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Triumph Spitfire

Výsledky hledání

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1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Walter Rheiner/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Ruedi Binder/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Peter Lear/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Antonio Laghi/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Oscar Müller/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Fred Gysler/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Peter Benz/CH[-]
1965-03-21MontsenyTriumph Spitfire Henri Casadesus/E[-]
1965-06-06Mont VentouxTriumph Spitfire Irene Sadron/F[-]
1965-07-11Trento BondoneTriumph Spitfire Fred Lysier/[-]
1965-07-25Cesana-SestriereTriumph Spitfire Fred Gysler/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Fred Gysler/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Walter Rheiner/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Daniel Baechler/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Michel Pilet/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Ruedi Binder/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Oscar Müller/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Heinz Hofer/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Edwin Wildhaber/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Jean-Jacques Thuner/CH[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxTriumph Spitfire Irene Sandron/F[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Walter Rheiner/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Jean-Jacques Thuner/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Michel Pilet/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Edwin Wildhaber/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Armand Schäfer/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Eric Dupont/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Gody Winzenried/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Oscar Müller/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransTriumph Spitfire Fred Gysler/CH[-]
1966-09-04GaisbergTriumph Spitfire Helmut Marko/A[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Jean-Jacques Thuner/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Oscar Müller/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Pierre Jeanneret/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Jim Bussolaro/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Heinz Hofer/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Walter Rheiner/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Edwin Wildhaber/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Fred Gysler/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Ernst Schneiter/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Jean-Pierre Luya/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsTriumph Spitfire Michel Pilet/CH[-]
1975-05-10NáchodTriumph Spitfire Jiří Veinhold/CZ[-]
1975-08-17Česká TřebováTriumph Spitfire Jiří Veinhold/CZ[-]
1975-09-28VyškovTriumph Spitfire Jiří Veinhold/CZ[-]
1975-10-05OlšanyTriumph Spitfire Jiří Veinhold/CZ[-]
1976-08-22Česká TřebováTriumph Spitfire Jiří Veinhold/CZ[-]
1998-08-30Lima AbetoneTriumph Spitfire Stefano Benedetti/I[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneTriumph Spitfire Dieter Messner/CH[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneTriumph Spitfire Rolf Messner/CH[-]
2003-06-29VallecamonicaTriumph Spitfire Paolo Borghi/I[-]
2004-07-11VallecamonicaTriumph Spitfire Paolo Borghi/I[-]


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