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VW Scirocco

Výsledky hledání

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1977-03-27AmpusVW Scirocco S. Gregger/[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldVW Scirocco Mario Pasetto/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldVW Scirocco Joachim Egenolf/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldVW Scirocco Fridolin Göschl/D[-]
1978-06-25ŠternberkVW Scirocco Jürgen-Peter Wilde/D[-]
1978-07-23AscoliVW Scirocco G. Marangone/[-]
1978-07-23AscoliVW Scirocco A. Coppi/[-]
1978-07-23AscoliVW Scirocco G. Pizzo/[-]
1978-08-06PiešťanyVW Scirocco Aldo Pariseti Frisiani/I[-]
1978-08-06PiešťanyVW Scirocco Franco Flocchini/I[-]
1978-08-06PiešťanyVW Scirocco Aldo Pariseti Frisiani/I[-]
1978-08-13Mont DoreVW Scirocco Christiane Deroye/F[-]
1978-08-20St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Heinz Eichmann/CH[-]
1978-08-20St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Sigrist/CH[-]
1978-09-10ToruňVW Scirocco Jan Drogowski/PL[-]
1979-05-01AlplVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1979-06-24Bolzano MendolaVW Scirocco Gianni Marchiol/I[-]
1979-06-24Bolzano MendolaVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1979-07-01Kamýk nad VltavouVW Scirocco Miroslav Lžičař/CS[-]
1979-07-01Trento BondoneVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1979-07-15MacerataVW Scirocco Gianni Marchiol/I[-]
1979-08-05Mont DoreVW Scirocco Tkaczyk/[-]
1979-08-19St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Charles Ramu-Caccia/CH[-]
1979-08-19St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Arlati/[-]
1979-09-02ŠternberkVW Scirocco Hubert Theodor Schmidt/D[-]
1979-09-23HembergVW Scirocco Armin Buschor/CH[-]
1980-05-18MonzaVW Scirocco Heinz Eichmann/CH[-]
1980-05-18MonzaVW Scirocco Charles Ramu-Caccia/CH[-]
1980-07-06Trento BondoneVW Scirocco Francesco Pera/I[-]
1980-07-06Trento BondoneVW Scirocco Maritan/[-]
1980-07-20SchauinslandVw Scirocco Benzenhöffer/[-]
1980-08-10PiešťanyVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1980-08-24St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Charles Ramu-Caccia/CH[-]
1980-08-24St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Heinz Eichmann/CH[-]
1980-08-31ŠternberkVW Scirocco Hubert Theodor Schmidt/D[-]
1980-09-07TurckheimVW Scirocco Gunther Volle/D[-]
1980-10-04VsetínVW Scirocco Miroslav Lžičař/CS[-]
1981-06-28Bolzano MendolaVw Scirocco Paolo Brugnara/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneVW Scirocco Paolo Brugnara/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneVW Scirocco Renzo Maggiorin/I[-]
1981-08-09Mont DoreVW Scirocco Christian Barre/F[-]
1981-08-16St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Heinz Eichmann/CH[-]
1981-08-16St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Charles Ramu-Caccia/CH[-]
1981-08-16St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Bruno Jaeggi/CH[-]
1981-08-16St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Bianchi/CH[-]
1981-08-30OlšanyVW Scirocco Miroslav Lžičař/CS[-]
1981-09-20ŠternberkVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1982-04-04AmpusVW Scirocco Gamaleri/[-]
1982-04-04AmpusVW Scirocco Le Louer/[-]
1982-05-30MontsenyVW Scirocco Gérard Gurtner/CH[-]
1982-06-20ŠternberkVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1982-07-04RietiVW Scirocco Weber/[-]
1982-07-18AscoliVW Scirocco Gérard Gurtner/CH[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreVW Scirocco Christiane Deroye/F[-]
1982-08-22St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Charles Ramu-Caccia/CH[-]
1982-08-22St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Gérard Greppin/[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandVW Scirocco Georg Kilian/[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandVW Scirocco Heinz Neurohr/[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandVW Scirocco Rolf Huttenloch/D[-]
1983-04-24ŠternberkVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[5372003479/76]
1983-06-12RechbergVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1983-06-19Havířov-ŠenovVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1983-06-19Havířov-ŠenovVW Scirocco Drago Regvart/YU[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreVW Scirocco Christiane Deroye/F[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Balthasar Kamm/CH[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Juerg Kellenberger/[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Gérard Greppin/[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneVW Scirocco René Häberli/CH[-]
1983-10-02OberjochVW Scirocco Juerg Kellenberger/[-]
1983-10-02OberjochVW Scirocco Manfred Notz/D[-]
1983-10-02OberjochVW Scirocco Hubert Then/D[-]
1984-04-22ŠternberkVW Scirocco Josef Saibel/A[-]
1984-06-10RechbergVW Scirocco Karl Heinz Schauperl/A[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandVW Scirocco Rolf Huttenloch/D[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandVW Scirocco Karl Franz Moeschle/D[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandVW Scirocco Hans Peter Burkard/D[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandVW Scirocco Dieter Delatron/D[-]
