22BabaOsella PA16 Erich Öppinger/D[PA16-10/92]
2007-07-22BabaOpel-Lotus Andrej Krajčí/SK[-]
2007-07-22BabaVW Golf IV Kit-Car Christian Schweiger/A[RSG16062000/2000]
2007-07-22BabaPeugeot 106 Kit-Car Alfred Fischer/A[-]
2007-07-22BabaFord Escort RS2000 Martin Samek/CZ[GSE07396]
2007-07-22BabaSuzuki Swift S1600 Roman Odlložilík/CZ[-]
2007-07-22BabaSeat Leon 1,9 TDi Viliam ml. Liedl/SK[-]
2007-07-22BabaSeat Leon TDi 2,0 Marcel Liedl/Sk[-]
2007-07-22BabaPeugeot 306 Rainer Kremaier/A[-]
2007-07-22BabaŠkoda Radim Ježek/CZ[-]
2007-07-22BabaŠkoda Felicia Jan Kašpárek/CZ[-]
2007-07-22BabaFord Escort RS2000 Petr Žižkovský/CZ[72099/whiteblue/]
2007-07-22BabaReynard 01L Ander Vilariňo/E[_01L-Vilarino]
2007-07-22BabaBMW M3 Vladimír Liška/CZ[JC31980/93]


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