1984-07-29PopoliVw Scirocco Severino/I[-]
1984-08-26St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Balthasar Kamm/CH[-]
1984-08-26St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Bruno Amstutz/CH[-]
1984-09-02LaudonVW Scirocco Stanislav Matějovský/CZ[-]
1984-09-09KoniceVW Scirocco Stanislav Matějovský/CZ[-]
1985-06-16ŠternberkVW Scirocco Johann Hempfling/D[-]
1985-06-16ŠternberkVW Scirocco Helmut Maier/D[-]
1985-06-16ŠternberkVW Scirocco Petr Vojáček/CZ[-]
1985-08-18St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Edy Kamm/CH[-]
1985-08-18St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Heinz Wirth/CH[-]
1985-09-14VarnsdorfVW Scirocco Petr Vojáček/CZ[-]
1986-06-15ŠternberkVW Scirocco Paul Marschal/D[-]
1988NürburgringVW Scirocco Schauff/[-]
1988NürburgringVW Scirocco Bernard Schmitt/F[-]
1988-06-19DijonVW Scirocco Chris Mattmueller/CH[-]
1988-07-13NürburgringVW Scirocco Michael Haager/D[-]
1989-04-30RechbergVW Scirocco Leopold Mitterhuber/A[-]
1989-04-30RechbergVW Scirocco Peter Schöggl/A[-]
1989-07-02PecsVW Scirocco Peter Schöggl/A[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Chris Mattmueller/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Jean-Luc Ferrante/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Heinz Eichmann/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneVW Scirocco David Rueegsegger/CH[-]
1989-08-23NürburgringVW Scirocco Norbert Gabler/D[-]
1989-10-15OberjochVW Scirocco Bernhard Sturm/D[-]
1990-05-06HungaroringVW Scirocco Norbert Gabler/D[-]
1990-06-17TrierVW Scirocco Martin Zondler/D[-]
1990-06-17TrierVW Scirocco Ralf Löffler/D[-]
1990-06-17TrierVW Scirocco Frank Orlowski/D[-]
1990-07-08PotenzaVW Scirocco Andrea Castellano/I[-]
1990-08-12MostVW Scirocco Miroslav Kozina/D[-]
1990-08-12MostVW Scirocco Norbert Gabler/D[-]
1990-08-12MostVW Scirocco Peter Blickensdorfer/D[-]
1990-08-12MostVW Scirocco Wilfried Appenzeller/D[-]
1990-08-12MostVW Scirocco Ralf Schneider/D[-]
1990-08-19St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Chris Mattmueller/CH[-]
1990-08-19St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Jean-Luc Ferrante/CH[-]
1990-10-14ÖsterreichringVW Scirocco Norbert Gabler/D[-]
1990-10-14ÖsterreichringVW Scirocco Ralf Schneider/D[-]
1991-06-02MostVW Scirocco Peter Bosch/D[-]
1991-08-11MostVW Scirocco Norbert Gabler/D[-]
1991-08-11MostVW Scirocco Peter Blickensdorfer/D[-]
1991-08-11MostVW Scirocco Josef Křenek/CZ[-]
1991-08-11MostVW Scirocco Peter Bosch/D[-]
1991-08-11MostVW Scirocco Georg Dürrbeck/D[-]
1992-07-26OsnabrückVW Scirocco Bernhard Sturm/D[-]
1993-04-25RechbergVW Scirocco Franz Haider/A[-]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Chris Mattmueller/CH[-]
1993-09-05TurckheimVW Scirocco Patrick Hissung/F[-]
1994?VW Scirocco Josef Křenek/CZ[-]
1994?VW Scirocco Peter Bosch/D[-]
1994-05-01RechbergVW Scirocco Franz Haider/A[-]
1994-05-01RechbergVW Scirocco Stefan Fritz/A[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Jean-Luc Ferrante/CH[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Chris Mattmueller/CH[-]
1997-09-07TurckheimVW Scirocco Bernhard Sturm/D[-]
1998-07-05RietiVW Scirocco Denny Zardo/I[-]
2000-07-23HomburgVW Scirocco Erwin Buck/D[-]
2000-09-03KyffhäuserVW Scirocco Dorothea Herget/D[-]
2003-06-15TrierVW Scirocco Jacques Gerard/L[-]
2003-06-29IbergVW Scirocco Mario Minichberger/D[-]
2003-08-02Bánovce nad BebravouVW Scirocco Jaroslav Serva/SK[-]
2003-08-03Bánovce nad BebravouVW Scirocco Jaroslav Serva/SK[-]
2003-09-13ZvolenVW SCIROCCO -[-]
2003-09-14ZvolenVW SCIROCCO -[-]
2008-05-24Ústí nad OrlicíVW Scirocco Michael Auer/A[-]
2008-05-25Ústí nad OrlicíVW Scirocco Michael Auer/A[-]
2009-06-14TrierVW Scirocco Armin Westenhöfer/D[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneVW Scirocco Stefano Meggiorin/I[-]
2010-08-15St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Christophe Oulevay/[-]
2010-08-15St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Adrian Bieri/[-]
2010-08-29Ilirska BistricaVW Scirocco Michael Auer/A[-]
2010-08-29Ilirska BistricaVW Scirocco Mladen Siguranjak/HR[-]
2011-05-01RechbergVW Scirocco Markus Habeler/A[-]
2011-07-03Trento BondoneVW Scirocco Stefano Meggiorin/I[-]
2011-08-28Ilirska BistricaVW Scirocco Michael Auer/A[-]
2011-08-28Ilirska BistricaVW Scirocco Mladen Siguranjak/HR[-]
2012-04-29RechbergVW Scirocco  Michael Auer/A[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneVW Scirocco Chris Mattmueller/CH[-]
2014-04-25RechbergVW Scirocco Michael Auer/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergVW Scirocco Roland Eder/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergVW Scirocco Michael Auer/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergVW Scirocco Thomas Jr. Strasser/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergVW Scirocco Michael Wels/A[-]
2016-04-24RechbergVW Scirocco Rene Auer/A[-]
2016-04-24RechbergVW Scirocco Thomas Strasser/A[-]
2016-07-31GlasbachVW Scirocco Thomas Strasser/A[-]
2017-04-23RechbergVW Scirocco Michael Auer/A[-]
2017-04-23RechbergVW Scirocco Thomas Strasser/A[-]
2017-04-23RechbergVW Scirocco Rene Auer/A[-]


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